Never would I ever imagine I'd be addicted to a talk radio show - music is my love! I've been listening to the station over the past 3 years and have enjoyed it locally and in Ohio via I heart radio app. They have upgraded their lineup with the news junkie and ditching the BS.

  • June 26, 2013 at 1:09 PM (PT)
  • CLEAR CHANNEL Talk WTKS (REAL RADIO 104.1)/ORLANDO midday host JASON 'BUCKETHEAD' BAILEY has exited the station.

    BUCKETHEAD posted on the show's Facebook page, 'Yes, THE BS is done from REAL RADIO. Will I trash anyone... absolutely not. Why? I really have nothing bad to say. Can I explain the whole thing and how it panned out? Nope...not right now. It's not as easy as some people seem to think it is. Will I miss REAL RADIO? More than anyone will ever know. The REAL RADIO gig was a dream come true for me. I had always had the utmost respect for the shows (past and present) that were on TKS and still do. I hope that you can understand why I can't get into all of the details on this right now.' He added that he 'knew... I couldn't get to where I wanted to here in ORLANDO' and 'made the choice to move on professionally so I could move on personally.'

    SHAWN WASSON ('THE NEWS JUNKIE') has taken over as 11a-3p host.

The Shannon Burke Show is an American radio talk show based in Orlando, Florida that airs weekdays from 4 p.m.- 7p.m., on Florida Man Radio. The Shannon Burke Show w/ Kara Stockton airs 9a.m. - 11a.m. Monday - Thursday on Prior to Florida Man radio, it was a Show on WYAY 106.7 Atlanta between the hours of 9 a.m.- Noon, before that it was a radio show on WHPT 102.5 'The Bone' in Tampa, Florida and on WTKS-FM Real Radio in Orlando, Florida. Additionally, the show aired in a 3-hour, uncensored form on BubbaOne at from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Shannon was also a co-host on The Bubba the Love Sponge Show in Tampa from 2013 to May 2014.


The Shannon Burke Show aired in Atlanta on 106.7 WYAY-FM. Its final broadcast on WYAY (106.7 FM) was May 31, 2019 as Atlanta-based Cumulus Media sold the station to K-Love, a Christian pop network (owned by Educational Media Foundation).


  • Shannon Burke (2003–2004) covered mornings for WFLF/540.


  • Shannon Burke (May 2004 – April 2009) was host of the mid-day show.

Termination from Clear Channel Communications[edit]

Clear Channel Communications terminated the employment of Burke effective May 4, 2009. The news was first announced by Jim Philips during The Philips Phile show on May 4, 2009.

'Shannon has been terminated,' Clear Channel Programming Director Chris Kampmeier was quoted as saying on May 4, 2009. The reason for his termination was because he shot his wife in the head, who survived. [1] Kampmeier said company policy prohibited him from going into more detail. He said the temporary plans for Real Radio 104.1's midday show were for it to continue on with Soul Brother Kevin and the rest of the crew, which became effective immediately.

After Shannon's termination, Real Radio's Bucket Head Show was moved from evenings to midday before being replaced by The News Junkie in 2014. Soul Brother Kevin eventually went back to the Monsters morning show, and WTKS now airs classic rock music nightly from 7 p.m.

After Clear Channel[edit]

Burke would later helm at WEUS 810AM in Orlando, and then move into the afternoon drive slot following Ed Tyll. Burke left the station in 2011 to join the internet radio station


  • Shannon Burke (2011–2014) was host of the Shannon Burke Show, an entertainment show broadcast on internet-only stations on the RadioIO platform. The show is broadcast Live and completely uncensored from 11 am – 2 pm Monday through Thursday on RadioIO station BubbaOne, and replayed on a 3-hour west-coast delay from 2 pm to 5 pm on RadioIO station BubbaTwo.

The show was originally co-hosted on RadioIO by Burke's longtime friend and sidekick Colin G Brady, Board Operator/on-air talent Rick and an ever-changing series of RadioIO interns and friends of the show. On November 28, 2012, Colin G Brady did not arrive to the studio for the daily broadcast. In the spirit of humorous, live radio, an intern, Shifty, was dispatched to his apartment to wake up Brady, who was assumed to be sleeping off a hangover. After unsuccessfully knocking on the apartment door, Shifty enlisted the assistance of the apartment manager to open the door for a wellness check. Shifty found Brady dead on his kitchen floor while live on the phone with Shannon and the crew back at the studio. The show quickly cut to commercial, returning shortly thereafter to complete the show with a shocked crew and audience.

A few months after the passing of Mr. Brady, Frank Martinez joined the RadioIO crew as a Board Operator/On-Air Talent. He was a member of the Shannon Burke Show for a short time, before becoming a full-time member of Dangerous Conversations and specialty shows only.

Format pre-2011[edit]

The radio show was a mix of current events, comedy, and politics. Discussions involve the serious to the total bizarre. Guests include comedians visiting the local Improvcomedy club, local celebrities, and sometimes national celebrities.


  • Cabinboy's Wench of The Week
  • Sing Bitch (The Original)
  • The Shot Doctor
  • Curtis Earth TriviaEarthTrivia
  • Trivia Three Ways
  • Detective Barb - Crimeline
  • Mitch English (of The Daily Buzz)
  • Ty Elwin
  • C-Lane
  • Film Boy's Movie Review (with Jimmy-D)
  • Stud-Man
  • Positive Reinforcement Chopper Man
  • 30 Seconds of Head (show review by Misterhead)
  • Fox 35 5:00 News anchor Amy Kaufeldt,(
  • Are You Smarter Than a WingHouse girl (Thursdays)
  • Realradioinfoguy's Who Am I (Tuesday Movie Trivia)

Cast members pre-2011[edit]

  • Shannon Burke was the host of the show, whose mixture of outrageous daily, biker attitude and personality, and right-wing style rants made for a talk program.[citation needed]
  • Soul Brother Kevin also known as SBK, a.k.a. 'The Fork in the Light Socket', 'The Needle in the Neck', and 'The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox', was the co-host of the show who both complemented, and balanced the host Shannon. He was once an intern with The Monsters,[citation needed] also on Real Radio, then moved to another market before returning to take his former position. Kevin used to host his own show, SBK LIVE weekday nights 7–11 on Real Radio 104.1. He is now a personality on 'Drew Garabo Live' on 102.5 The Bone (Tampa).
  • Cabin Boy contributes to the show's content by creating a series of skits, entitled Wench of the Week, based on the show's many in-jokes and cast, whose characters are often skewed to the extreme.
  • Steadman Beloved producer of the show whose deadpan personality contrasted with the rest of the cast as well as most stereotypical talk-show personalities. He also owns a local tea shop (Ole' Cup and Saucer 2484 W State Rd 434 in Longwood) which, humorously, he advertises on the show whenever he can. Steadman made his final appearance in the beginning of November 2007. 'I was released due to budget cuts, plain and simple,' he said. 'I harbor no ill will towards the company.' In fact, he even tried to be a little humorous about the whole thing, stealing a line from the normally tight-lipped Clear Channel whenever they lose or cut someone, saying of himself: 'Steadman is no longer with Clear Channel Communications. However, he wants to wish them well in their future endeavoaaaars.' No word back yet from the Clear Channel honchos about this one or whether there are more to come, though history has taught us that budget cuts rarely involve just one body (From Scott Maxwell, Orlando Sentinel).
  • Jimmy D Jimmy D was promoted to the Internet department and now does a large portion of production work for the Web sites of all the shows on Real Radio. During his tenure with the show, he was often the most ridiculed, and still is, for his penchant for eating and his film degree. Jimmy D continues to come back to the show on occasion as the show's movie reviewer.
  • The Sexy Savannah (real name Heather K. Boan) was once a member of The Monsters, abruptly left to join the Shannon Burke Show, then was let go by Real Radio.
  • The Lovely Whitney (Whitney Laney) started the show doing a weekly segment called 'Burke's Recipe of the Week' where she came into the studio cooked live on the air and talked food. After her WMGF Magic 107.7 internship ended show Producer, Cabin Boy, invited her to move over to the Shannon Burke Show where she was doing entertainment updates, the weather, promos and prize reads.

Bubba Whoop Ass Wilson current Co-Host on JVC Broadcasting

Jeff Adams Executive Producer/Co-Host on JVC Broadcasting

Fan base pre-2011[edit]

Wtks 104.1 Real Radio Orlando

The fans of the show consisted of a wide cross-section of ages, geographic, and economic demographics. Bikers to clergy, Republican to Democrat, and conservative to liberal all call the show and voice their opinion on the various topics presented. It is likely that the balance of Burke and SBK had brought tremendous success to the show with respects to appealing to a broader fan base than either would individually.

The 'Chronics' is based on discussions on the official WTKS webboard (which has now been disbanded and replaced with an unofficial webboards). The name stuck with Real Radio fans, and even the station's email newsletter is now called 'Club Chronic'.

Frequent Callers

  • ”Straight to Jail Michelle”
  • Frank, from The Villages, a baker act in the making
  • John, from Apopkaaaaa
  • Uncle Ray
  • Big Anonymous
  • Drunk Dennis, has stepped up his drinking, he can now be heard on the Monsters in the Morning
  • Luxurious Larry
  • Conspiracy Guy
  • 'Stu'
  • The Black Tom Cruise
  • Coolwater
  • Independent Black Woman
  • The Beer Snob
  • 'Chuck in Lakeland'
  • Salmon on a Plank
  • Outdoor Mike
  • Realradioinfoguy ( Primarily through Email )
  • Seth Marlowe The King of...
  • Rusty Beard
  • Off-Topic Guy

Current character[edit]

On the BTLS morning show, Shannon acts as the lead co-host alongside Broderick '25 cent' Epps, Mike 'Manson' Waters, and elderly show member Nedly Mandingo III (who is Mike 'Manson' Waters, also). Shannon acts as a contemporary and socially/culturally aware foil to Bubbas unique personality and viewpoint on various topics. Bubba regularly digs at Burke by reminding him (and listeners) of his 'deviant' status resulting from his prior legal issues, frequently utilizing a ricochet sound effect alluding to a ricocheting bullet.


Shannon quit the morning show in May 2014.

As the host of his own show, Burke brings his conservative viewpoint to the table in the discussion of varying topics in news, entertainment, and politics. The show includes a number of reoccurring games and bits such as the epic 'Shifty's Tech Bit', 'Where the Fuck is Rick??', and 'Spay and Neuter Your Pets' (a Price is Right type spinoff). Recurring weekly segments with Dave the Show Vet, Jack Kates of GoToCasino (a sports betting segment primarily during the NFL season), and Conspiracy Corner with Sean Raspatello are also a part of the show, among others.

Burke is very active on Twitter (@TheShannonBurke) and has developed a loyal fan-base utilizing social media.

Shannon was fired from RadioIO June 13, 2014. On his Twitter, he stated that it was a 'money problem.'

On August 4, 2014, 102.5 The Bone (Tampa) began airing The Shannon Burke Show on weekdays in the noon-3p.m. time slot.[2]

He was hired on as the 9 a.m.–noon talk host at WYAY in Atlanta, Georgia in July 2016.[3] He is joined by his Co-Host/The Down Ass White Girl, Kara Stockton, and side kick, Brett Barney, who does a daily segment, 'Unchained.'

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