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For years, we have defaulted to Vanguard for quick, low-cost do-it-yourself portfolios. However, they are no longer the low-cost index leader. Two other mutual fund managers are giving Vanguard a serious run-for-the-money, Fidelity and Schawab. Therefore, we believe you should consider these other firms for your DIY portfolio. Here are our new 3 fund suggestions for US stock, international equities, and diversified fixed income investments:

International Equities

The Ramsey Show. Listen Live Weekdays at 2PM EST. Watch Live Weekdays at 4PM EST. Monday, July 5 Hour 1. The Ramsey Show. Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts. 30-year financial talk radio veteran, Don McDonald and former host of Serious Money on PBS, Tom Cock, reunite on a weekly call-in program talking about real money issues. Each week they solve real money problems, dole out real investing (not speculating) advice, and really explain the financial issues that effect all of us. It's a show designed. Nov 05, 2020 Talking Real Money is a service of Vestory by Apella. The information and opinions stated are for general education and entertainment purposes only. Nothing presented or discussed here is intended as personal financial or investing advice, nor is it an offer or solicitation to buy any products or services.

Fidelity Total International Index

Automatic Investing

If you’re just getting started consider setting up automatic investing with Fidelity. They have no minimum and you can use the Fidelity funds we suggest with no fees. Find Out How

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Talking Real Money Radio Show Dallas Texas

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Note: You can substitute VTWAX, Vanguard’s Total World Stock Index for VTSAX and VTIAX. We chose to show 3 funds for each family to allow more precise allocation between US and International markets.