Best Ways To Make Money Playing RuneScape

In today’s world, it’s not surprising to hear someone being able to make money playing video games. It’s become so common that we now have these so-called professional gamers that can earn thousands of dollars for just being great at the games they play.

The economy in RuneScape bears many similarities to economies in the real world. With inflation, how much RS3 gold is needed to buy certain items changes over time. How much RS GP is worth also depends on timing. Proof Of Being Banned For Real World Trading In Runescape I bought like 20M from R2Pleasent three years ago or so, I was banned the following day for RWTing. I'm not sure how relevant this is because I believe this was prior to the RWT update. Real-world trading (RWT), also called real-world item trading (RWIT), is the act of trading anything outside of RuneScape (usually real-world money) for RuneScape items or services, or vice versa. It is illegal activity in RuneScape subjected to severe consequences. With the world of RuneScape having stood the test of time, a major part of what goes into the fun of RuneScape is its almost lifelike economy. An example of this is their Grand Exchange, which is the core of RuneScape’s economy. The Grand Exchange helps encourage players to trade and keep the flow of gameplay running smoothly. According to Old School RuneScape Wiki, a single kill of Zulrah will earn you approximately 160,000 gold. In an hour, you can earn anywhere between 2 Million and 4 Million OSRS gp. For 3 to 5 hours of playing time doing this, you can easily make 10 Million OSRS gp or more in a single day. That’s a good amount of gold you can sell at any.

For now, we’re going to focus on players who make most of their money from RuneScape. RuneScape is a popular massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) in the gaming industry for well over two decades. The game has two versions currently available, Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RuneScape 3.

It has an extensive player base that the demand for RuneScape’s in-game currency, called OSRS gold or RS3 gold, depending on which version you play, has never been this high. But that’s not the only opportunity available for you to make money playing RuneScape. In fact, you have the following options to choose from.

Best Ways To Make Money Playing RuneScape: Farm Gold

Farming gold may not bring you much real money when you’re just figuring out how to play the game. However, once you got used to it and learned the ropes, you can make a good amount of money from playing this MMORPG.

For RuneScape, you have to level up your character and have it do quests and tasks that will earn you RuneScape gold in the process. You can sell RuneScape gold to various sites online for a quick profit and exchange them for in-game items if you want to.

The secret to earning as much RuneScape gold as possible is by reaching the higher levels of profitable skills in the game like Runecrafting, Thieving, Combat, and Smithing. A player can earn millions of RS gold a day by simply doing repetitive tasks involving such skills. Millions of RuneScape gold may not cost much, but what if you’re able to get billions of gold over time? That’s worth something, and it just takes time and dedication to achieve.

Take note that selling RuneScape gold can result in Jagex, the game developer, banning your account. This is why we highly suggest that you only sell your gold to trusted RuneScape gold sites that have a good system in place to protect their clients.

Sell RuneScape Accounts

Similar to farming gold, online games like RuneScape will allow you to transfer accounts to other players. This is considered real-world trading, and it is discouraged by game developers, but it is a good way to make money for RuneScape players.

In RuneScape, you have to create an account first, so you’re able to play the game. If you’re able to level up this account and improve on the various skills available in the game, you can sell your RuneScape account for a quick profit. Some players are looking for a quick way to enter the game without devoting much time leveling up their character; they look for OSRS accounts for sale to do just that.

It will also help increase the price of the account you’re planning to sell if you reach high levels for those OSRS skills that can be expensive to level up. You can also equip your character with a rare item to increase your RuneScape account’s value.


Sell RuneScape Items

For RuneScape items, it’s the same as farming gold, and you do quests and tasks that will allow you to acquire good items in the game. Some items are scarce and hard to acquire, that players are willing to pay more than a thousand dollars to get them. One RuneScape item that comes to mind is the 3rd Age Pickaxe, a valuable item that costs about $1,300 when you try to buy it through OSRS items shops.

Become A Twitch Streamer

Twitch is a popular streaming platform where you can make money with the help of your subscribers. Most streamers on Twitch are gamers who’d like to broadcast themselves to other people while playing their favorite games.

If you’re good at RuneScape or have an interesting way of playing it, you have a great chance of attracting subscribers. Once you got a good enough following, you can start making money consistently as long as you continue to share quality content with your subscribers.

Some Twitch streamers are already making a 5-figure income by simply sharing their videos playing their favorite video games. You can be part of that exclusive club if you strive to be one of the best RuneScape players out there.

Final Thoughts About Making Money Through RuneScape

Younger people are fortunate to have more options when choosing a career path. With our technological advancements for the past few decades, they are fortunate enough to earn a living while playing their favorite games.

Runescape Trading For Real Money

Of course, much like any other job, dedication and perseverance are still key to making it all work in the end, especially if you chose to focus on this exciting yet challenging game. The good news is there are now thousands of guides and tutorial videos available that can make learning RuneScape much easier than ever before. And with the recent release of Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 on mobile devices, you can be certain that the demand for the game’s gold, items, and accounts will only increase over time.

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If you’ve ever even completed the tutorial for RS Official principal and longest-running MMO, RuneScape, you’ll understand that gold is vital to making progress in-game. RuneScape is also referenced as RuneScape 3, which signifies that it is a more complicated version of the game after Evolution of Combat. Whilst many people are quick to jump to conclusions on the combat system, many enjoy it for its increased difficulty.

The main stumbling block in RuneScape isn’t the combat system, however. You’ll quickly have to purchase more and more expensive gear as you progress, and train in a variety of combat styles and skills to complete more challenging bosses and minigames.

Buy Money For Runescape

Skilling is also a large drain on your gold, as you constantly consume supplies, and often the output items you generate are worth less than the supplies you inputted, or don’t make very much.

This means you’re in for a huge grind of thousands of hours - just for gold! There’s no way around it. Often, earning gold is a tedious, repetitive part compared to the rest of the game. Especially if you’re a low or mid-level player, you’re in for a rough time, as the best money-making methods won’t even be unlocked for you yet.

RS Official does offer you bonds directly that can be exchanged for gold, which are a micro-transaction item that you can buy. But the primary use of a bond isn’t actually gold, it actually provides a 14-day membership. This is why we sell gold, to ensure you get the maximal amount of gold for your money, or in other words – the most bang for your buck!

How does the process work?

The process is simple. Simply enter the amount of gold you’d like to buy, and you’ll receive a price for the given amount in millions. It’s important to note that this price is only applicable to RuneScape 3, not Old School RuneScape. The prices of a million in OSRS and RuneScape 3 differ a lot as they are separate games. Our prices are updated throughout the day to ensure we provide the most value to you based on the current market rate.s

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After you fill out your details, such as your RuneScape account name and complete your payment, you’re pretty much done! From there, our live chat agent will provide you an in-game location to meet at and will also provide you a specified world. Simply trade with us, we’ll provide the gold you ordered, and you’re all finished!

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How can I safely buy RS3 gold?

Runescape Trading For Real Money Free

To safely buy RuneScape 3 gold, there are a few measures that you can take to protect yourself.

Firstly, you should never trade your gold back to anyone impersonating a or a RS Official employee. This situation will never occur, and nobody will ask you to trade gold back.

Secondly, whenever you are making a payment, you should ensure you are using a secure payment processor. If you’re paying through PayPal, you should be making the purchase through the official domain, for example: instead of

Runescape Money Guide

Thirdly, you should always look up reviews for anyone you’re doing a transaction with. Independent, third-party reviews usually prevail. A large number of high-quality reviews with a company indicates a certain level of trust.


Runescape Trading For Real Money

Here at, after operating for 10 years, we’ve seen it all. There’s nobody that knows the domain of RuneScape trading better than us: so, if you’ve got any specific questions or would like some additional tips, we’re always available through live chat 24/7!