There are many apps on the play store which give free Paytm cash like The Panel Station Survey, Loco, etc. But many of those apps are not instant Paytm cash earning Apps.

Looking for paytm money through online mobile game? Download Real Money 8 Ball Pool mobile game by stick pool club, Play game and earn paytm cash.

In some Apps, it takes time to earn money on them and on some other apps, they say the money will be in your Paytm Wallet within 24 hrs or 72 hrs, etc. But in case if you are looking for apps that you can earn Paytm cash instantly and withdraw them immediately, then this list is for you.

In most of the apps below, you just need to complete a small task like downloading an app, Playing a game or referring the app to any friend. Also, the rewards from these apps are good enough.

Important Note:- Every app has its own minimum Withdraw amount, which I have mentioned below. You cannot redeem your cash to Paytm until you reached that minimum amount.
I have also mentioned the details about how much you can earn from the app and from each referral. So you can calculate and download the app.

Remember that this method of earning is not passive and the amount you get from these apps is just like an extra Pocket Money or a small side income.

Note: Most of the links below are referred links which helps me run this website. so, download the apps from the links below.

Best Apps to get Instant Paytm Cash

1. Frizza

Frizza is an app made by College Dunia which pays you for downloading and installing apps. And it also has a referral program where you can earn Rs 5 instantly for each referral.

The minimum withdraw amount is Rs 20 and you can withdraw up to Rs 100 per 1 withdrawal.


The money will be added to the Paytm wallet instantly after the withdrawal. But this instant withdrawal feature is only available for the first Withdraw. Later it takes 72 hrs to get the cash.


  1. Downloading apps
  2. Rs 5 for Referring friends

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Play free games earn money

Download from here to get Rs3 as sign up bonus after completing 1st offer

2. 4Fun App

4 Fun is kind of a Social Media App like TikTok. You can post videos and share them on Whatsapp and other apps. You will earn coins for sharing videos and you can convert them into Rupees later while withdrawing. 250 coins = Re 1

I personally don’t recommend this app as a Social Media App. But if you are willing to make money, this is one of the best apps.

Keeping the money-making from sharing videos aside, you can earn Rs 7 for referring this app to each friend. Once you reached Rs 200, you can withdraw the cash. The minimum Withdraw amount is high, but if you refer to those many people, you can definitely check out this app.

Anyhow, you will get Rs 50 instantly after downloading the app from the below link.


  1. Get Rs 50 on sign up
  2. Rs 7 on each referral

Minimum Withdraw Amount:– Rs 200

Download from here to get Rs 50 as a sign-up bonus

3. Lopscoop app

Lopscoop is one of the easiest ways to earn money. All you need to do is reading the blog posts, sharing videos, perform small tasks etc to get free Paytm cash.

You can earn by referring friends & make Rs 5 for every successful installation. Spin the lucky wheel every day to get up to Rs 50

The best part is there is no minimum withdrawal amount.


  1. You get cash from performing small tasks like Reading Blog posts & share videos.
  2. Rs 5 for each referral.
  3. Spinning the lucky wheel.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- No Minimum

4. Bulb Smash Game

Bulb Smash is am an awesome game to make money by playing games. This game became an instant hit when it got released. You can play this game normally like other games without any earnings etc. You just need to hit the bulbs with a catapult-like on Angry Birds.

Or you can select a Super Level Mode and start playing for money. The better you score, the better you earn. You need to watch a video ad every time you start the game to earn. Or you can buy a booster which starts at Rs 20 and stops these ads for a certain number of days.

You also have a referral program where you can earn Rs 19 instantly for referring. And Rs 50 if the referral buys the Rs 100 Booster within 1 day. Spending Rs 100 to block ads for a few days is really not a great thing. But getting Rs 19 per each referral is a great way to earning.


  1. You can get rewards by playing the game and completing tasks in it.
  2. You can get Rs 19 by referring this game to friends.
  3. Rs 50, if referred friend purchases a Rs 100 booster.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 60

Download from here and get Rs10 bonus

5. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is an app that pays you for performing small tasks in the app like downloading and installing apps, Playing Games, Viewing Ads, etc.

You get Rs 5 for each referral when your referral friend downloads the first app from the app & another Rs 5 when your referral friend earns Rs 40.


  1. You will get paid for performing small tasks
  2. Rs 5 for each referral when your referral friend downloads the first app.
  3. Rs 5 when your referral friend earns Rs 40.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 20

Use referral code ( LPUI8j ) and get Rs 5 instantly on Sign up.

6. Data Buddy App

Data Buddy gives you Paytm cash for downloading apps, Playing Games, etc. You can also refer to this app and earn Rs 20 instantly. The minimum redeem amount is Rs 60.

Once you earned RS 60, the payment system will be open. You can transfer Rs 20, Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 500 amounts. So though you have Rs 60 in your wallet, you can only get Rs 20 instantly or you need to get Rs 100 to withdraw the full amount instantly.


  1. You get paid for downloading apps.
  2. Rs 10 for referring to a friend.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Rs 60

7. Stick Pool Club Game

Stick Pool Club Game is similar to the famous 8 Ball Pool game. But one thing which is a plus point in Stick Pool Club Game is you can earn money by playing this game.

You need to invest to play and earn, but don’t worry, you will get 50 Coins for signing up using the below link to download.


And you also get 10 Coins for each referral instantly. You will get extra coins for referral friend connecting to Facebook, Referral friend playing more than 5 matches, etc.

You can use those coins to start Playing. As the minimum Withdraw amount is just Re 1, you can start withdrawing right after playing the first game.


  1. Play and earn money.
  2. Earn 10 coins for each referral & extra coins for when your referral friend connects to Facebook, plays 5 matches, etc.

Minimum Withdraw Amount:- Re 1

8. Cash Boss App

Cash Boss is an app which gives you rewards for downloading apps it suggested. Sometimes you can find apps that give you more than Rs100 for downloading. And the apps will be changing from time to time and offers you more apps to download and get rewards from it.

CashBoss has a refer to earn program which gives Rs 15 for every successful installation.


  1. Free Paytm Cash by download apps.
  2. Rs 15 for each referral.

Minimum Withdrawl Amount:- Rs 35


These are some of the best apps which I tried pays Paytm Cash instantly. There are apps that pay for downloading, there are apps that pay for playing games & there are apps that are paying for referring friends, etc. in this list. You can select the one which you prefer and download it.

Which app did you like the most, mention in the comment section… And suggest me some apps which pay Paytm cash instantly which I am missing in this post… So I can also Check Out them…

Also, check

Pool Game Earn Money Paytm

Pool players can now rejoice because in this guide we are going to share an app where you can earn money by playing pool (8-Ball /9-Ball). That’s correct. There’s an actual iOS / Android based mobile application that brings the opportunity. The App is known as Real Money Pool. They have developed a Mobile application just like MiniClip 8-Ball Pool, only you can make real money with it. The app is developed by a popular company called Skillz. They also have other card games and Bowling games in their portfolio. For those who thought it would never be possible, well, you would be surprised when you install the app. There’s no need to worry about its legitimacy because Skillz is registered with Better Business Bureau.

Make Money by Playing Pool: Real Money Pool App

Best Pool Game To Earn Money

We will guide you through all the steps to get started with Real Money Pool app. Here are the things you need to do:

  1. First you need to download and install the Real Money Pool app from their Website HERE.
    Download Link for Android
    Download Link for Apple iOS
  2. Once you have installed the app and created your profile, you need to get familiar with it. You can play the game for free which won’t earn you any money. It will just be for fun.
  3. You can also play 8-Ball / 9-Ball pool to win cash prizes. For that you need to play the competitive games.
  4. You will need to submit a Fee to compete in Cash games. For example, If you want to take part in a $5 prize game, you will have to pay a fee of $3.
  5. You can take part in tutorials and play practice games to improve your skills. It’s a very competitive game so you will have to keep up with others.
  6. The types of games that you can play are: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight Pool Challenge and Speed Pool.
  7. The interface is very intuitive and the gameplay is in 3-D graphics. All kinds of shots including Forward spin, Back spin, Side and Swerve shots are available. You can play in both 3D and Top down views.
  8. You can play tournaments, win trophies and enter into leader boards.

Payment Details

When you participate in cash games and win cash prizes you will have the option to withdraw you earnings. You can simply go to the “Withdraw” menu option.

If you’re in the US you will be paid through Check. If you’re in another country you can withdraw your money through Paypal.

The normal time for amount withdrawal is 4 to 6 weeks. However in many cases it gets processed sooner than that. Also note that for every $1 you deposit for entry fees, $0.10 of that cash will be used for entry. Therefore, it cannot be withdrawn.

Here’s their official video that will help you get familiar with the system:

8 Pool Game Earn Money

So what are you waiting for? Go play your game and earn money!

Online Pool Game Earn Money

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