1. Carbon Fiber Money Clip Card Case
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Each carbon fiber money clip is made from the highest quality American Hexcel Carbon Fiber. Each money clip is infused with an epoxy resin giving you a strong and light weight money clip. This gives you the ability to walk through airport detectors with out having to put your money into a plastic tray. Carbon Fiber Money Clip Matt Black. 0.0 star rating. ★ 100% real carbon fiber with 3K Twill Pattern. ★ RFID theft prevention built right in. ★ Always return to its original shape. ★ Holds more than 12pcs creadit cards or 30pcs business cards. Real Carbon Fiber Pop Up Slim Wallet. $ 64.99 USD Save 35%. 'Big Baller' Carbon Fiber Money Clip. Real Flexible Carbon Fiber Bi-Fold Wallet.

PatternTwill, Plain
SurfaceGlossy, Matte
ColorBlack, or Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Green With Silk
LogoPantone Silk Printing
Material 100% Carbon Fiber
Size70*38*13mm, 70*28*13mm
Net Weight Approximately 8g
Free Box Weight3g
Gift Box Weight15g


If you're looking for money clips that are, lightweight, sturdy, constructed well, and very minimalist. These carbon clips are the perfect and decent choice. In addition, the materials and workmanship of carbon money clips are superior. The build of the carbon fiber wallet money clip is simple but the beautiful and stylish twill weave texture is enough to attract our interest.
The carbon fiber money clip with cardholder can hold about 40 bills or 10 credit cards, debit cards, ID cards for security. They're enough to keep money or cards not sliding to the sides, and are easily extracted or removed. It's really the perfect carbon fiber money clip for the front or back pocket.


Carbon Fiber Money Clip Card Case


1.High strength, 5 times than steel
2. Lightweight, extremely lightweight just take 8 Grams
3. Durable, always return to its original shape after use
4.Prevents radio frequency and magnetic signals, Undercover from security scanners
5.Fits around 40 folded bills or around 10 cards


Money/cash, business cards, name cards, VIP cards, id cards, bills, receipts, any combination of bills and cards.



Carbon Fiber Money Clip Credit Card Holder

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