Sep 07, 2003 Even knowledgeable and experienced players have had occasion to sing variations of the Pete Seeger song suggested by this article's title. The sights, the sounds, the beverages, and according to some reports, even the air in a casino are designed to make time and money fade from consciousness. Jan 21, 2017 Maryland's six casinos have pumped $1.7 billion into the state's education trust fund — a financial windfall that advocates for gambling promised would go to the state's public schools. Jun 22, 2008 Still, most items at the show go for more modest prices. A chip from Al Capone’s Moonlight Club in Chicago is priced at $20, a keychain from the Edgewater Hotel-Casino in Laughlin, Nev., costs.

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“If we didn’t have a single casino we would be spending the exact same amount of money on education,” Franchot said. Close to $2 billion has been spent on education since slots were legalized. Otherwise, you will not have the best live casino experience, and may rather lose. Sports Betting and Real Money. Sports are a lucrative industry in all senses. In gambling, it also takes a big part. Bettors like watching a sports event and betting real money on the result at the same time. In Canada, this is a very popular amusement.

07 Dec

It may have been the strangest year on record, but it hasn’t stopped the money flowing, and today we’re going to look at poker’s biggest winners of 2020 and see how they shape up against their casino game rivals.

When Brazil’s Pablo Brito Silva scooped $1million in Uruguay back in February, he would have had no idea it would bring him close to a top 20 spot for the year, but even that huge sum could only make number twenty-one in poker’s 2020 money-winners list.

A month later, Phil Ivey’s High Roller Sochi visit would see him bag four cashes for almost $1.7million, good enough to take 9th spot for the year.

It was Canada’s Tim Adams, though, whose back-to-back Super High Roller Bowl victories in Australia, then Russia, launched him to a monster $5,854,376 year. That’s almost $2million more than Bulgaria’s Stoyan Madanzhiev took for winning the first-ever World Series online Main Event this year, a very sweet $3,910,705 payout.

This year’s online poker boom also threw up some of the biggest pots ever seen in the online game, with Ali Imsirovic taking the biggest-ever No Limit Hold’em pot - a monster $974,631 against Tan Xuan.

That outgunned the $842,438 NLHE record that Viktor Malinowski had set just the week before, and both hands smashed the 12-year old record of Di Dang, who took a pot of $723,941 from Tom Dwan.

Impressive as all these huge numbers are, how does it compare to the biggest wins in other casino games? Notwithstanding skill, luck, variance and whatever else separates our favourite games, some of them occasionally make poker look like a pauper’s game.

The year was not even a month old when a slots player landed a $20million jackpot, the big-paying MegaMoolah game, soon followed by a $12million win as slots fans tried to cash in.

With a Mega Fortune Dream win of more than $3.5million the same day, it was a lucrative time to be online.

Although it’s easier to convert and count everything in $, landing huge jackpots is far from being only a US phenomenon, as big winners at new online casinos UK have proven many times.

This summer saw the aptly-named Major Millions pay out £1,650,382 to one lucky UK player, just a few weeks after a Swedish player pocketed €2.6 million.

It’s not just an ‘around the globe’ tag that marks out the biggest winners this year, as the wins cross the age and sex barriers too, from young housewives to retired gents – pros and amateurs alike enjoying the fun of the game and the chance of a life-changing win so appealing.


Sometimes it is poker players who win big at other games, as English poker pro Jake Cody showed a couple of years ago when he placed his $42,000 tournament winnings on a single roll of the roulette wheel.

With a crowd chanting ‘Black, black, black!’ the ball stopped on black 22 and Cody had doubled his money in just a few minutes.

The poker connection continued this year when a player known only as ‘MR2SALTY4YA’ decided to treat himself to a birthday present on a popular poker site’s live blackjack tables.

It turned out to be the perfect treat and a clever decision when his $1 sidebet landed the $95,000 Diamond Jackpot in November – a third seven of diamonds winning the lot.

That might sound small compared to some of our big wins, but the $1.6million won a couple of months previously on the same Blackjack tables is certainly up there with the best poker wins.

DR. HODL picked up that monster win, starting out with $1000 and building it up across the month of August.

Where Has The Casino Money Gone Against

Naturally, big wins deserve big celebrations, and the dealer in the first blackjack win above was first to be rewarded, with a $500 tip and bottle of wine.


Overall, it’s been a bumper year for players, easily transitioning from the live casinos to their online equivalents – with no shortage of the massive payouts that we all dream about. What 2021 holds is still unknown: it may not be quite as strange, but you can be sure that for many it will again be a jackpot year!

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When you visit an online casino, there is no way you miss out on the bright titles. There are so many games that you don’t even know where to look first. But choosing a game by its title is not the key to choosing a game that will lead you to the real money. There are slots, table games, video poker, live games, and even sports betting. And all these types of games can pay you a good fortune if you know how to choose games in each category.


The rules of each game are similar. all the best online casinos, you will have to deposit money first. Then you place a bet and try your luck. However, what types of games would generally deliver you real money every time you play? Let’s figure it out below in each category.

Online Slots and Real Money

These typical casino games are the most popular among Canadians just because they are too simple. Nevertheless, they are the most unpredictable games in gambling. With the absolutely random way of symbols dropping, you just can’t come up with a winning strategy. But what you can do is to choose a slot based on the RTP. This payout percentage may not raise your winnings within one session, but it can give you real money profit in the long run.

Live Games and Real Money

Where Has The Casino Money Gone Back

Live streaming games are the next level of online gambling. It makes you feel like in the authentic casino with the live dealers and live chat where you can discuss the current game with other players. The most popular and profitable live games are blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. These games require some skills and strategies. The live games’ paybacks are 3-5% higher compared to slots. So, if you use a right winning strategy, you can end up being the winner. Don’t forget that running a live game, you need a stable Internet connection. Otherwise, you will not have the best live casino experience, and may rather lose.

Where Has The Casino Money Gone Around

Sports Betting and Real Money

Sports are a lucrative industry in all senses. In gambling, it also takes a big part. Bettors like watching a sports event and betting real money on the result at the same time. In Canada, this is a very popular amusement. When sports lovers decide to make a wager, they usually go to reliable online sportsbooks. When betting on sports, it’s very important to know the style of play of each team, so you can predict the results. The sports events outcomes do not depend on your luck and skills, they depend on how sports teams play each match. To win real money you need just to be confident in every sports player.

Where Has The Casino Money Gone Around

Play Your Favorites

Where Has The Casino Money Gone Wrong

Whatever game you choose to play today, you need to know it inside out. It’s better if you really enjoy the gameplay, and know all rules and details. If you aren’t sure about your favourite game category yet, we recommend trying a few games of different types in free mode. Choose a couple of games you like most and practice them before you play for real money.