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WGS Bonus Codes 2021. Hot Bonuses this Week. $25 No Deposit Bonus at Red Stag Casino. $77 No Deposit Bonus at Intertops Casino. 37 Free Spins at Red Stag Casino. WGS was founded in 1996 under the name of OddsOn, being based in St. John’s, the capital and key port of the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda. The company shifted towards becoming Vegas Technology Casino Software, which closed in 2011, but re-emerged during the second half of the same year by the name of WGS Technology. WGS CASINO BONUS CODES 2021! Use our CASINO BONUSES for all the leading Online Casinos which are provided by WGS, play and start earning REAL MONEY! Best Casino Bonuses No Deposit Bonus 15 New Free Spins 53 New Tournament 10 New Match Bonus 5 New First Deposit Bonus 4 New Free Chip 7 New Free Play 2 New. The casino aims specifically the US market but allows players from around the world. Bonuses include a 100% first deposit bonus up to $1,000 USD. Players can take advantage of this deposit bonus 5 times, so the package is worth $5,000 in free money. A free no deposit $10 bonus is awarded when players first open an account with no need of funding. WGS Technology, previously known as Vegas Technology, and prior to that, Odds On Gaming, is an online software provider that has recently re-emerged on the iGaming scene with several new online WGS casinos that are operating on the WGS platform along with its exclusive slot games.The variety of casino games include traditional 3-reel slots and modern 5-reel video slots along with.

WGS Technology is a provider of online casino gaming software with a downloadable platform and instant play option. The gaming offer includes 100+ slot games, table games, poker and chance games. In the past this game developer was known as Vegas Technology, later re-named as Odds On and Vegas Tech Software and owned by English Harbour Company. In 2011 the casino software was re-launched as WGS Technology Casinos with Liberty Slots being their first project. It stands out for having daily free-roll casino tournaments and accepting US players.

Featured Casinos

WGS began operations with the well-known US friendly Liberty Slots Casino back in 2011. Since then 4 other online casinos have been powered with this gaming software with unique and exotic game titles like the Grail Maidens Slots, Agent Cash , Mile High and Cool Bananas. All 5 casinos accept American citizens and offer free-roll tournaments on a consistent basis with the simple “build the biggest stack” method. The game design is simple with the classic three reel slot to the video animated ones. Experienced online casino players love this free-roll system as it allows for strategy to win the first place prizes.

Featured Slots

With unique and classic designed slot games WGS favors simplicity over heavy graphic design but prefer to rewards their users with a more social approach to casino slot´s gaming. Instead of playing against the software players face each other on the daily tournaments that require a small fee to entry or none at all. These featured slots are the most popular among users thanks to their attractive storyline, payout history and progressive jackpots.

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Wgs Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes October 2021

Check-out the latest bonus promotions and special offers WGS Technology Casino has to offer, become a weekly player to earn comp points and scale up the exclusive VIP club of each member casino. Find out when the latest daily, weekly or monthly tournament is going to be and how to register, plus enjoy the benefit of free-rolls. Get the latest news release of new slot and casino games with tips to how to play them to your advantage.

How can casino coupons help you get the most out of WGS casinos online?

If you’re unfamiliar with casino coupons, keep reading. You are about to find out how these coupons can make all the difference to the way you play at these casinos. You’re probably familiar with using coupons in other areas of your life – maybe when you go shopping. The principle is the same here. The idea is you use a coupon and get a good deal in return. In the case of online casinos, that deal usually involves getting some sort of bonus when you make a deposit. We’re going to run through all the best bonuses you might encounter at these casinos. Each one is likely to require a casino coupon code. These are available either at the casino you are visiting or via search results if you look in search engines to see what you can find.

Claim your sign-up bonus when joining a WGS casino

This bonus is given to new players when they join a casino. It is usually expressed as a percentage. You might get 100% of the amount you deposit as a bonus, for example. Some casinos offer far more than this – we’ve occasionally seen up to 500% being offered. These deals – along with other coupon deals – typically have wagering requirements you’ll need to fulfil to make the most of them. These must be met before you can make a withdrawal.

Is a deposit bonus the same as a sign-up bonus?

Not necessarily. A deposit bonus typically refers to a bonus that is granted when making a deposit. It does not need to be the first deposit you make. This means existing members of a casino can also take advantage of a deposit bonus. You will usually find the percentage given as a bonus is lower than it would be for a sign-up deal – maybe 50%, for example.

No deposit bonus opportunities

Are these the best bonuses of all? We think they might be. They are offered by some casinos (WGS casinos included) to new players for signing up. The idea is a no deposit bonus is given in exchange for becoming a member of the casino. You do not need to deposit any funds to claim this. You’ll usually get a small bonus as part of the deal. It could be worth $5 or $10 to play some of the available games, for example. The best deals have no wagering requirements, although even these tend to cap the amount you can scoop in prizes from playing games with your bonus cash.

Look out for free spins deals at Wager Gaming casinos

Do you love securing free spins while playing slots online? Many players do, but you might get access to an even better deal if you’re fortunate. It’s possible to claim some free spins as part of a signup deal at a casino. Another possibility is to find free spins on offer whenever a new slot game is released. These deals provide players with a chance to try the new game without spending any of their budget on it. The casino wants to promote the game, and this is an excellent way to do it.

What are free chips?

Free chips are basically online casino chips, given to the player free of charge. They might be given as a no-deposit bonus or as part of a deposit deal. They’re essentially identical to a regular bonus, but they are designed to look like a casino chip. The chip will usually have the value written on it, i.e. $20 or $25, for instance. These free chips will have conditions attached to them. Our advice would always be to read all the terms and conditions prior to claiming any sort of chip or offer. That way, you’ll know where you stand and what is required of you before you claim any prizes connected to that chip or deal.

Get ready for some awesome holiday bonuses!

These are among our favorites! Why? Simply because you never know what you’re going to get. The bonuses could be connected to a holiday tournament or event. They could equally be attached to a favorite holiday-themed game. For instance, maybe a new Christmas slot game has been released. If so, you might see a holiday bonus that gives you a deposit deal including some free spins for that game. The same applies to New Year bonuses, Halloween bonuses, Easter bonuses… you get the idea. These bonuses are typically live for longer than other temporary bonuses too. For instance, while some casinos have daily bonuses that only run for 24 hours, holiday bonuses are likely to run for a few weeks. Depending on the rules, that could mean you can benefit from them more than once.

What are reload bonuses?

These bonuses are available to those who have already taken advantage of the first deposit deal. If you have done this and you’re wondering whether you can now grab another good deal, look out for reload bonuses. These allow you to reload your account, albeit with a lower bonus percentage. A reload bonus might be worth 50%, for example. This means if you deposit, say, $50, you will receive a further $25 in bonus cash as a reload bonus. It helps you boost your funds in an easy way. Of course, watch out for any applicable coupon codes you’ll need to use to take advantage of these deals.

Can you claim any cashback at a WGS casino?

This is a possibility. Some WGS online casinos do offer cashback deals to their players. Cashback offers work in different ways, so it is always advisable to read the rules to see how a deal works. For instance, you might receive cashback on a deposit. Alternatively, you may get some cashback on any losses you incur playing the games at the participating casino. This version of cashback is a form of insurance we’ve spotted at more casinos of late. You will usually be required to deposit a certain amount to qualify for cashback. Once you have done this, you can look forward to receiving the amount as per the terms of the deal.

Tournaments at WGS casinos

One thing you can almost always count on at WGS-powered casinos is tournaments. There are daily and weekly tournaments to look forward to, so there is always something going on no matter when you decide to visit. You can also spot longer tournaments that may run for a month or more. Some of these tournaments focus on new slots and casino games. However, the daily ones typically use a mix of old and new slots. Each day brings another opportunity to take part, and many daily tourneys are also free to enter. To find these, just look for the freeroll events. Make sure you are signed up to receive emails from your chosen WGS casino too. News of forthcoming tournaments and events is usually sent via email, so it means you won’t miss out on anything.

Discovering the latest casino payouts at WGS online casinos

Do you love hearing about other winners as much as we do? We bet you do, and if so, it makes sense to look on WGS casino sites to see whether they let you know about the latest winners. There is often a section on the home page that tells you about these winners. You can find out what they managed to get in prize money. Most sites also reveal the games they were playing at the time. None of this provides any guarantee you will get anything similar, of course. However, it is nice to be inspired by the success of others, don’t you think?

Watching for rewards

Rewards often come as another perk of being a member of these casinos. There will usually be a rewards program or VIP program that delivers the rewards you are looking for. Many players will be familiar with comp points. You can watch out for these on offer across a selection of WGS-powered casinos. Sometimes, everyone who joins and makes a deposit will qualify for entry into these programs. At other casinos, you may need to fulfil certain requirements to get in. Some casinos will operate their rewards program on an invitation-only basis. If this is the case, you must simply wait to see if you are accepted.

Wgs Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes October 2021 Calendar Printable

Choosing to play at a WGS mobile casino

You can enjoy using a WGS mobile casino on your iPad or iPhone or your Android device if you have one of those instead. In recent years, mobile casinos have become very popular. As devices have gotten more powerful, it has become far easier to appreciate mobile gaming. If you have never played slots or casino games on a mobile device before, don’t worry. The controls are different to those seen in a regular casino game. They take up less of the screen. Similarly, the reels of a slot are likely to be bigger, so you can see everything easily. Most modern games are released to suit all platforms. That means if you want to use a mobile casino, you should find you can access all the newest releases. Many older games are also being overhauled to allow for play on a mobile device.

Do need to download an app to use a WGS casino?

If you’re playing on a computer and you want to have the full casino lobby at your disposal, you will need to download it. This is fast and free, and you need only do it once to get the required software onto your computer. However, if you choose the WGS instant play casino option, this only needs Flash software to run. Many people already have the Flash software from Adobe. If that’s the case for you, you need only check you have the latest version before you get started. Just allow the software to run at the casino and you’re good to go. Most WGS casinos do not have mobile apps as they deliver a fully featured mobile-friendly casino for you to use. That means you only need to visit the website on your smartphone or tablet, just as you would on your computer. You’ll notice the presentation adjusts to give you the best experience on your mobile device.

Is there a possibility of playing without registration?

Wgs No Deposit Codes

You will usually find you need to open an account at your selected Wager Gaming casino to get the chance to play there. Of course, you’d need to do this if you wanted to play for real, but most casinos powered by their software require a login to get access to the demo versions too.

What are pokies Australia?

Wgs no deposit bonus codes Australians call their slot games pokies. It’s a cool name, isn’t it? The good news is it is another way to refer to slots. If you visit a WGS casino and you’re from Australia, you can expect to find many of the best online pokies around right now. You’ll get just the same selection players get access to from all around the world.

Trying a games demo or two – the perfect way to begin

If you are ready to open a free account at an online casino, we suggest you start by trying a few games demos. This gives you the chance to see what each game holds in store for you. There are times when you might like the sound of a game, but the reality doesn’t quite match what you were looking for. Conversely, you might end up finding a game you’re not quite sure about, yet upon trying the demo you realize it has way more to offer than you thought. Trying a demo is a safe way to figure out which games you’d like to spend your budget on before you start.

Understanding the games RTP for WGS slots and other games

Every slot game and casino game will have an RTP value. The letters stand for return to player. They refer to the percentage of game monies that are returned to players over the lifetime of the game. For example, if a game has an RTP of 98%, it means 98 cents out of every dollar will be paid out in prizes. Remember that this does not relate to each gaming session you have. If you spend a dollar playing a casino game, you cannot expect to get 98 cents back. That percentage only relates to the game as it is played over a long time. You can find the RTPs for all the Wager Gaming titles in the game itself or on the page explaining more about that game. This makes it easy to find the better games to play.

How many mobile slots can you play at these casinos?

More than you might think! Don’t get left behind – all the modern releases are produced for mobile play alongside regular casino download and instant play options. You need only use your login information to access the mobile casino of your choice, so you can try some mobile slots there.

Is it still worth trying slots for PC?

Yes, if you have a computer you can still appreciate playing your favorite slots on a bigger screen. Some people still prefer to play like this. Not everyone likes the touch controls used on mobile devices. If you’d rather use a mouse, this is the way to do it. Since most WGS casinos offer an instant play version powered by Flash, there is no need to download software if you’d rather not do so.

No need to get a slots app either

Wager Gaming titles are designed to play on whatever device you prefer. They don’t typically design apps to be downloaded, as it means you would need to update them whenever necessary. Instead, you can enjoy fast access to your favorite games without needing to download an app first. That means games both old and new – yet another reason to consider WGS casinos.

Playing slots designed for iPad, Android, and iPhone devices

Slot developers like WGS know that many people like to access slots on a myriad of mobile devices. You probably know that too. Playing on iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones or tablets means you get the chance to play in a wider array of locations. The slots work slightly differently to reflect the fact you have a touchscreen. However, once you get the hang of using this, you’ll find it just as easy to play – if not easier. We do recommend you get things underway by trying a mobile demo game instead of the real thing. Switching to real play is simple once you’re ready.

Welcome and thanks for visiting our WGS bonus codes section! This section of our website is dedicated to showcasing the best WGS casino bonuses for some of the most popular WGS casinos available online! When possible, this section will also showcase any and all WGS no deposit bonuses that are currently available. The WGS casino bonuses on this page can be used to give your bankroll an instant boost, which will extend your playing time and increase your chances of winning big!

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with WGS casinos, allow us to give you a brief introduction to what they’re all about. First off, WGS is short for Wager Gaming Software, but has also been referred to as Wager Gaming Technology. WGS replaces a previous online casino software called Vegas Technology. The thing we like most about WGS casinos is that they accept players from around the world; including players from the United States! So no matter where you’re from, you can enjoy playing at all of the WGS casinos featured on this page!

As you continue reading below, you’ll find our WGS casino reviews. Because WGS is still a relatively new online casino software provider, there aren’t too many WGS casinos around, but we’ll continue adding to this page whenever a new WGS casino becomes available. For now though, we hope you’ll find the information below to be of use and we hope you’ll take advantage of the WGS casino bonuses that are showcased on this page. Just remember to check back often because we’ll keep this section updated whenever a new WGS casino opens up or whenever a new WGS casino bonus become available!

WGS Casino Reviews & WGS Bonus Codes

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Miami Club Casino is one of the newest and most exciting WGS powered online casinos, which is why we are happy to recommend them to all of our website visitors! They’ve made quite a splash in the online gambling industry in the short time that they’ve been around, so we’re confident that you’ll be impressed with everything that they have to offer! The great thing about this WGS casino is that they accept players from around the world, including all USA players, which makes them the perfect place for everyone to play! At the moment, Miami Club Casino is giving away up to $800 in free bonus money to all of their new players. In fact, you can get a 100% bonus worth up to $100 in free casino money on each of your first eight deposits, so there has never been a better time to get in on the action at Miami Club Casino!