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Real Life; Making IRL Money Making IRL Money. By Noweiney, April 2, 2019 in Real Life. Share More sharing options. Recommended Posts. Virtual real estate IS the new real estate and makes people a lot of money but the particular virtual real estate people get rich off of is websites, and the people making money off of it are people with a pretty good skillset in terms of both web development and marketing. Jan 28, 2021 As your character improves, you’ll be able to unlock better gold making opportunities in Old School RuneScape. One of our favorite methods of making money is by tanning cowhides. You can start tanning cowhides when you acquired at least 7 quest points or have played the game for at least 24 hours and of course some OSRS GP.

RSGilded is a service that lets you compare the prices of various trusted Runescape Gold Sellers, letting you sort between Old School Runescape and Runescape 3 prices. We also have a verified section full of gold sellers we have personally dealt with and believe are safe to use. The RSGilded team consists of Runescape black market veterans that have been specialising in all fields of the Runescape black markets since early 2009. This expertise allows us to properly evaluate different gold sites and their reliability. RSGilded only lists websites that it believes to be trustworthy on its directory, gold sites can not simply buy a spot on the site.

What is Runescape?

Runescape is a MMORPG founded in 1999 by a British game development company named Jagex Games Studio. Over two hundred and fifty million Runescape accounts have been created in the 19 years the game has been online. Over these years Runescape has forked into two different versions of itself, Runescape 3 (RS3) and Old School Runescape (OSRS); each version having taken a different route in the MMO field. The Old School Runescape community is all about the nostalgia that the early 2007 version provided while the Runescape 3 community enjoys a faster paced MMO experience.

What is Runescape Gold?

Runescape Gold or RSGP is the currency that is used in Runescape. RSGP is used for everything in game like leveling up skills, buying powerful armour and weapons, and purchasing membership at a discounted rate. Although it is possible to earn Runescape gold in game for free, it is usually a very tedious and time-consuming process. The time that you save by just purchasing all your Runescape gold can be put to better use like spending time with your family or working your job.

Where can I buy Runescape Gold?

Buying gold can be a daunting task for a first-time buyer. All the questions that are flowing through your head like; Is this safe for my account; Am I going to get the gold I paid for; How does this process work; are answered by our comprehensive gold seller guides. Some of the gold sellers we have reviewed are runescapegoldmarkt (owned by the Runescape Black Market tycoon Kaii), NMZTraining (owned by the trusted WYD) and PlayerAuctions. You can also visit the gold sellers listed in the “Verified Sellers” area as we have personally dealt with the sites listed there and vouch for them.

How much do I need to pay for Runescape gold?

Although RSGP prices are constantly changing, one thing is for certain. Old School Gold is a lot more expensive then the older Runescape 3 gold. You can expect to pay around $0.85 USD per OSRS million and around $0.18 USD per RS3 million. You may get a better deal if you decide to buy gold from a private seller but keep in mind large websites like the ones listed on RSGilded have great reputations and the chance of being scammed is next to none compared to buying from a random third-party seller.

Is it safe to buy Runescape Gold?

Although buying Runescape Gold form one of our listed gold sites is 99% safe, there is still a slight risk that negative action could be taken against your in-game account. This risk is negligible in most situations, but if you are a high-volume buyer it may be worthwhile in investing an old account that you can use as your gold mule to act as a middleman between the gold seller and your main account. Another good option is to buy gold from websites like Probemas as they use only high-level accounts for trading. These simple steps should prevent any bans associated with real-world trading.

How can I prevent scams?

Preventing scammers from taking your hard-earned money is important to keep in mind when buying RSGP. The best way to make sure the seller you are buying from is trusted is to first check if they are listed on RSGilded. If they are listed on our directory, you should then check their reputation on Sythe or Powerbot to make sure they are trustworthy and have no scam reports open. If all these are true, you can be pretty sure the seller you are buying from is trusted and will deliver the purchased gold.

How can I earn Runescape Gold myself?

There are a lot of ways you can earn Runescape Gold for yourself. Although we don’t recommend wasting your life grinding away for RSGP when you can easily buy it we do have guides on how to make the most gold in the shortest time possible. Take a look at our guides on the “Top Ten Runescape 3 Skilling Money Making Methods”, “Top Ten PVM Runescape 3 Money Making Methods”, and “How to Flip Items in Runescape for Profit”. These guides are all written buy our knowledgeable money-making team lead by multiple Runescape billionaires. Probemas has also prepared a great guide for OSRS Money Making “10 Easy Ways to Make RS Money in 2019”.

How can I find the best prices for Runescape Gold?

RSGilded’s automatic price detection software automatically scrapes all the gold prices of all listed sites and updates RSGilded’s Gold Seller Directory with fresh prices once daily. Then all you need to do is visit the Gold Seller Directory and sort via either RS3 or OSRS prices. The first list of sites that appear are our “Verified Sellers” and after that all the other listed sellers show up in ascending order. This sort feature allows you to find the sellers with the lowest prices all on one simple to use free dashboard. Be aware that most websites will also add up to 5% payment processing fees. Probemas.com is one of few websites without any hidden fees.

How can I make money by selling Runescape Gold?

An easy way to make a few extra dollars per day is to sell your extra RSGP to various trusted sites listed on our directory. All you need is a lot of extra Runescape Gold (100m+) and a way to collect your money (Paypal, Cryptocurrency, Direct Deposit). Be sure to read our comprehensive guide on “Selling Runescape Gold for Real Money” that was created by our team of experts to walk you through the more complicated steps on selling your gold for real money. This method can net you a great amount of money monthly if you are willing to put the effort into it. If you’re just looking for a safe site to sell gold to, Probemas is a great choice.

How can I make money by selling Runescape Accounts?

An easy way to make a lot of money a month is to sell your old Runescape Accounts to trusted account buying websites. All you need to do is either create or supply old accounts with good stats and a way to collect your money. Make sure to read our guide on “Selling your Runescape Account for an Instant Payment” that was created by our team of experts to walk you through the more mundane steps of selling your accounts. One trusted account marketplace that we suggest that you use is AccountKings. They are a trusted website that specialises in buying and selling game accounts for a variety of games.

How can I request a site to be added to the directory?

You can contact the RSGilded team with requests to add a new gold site by emailing support(at)rsgilded.com and letting our agent know the; a) Name of the gold site, b) url of the shop, c) any vouches on relevant forums. After you do this, a RSGilded agent will investigate the legitimacy of the site and decide to either add or reject the site. If the site is indeed added to the database, you will get a thank you email and some free Runescape Gold as a reward.

Do you support any other games?

Currently RSGilded.com only supports OSRS, Runescape 3, and CSGO Skins.


Making money by playing online games has been going on for quite some time now, and it’s become pretty common these days. This is just as true in Old School RuneScape. So, do you want to get in on the business and make money simply by adventuring? There are many ways to do that.

OSRS Gold: Farmed But Doesn’t Grow on Trees

The most popular, and arguably the most convenient, way of making real money in Gielinor would be selling RuneScape and OSRS gold. Farm Old School RuneScape gold and then sell them. Other methods will also be mentioned, but we’ll mostly talk about this, for obvious reasons.

Farming, of course, is simpler than it actually is. To be able to have significant earnings, you have to farm gold by the millions. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. The only problem is that many of them are tedious and repetitive. You can always use a bot program and save yourself the time and effort, but you run the risk of getting caught and banned. At the end of the day, you have to choose between an easier (but riskier) or more mundane (and mind-numbing) but safe.

However, while doing it the old-fashioned way is a lot more time-consuming and tiresome, not all OSRS farming methods are equal. Some are more taxing and boring than others, while some a lot less, and perhaps even fun. This, of course, is subjective, so choose the ones you can tolerate and even enjoy.

The Many Paths to Riches

If there are many ways to farm gold, then there are just as many methods of selling it. And much like farming, they are very different from one another.

An outdated and rarely practiced method is direct selling. Aside from it being difficult due to the very small potential customer base, it’s also risky, as you can get caught in-game and get banned.

Another old and unpopular (but safer) method is selling through listing sites like Craigslist and eBay. While you get to evade the mods and you get more potential customers, these sites aren’t dedicated to the selling of gold and items in online games, let alone RuneScape and Old School RS.

Runescape Making Money

Forums, meanwhile, are old but popular and trusted. Aside from the fact that they are for and by gold sellers and buyers, the tightly knit network ensures that scammers are easily tagged, ensuring that they’ll never be able to sell OSRS gold again.

A more convenient way to sell gold would be through re-seller sites. They buy OSRS gold at a fixed price and then sell them at a profit. If you’d rather have the middleman get a little less and you a lot more, go to trading platform sites instead. For a fee, you get to determine your own pricing and amount of gold per specific amount. While reseller sites are safer, trading platforms are more lucrative. It’s up to you whether you’ll sacrifice profit for a bit of safety, or be the master of your own gold-trading terms and get the most bang for your buck.

Itemizing Your Wealth

If gold’s not your thing, you can also sell items for cold-hard cash. Simply check which of them are hot in the Grand Exchange, farm them, go to a forum or a third-party site, and then sell them for real-life money.

The challenge for this is that unlike gold, what’s popular will inevitably change from time to time. Sure, there are items that will always sell like pancakes, but they’re way expensive and not easy to get your hands on, so it’s better to leave that to the more seasoned traders when a is said and done.

Make Runescape Run Better?

Paid to Play

Last but not least would be through power leveling. You offer services to level up skills, grind for certain items, and even farm for gold at a price. While it may seem like you’re “playing” for money, it’s not, as you have to meet quotas and demands.

How RuneScape Is Helping Venezuelans Survive - Polygon

With power leveling, you can either be directly affiliated under a group that sells the service, or do it yourself and determine your own terms. The latter is more relaxed, but it will be largely ignored if they’re not competitive enough, not worth the price, or worse, both.

To make money, you need to have money. Or in this case, OSRS gold, OSRS items, and gameplay knowledge. So, you think you have all that? Then it’s time to go make money in the real world through Gielinor! You can also check out options like WealthPress as well.