If you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I am all about making extra cash. With this new app you can win cash and have fun, especially if you are playing with a bunch of friends.

What’s it called?

Bujho To Jane Is Designed For Educational Quizzes. The application provides quizzes on GK, Politics, Science, Social Science, Maths, English, Hindi, History and other main subjects. The quizzes need to get answered in particular duration. To win users need to be very quick and accurate. Also the first 3 rank holders will get some cash prizes.

Its called HQ Trivia and its a live quiz played by millions (despite its unreleased status in the UK!) with real money to win.
A friend introduced me to the game and it would seem to me that is the only way to download the app at the moment. I tried to download it on my fiancees phone and could only find dubious fake apps, so make sure you download the right one. I’ll tell you how to get it after I’ve explained what it is.

What exactly is it?

The premise is simple, there are several quizzes each day with varying cash pots. The prizes are in dollars and range from a few hundred dollars to $15k and everyone has a shot at winning.
You only need to answer 12 multiple choice questions correctly. They start off easy and get progressively harder as the game goes on. I have painfullybeen knocked out twice on question 11 and was down to the last 20 players from a few hundred thousand on one round. Its easy to get addicted!
Music trivia app
If you manage to answer all the questions you share the prize pot with anyone else who happened to win. You could be lucky and be the only one to take away a grand or more, or have to share $350 with 500 other people!
It’s fully interactive and you can see how many other people are playing in real time. The presenters are usually fun and will make reference to current events so you know it’s live and not a scam.

Trivia App Real Money Games

Once you’ve won you can cash out your winnings instantly there’s no minimum amount to keep you locked in and playing.

How do I download?

You could head over to the app store or play store and search for it but when I did that I found a bunch of fake apps. I had to use the link sent to me by my friend which when opened brought me to the correct app. https://get.hqtrivia.com
The correct app is made by “Intermedia Labs” and has 1 million+ downloads and looks like the image above in the Play Store.

Create your account

Once downloaded and you are creating your account you will be asked for a referal code. I would be extremely grateful if you would use the code “sayzey” without the quotes, that’s my username and if you do I will be gifted with an extra life. I’m afraid you don’t get anything extra for using it but you would be helping me out so if you do it that would be great.
Once signed up and logged in its a waiting game until the next quiz begins. I would reccommend giving yourself at least half an hour before a quiz begins to install it and make sure its all working.

Trivia App Real Money Free

The app does send out push notifications to alert you to a quiz beginning. Some of them are catered to the USA so there is one at 2am and these are where the big money is to be won.
It’s a fun game and I will not quit playing until I have won something! You can be sure I will want to brag about it if I do win and I will write about it again!

Trivia App Real Money Online

The link again is https://get.hqtrivia.com and you will be lead to the correct app from there.