Attention TELANGANA USERS: All users residing or logging in from the State of Telangana will not have access to our real money games. Know more india's favourite online rummy site - play indian rummy game online Awesome Online Rummy Game Experience! Step Inside to Enjoy Amazing Online Rummy Games with World Class Gaming Services from. Attention TELANGANA USERS: All users residing or logging in from the State of Telangana will not have access to our real money games. Know more india's favourite online rummy site - play indian rummy game online Awesome Online Rummy Game Experience! Step Inside to Enjoy Amazing Online Rummy Games with World Class Gaming Services from. Attention TELANGANA USERS: All users residing or logging in from the State of Telangana will not have access to our real money games. Know more india's favourite online rummy site - play indian rummy game online Awesome Online Rummy Game Experience! Step Inside to Enjoy Amazing Online Rummy Games with World Class Gaming Services from

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Is online rummy game allowed to play in Telangana, Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh? Here are the list of frequently asked questions.

As per the new Ordinance passed by the Telangana, Tamilnadu & Andhra Government, amending the Telangana, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh Gaming Act 1974, online games with stakes has been banned. This effectively prohibits players from playing online rummy games from Telangana, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh.

Rest assured that your money is completely in safe hands and we would be processing it in due course. In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or you can call our 24/7 customer support for further details.

Please Note: All players from Telangana, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh have been restricted playing online rummy games, hence players who belong to this region are not allowed to register or login to Classic Rummy website. We request you to please write to us at [email protected] or you can call our 24/7 customer support, providing all your account details and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Request you to kindly write to us with your complaint details at [email protected] or you can call our 24/7 customer support. Our team needs to perform a compliance check which might be required to allow you to play further.

Your money resides safely with us and we will process your withdrawal in due course. However, if you have any queries or doubts, please write to us at [email protected] or you can call our 24/7 customer support.

You're eligible to play as long as your profile (KYC) are confirming that you are not from Telangana, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh, however we cannot process your withdrawal request till you change your bank account to Non-Telangana, Non-Tamilnadu & non Andhra region.

Rummy is a craze right now. Advertisements on TV and the internet have made rummy a household name. Every one of us has heard of this card game.

But, did you know that this is not a new game? The rummy money game has been in existence for quite a few centuries. It originated in Mexico as a card game, called Conquain. It was an entertaining way to pass the free time, and since cash exchange was involved, it also became a quick way to earn some extra money. With the passage of time and with enhanced international trade, the rummy money game’s ancestor arrived in many parts of the world, notably the Americas. This is where the most modern version of the rummy money game that we play today in the Indian subcontinent was invented - Rummy 500.

Rummy arrived in India during the 20th century, most probably through interaction with the British imperialists. This version of cash rummy is unique. It was mostly influenced by Rummy 500 but also contains elements of gin rummy. Cash card games such as Teen Patti and other ‘tash’ games were already popular, and hence the rummy money game also caught on.

But, the glory days of real cash rummy began with the advent of technology and the internet. Gaming apps have become the norm. Most of us have smartphones and access to the internet. Gaming apps, capitalizing on the popularity of rummy game, added this card game to the list of games on offer.


How did gaming apps amp up the popularity of rummy games?

Gaming apps such as Baazigames offered something that traditional (offline) rummy can’t offer you - lots of cash! People have always played rummy for real money. But, when you play an online rummy game, it’s like taking a crack at a jackpot. In traditional rummy, the amount of money you play for is minuscule compared to what real cash rummy can offer. If you are a very skilled player, then you have a good chance of winning lakhs of rupees. You also have the choice of buy-in amounts. There will be multiple rummy tables in the rummy game with varied entry fees. You can choose how much you are willing to risk today.

It’s not just the money that works in favour of an online rummy money game. You have to factor in the sheer convenience of online rummy game to understand why it is so popular. All that you need is a rummy real app, and you can play rummy for real money and win huge cash. You don’t have to make appointments with your friends or rummy buddies so that you all can meet up to play rummy. We all have busy schedules and it is not always possible for the whole friend circle to come to a consensus on when they will meet to play a rummy game. But, you can circumvent this problem with your rummy app. You can play rummy for real money from the comfort of your couch. Online rummy games and tournaments are always being played on a rummy game app. Whenever you have some time, be it at the dentist’s waiting room, at the bus stand or on a long flight, you can pass the time playing rummy for real money.

Why should you Play Rummy for Real Money?

The most important reason why you should play rummy for real money is that you can make a lot of cash. We have all faced situations when we are just a little cash-strapped. Has your car broken down? Does a household appliance need to mall emergencies or maybe add the amount to your travel funds when you play online rummy. You can win significant sums of money when you play regular rummy games. A real money rummy app will bring as much as lakhs of rupees to your bank account if you are able to win rummy cash tournaments.

Another reason why you should play the rummy game is that it imparts valuable life skills. Since you are playing rummy, you become a cautious risk-taker. You apply all your focus, attention and determination to win. With regular practice, you become good at planning, adapting and strategizing. These skills you learn from online rummy can be useful in everyday life.

Where should you Play Rummy for Real Money?

As we explained before, a real money rummy app is the best place to play a rummy game. You will find many such apps in the Play Store, App Store or Microsoft Store. What you will have to do is, download and install the rummy app.

But, be careful when you choose the app to play the rummy cash game. It should be a trustworthy real money rummy app. Monetary transactions would be involved. You would have to deposit money to pay entry fees to the rummy money game. The amount you win would need to be transferred to your account. You may also want to redeem the amount you had deposited. So, you need to ensure that the highest security and encryption is offered by your real money rummy app so that you never have to worry about the safety of your money.

Make sure that the rummy game app has all the right certificates to prove that it is legitimate and offers fair card shuffling and distribution.

A good option for you to try out if you want to play safe rummy for money is Rummybaazi. Download this real rummy money app without any hassle. Register yourself by filling out all the required details. Read the rummy game rules and watch the tutorial videos to grasp the card game. But, before you proceed to the rummy game, consider playing free rummy games. This will be of immense help if you are new to rummy or unfamiliar with how to play rummy on a real rummy money app. When you are still in the learning phase, if you play an online rummy real cash game, then you are likely to lose and the money you spend as buy-in will go down the drain. Constantly losing money will only leave a dent in your account.

How to Win Money from Rummy?

There are two ways you can win real money by playing the rummy game.

What Is Real Money


Cash games - These games can be entered into any time of the day because rummy tables are available throughout the day. You will have to pay an entry fee or a buy-in amount. All versions of rummy can be played as rummy games. You can win attractive sums of money every day playing money rummy games.

Cash rummy tournaments - These tournaments are elaborate affairs that really test your rummy mettle. Rummy tournaments can last for days. Usually, you have to register for the tournaments on your rummy real app before the tournaments kick off. A lot of people participate in each rummy tournament which is what makes tournaments so competitive. There will be multiple tables and multiple games. The tables merge as people get eliminated until the final table is left and this is the final round. Rummy tournaments are broadly of two types - free rummy tournaments (you don’t have to pay and entry fee) and cash rummy tournament (you pay a buy-in). Both kinds of tournaments can help you win a lot of cash. You can win lakhs of rupees playing rummy tournaments on Rummybaazi.

Is it Legal to Win Money Playing Real Cash Rummy Game?

Many people miss out on the excitement of playing real rummy money games. That is because they are under the misconception that the rummy money game is illegal. Making online rummy cash will get them in trouble.

Play Rummy Online Real Money In Telangana Game

While this is true for gambling, rummy is not gambling. You are not staking your money on the hope that luck will favour you and you will win money. Online rummy cash games are skill-based games. According to a Supreme Court Ruling of 1967, all skill games are legal. Just like any other legal means of making money, winning skill-based games like the rummy cash game requires focus, skill, determination, hard work and intelligence. Luck has nothing to do with it. Similar rulings were passed by several High Courts as well. Most Indian states have legislation confirming that games of skill are not prosecutable. So, in most Indian states, you can play the rummy game without fearing any legal consequences.

The 7 exceptions are Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. The wording of the skill-games rule is so ambivalent that most rummy lobbies do not extend the facility of rummy cash game in these states because here you could indeed land in trouble if you play cash rummy. But, that doesn’t mean people in these states would be deprived of the joy of playing rummy altogether! They can play free rummy games just so that they can spend their free time and sharpen their brains.

Responsible Gaming on Real Cash Rummy App

When you start playing online games, you will come across the phrase ‘responsible gaming’. What is responsible gaming and why is it so important to rummy?

Responsible gaming refers to a few rules and caution that you have to pay attention to when you play a rummy game.

For example, on Rummybaazi, you have to be at least 18 years old to be able to register and play rummy. This is to protect your interests. Once you become a legal adult, you are expected to make wise decisions. Real cash rummy involves money, something that you need to be a grown-up to know how to deal with.

Play Rummy Online Real Money In Telangana

You also have to submit your KYC documents. This ensures that there is never any threat to anyone in the gaming community. Submitting your KYC details before joining real cash rummy games makes sure that there will never be any scam or fraud.

You also need to make sure that playing rummy games does not become an obsession. The lure of making a lot of cash should not deprive you of rational thinking. There are many terrific rummy game players out there. So, you will not win every rummy money game that you play. But, if you keep playing all day every day, you will end up losing a lot of money. You may start disregarding your duties and responsibilities.

Also, you cannot let rummy become your only source of income. As we said before, you might not always win.

Rummy cash game has the potential to make you rich, but only if you play responsibly. Let it bring you joy and happiness without turning into a cause of grief. Play rummy as much as you like and with no anxiety over the safety of monetary transactions on Rummybaazi.