This is a website with social casino slots by Playtika and not a real-money casino, which means that real money cannot be used for depositing at House of Fun slots. They have many games and popular titles, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Their games are played with free coins, and therefore, they are ideal for people who can’t afford to lose any cash since you don’t have to spend a cent to play.

Keeping in mind that those are social games, you won’t win real money, but the fun is guaranteed. You can play House of Fun games with just a couple of clicks since all you need to do is go to their website and follow the instructions. That indeed is one of the best online places if you are a slot lover, and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

This website includes jackpots (both regular and progressive), numerous bonuses (you can win bonus rounds), and every three hours, you can be awarded free spins. You can also collect coins as your level increases, and also, there are hourly bonuses (you can collect five of them daily). They will entertain any player, for sure, since they also have promo codes and many daily rewards.

  • The goal behind real money slots is to win money. It is very easy and intuitive to play slots online, win real money and enjoy some of your free time. Normally this game only requires the user to line up three identical symbols on the grid to win. Do you play slots for real money?
  • With real money online slots in the USA, you can max bet a certain amount for the chance to win possibly millions of dollars! All jackpots are different, but depending on the game, the chances are there! Playing Slots vs. Sports Betting Why You Can Enjoy Both Real money online slots are definitely not in the same realm as sports betting.
  • You can definitely win even if it is the mobile slots real money no deposit, since online casinos are very generous. You have to make sure to read all the terms and conditions because there are wagering requirements you must meet before being able to withdraw.

If you are going to play online slots real money can be deposited via many different methods. To invest cash in online slots Canada real money most use debitcards and e-wallets, however today other varieties of digital currency are gaining popularity.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding whether or not the House of Fun will let you cash out the winnings you make while playing this casino app. There are over 20 million players worldwide, and we must say it would be strange if each person understood the concept behind these social games, so how to win real money on House of Fun is a common question that many players ask.

The main thing that can cause you confusion is a game named “House of Fun.” Its provider is Betsoft, and it has nothing to do with the House of Fun website. The Betsoft version is actually a real-money slot, while House of Fun games is made just for entertainment, and you cannot cash out anything. When playing for real money, you get to experience some factors that you wouldn’t choose the free version.

The most obvious one is winning real money. Playing like this can either increase your budget or make you lose everything. So it’s your choice whether you decide to go with a Betsoft one and avoid virtual coins or download the House of Fun app and play everything they offer for free. In the end, there is nothing wrong with choosing the Betsoft version as long as you know how to make yourself stop when you are losing too much.

A Little Glossary

To avoid any misunderstandings, we will explain what all things that House of Fun offers mean. If you are a passionate gambler who already tried both free and real-money slots, you already know this. But if you are not, some of the offers they have on their website may confuse you.

  • 100 free spins and 1,000 free coins welcome bonus
  • Huge Jackpots
  • Special features that award you coins

When we talk about those free spins, you will probably think that those are welcome spins that you don’t have to pay for, unlike the ones in regular casinos. Well, you certainly won’t pay them, but you won’t pay any spins — they are all for free. So what’s the point of giving free spins when they are free anyway? They are free, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to earn them by playing regularly and unlocking new levels.

When they talk about huge jackpots, don’t assume you will win a lot of cash. Well, you will, but it will be virtual that you cannot cash out, and it will help you play longer.

And when we are talking about those free coins, you won’t be able to play without them. So there is an option to earn them while playing, which is a slow way, or to buy them with real cash so you could unlock new levels. That is the only way to spend your cash at House of Fun.

Can You Actually Win Money On Online Slots

Remember that if you invest and buy those coins, it still doesn’t mean you will be able to cash out anything. At House of Fun slots, real money is not cashable.

Selection of the Games

House of Fun will offer you so many choices. You can go to their website, look for a slot that catches your eye, and download it. There are two possibilities: downloading all slots on the apple/play store, depending on your mobile device, or playing them on Facebook.

Since the gaming selection is huge, we won’t talk about all the slots you can find there, but we will certainly tell you the most popular ones from each category you can find on the website.

You can find five different categories, and each has a good selection of games. Be sure that there is something for everyone. If you love the luxury that can be found in the City of Lights — go for Vegas Slots. On the other hand, you might not be that much into all that glamour, and you’d rather prefer some ancient history — Egyptian-themed slots are the right choice. We accept the possibility that magical creatures of nature excite you, and therefore, you can choose Fairytale slots. As you can see, the House of Fun won’t disappoint you if you are a slot lover.

Type of Slots Our recommendation Visual Example
Vegas Stone Gold; Kitty Gems; Black Leopard; Year of the Monkey; Classic Cash 777.
Egypt Egypt Rising; Glorious Egypt; Purrymid Prince.
Rapid Fire Jackpot Wildfire; Wild Chilli; Fire and Ice.
Fairytale Mermaid Mischief; Beauty of the Nile; Fairy Bliss; Beast; Cinderella.
Progressive Down Under Gold; Thundering Thor; Lucky Lassies; Franken Bride; Adorbs.

Real Money or Free Gambling?

If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that free slots are much more popular than the ones you play for real money. To be precise — 100 times more. Someone may wonder why that is since free slots can’t bring you any winnings. Well, there are plenty of reasons. Firstly, many people prefer to try a game before they decide whether to deposit real cash or not.

That is the reason there is a large collection of free trial versions at each online casino. Those versions you can also play for fun are a great way to see whether you like the bonus features that a casino offers. So if you enjoy those free spins, bonus rounds, etc., you can easily switch to real-money play.

Can You Win Real Money On Online Slots

Secondly, someone might enjoy casino games, but on the other hand, they don’t find it necessary to win or lose any money; they experience that adrenaline rush even without investing anything. Lastly, trust us when we say — gambling addiction is much more widespread than you think.

Some players still want to enjoy it from time to time, but they are unwilling to take a risk and register at a non-social casino, which is completely understandable.

As you can see, social casinos have their advantages, and if you are new to this slot world, our advice is to download the app of House of Fun and play there first. That way, you’ll see what suits you the most, and there won’t be any unnecessary losses.

Final Thoughts

So how to win real money on House of Fun? As we already mentioned, you can’t unless you choose the Betsoft game. So if you are afraid to lose any money, you still want to enjoy slots, download their app, and join the other players.

We have to say that the number of people who play their slots is incredible — 700,000 players daily, and you can join them too. Don’t hesitate to try them and gain vast experience, but always keep in mind that real money can’t be cashed out at House of Fun slots.

The Most Popular Questions About House of Fun Slots

How to redeem your real money at the House of Fun slots app?

You cannot redeem real money with their app. House of Fun is a social casino, which means you can only play for entertainment. There is a slot named “House of Fun,” but that is a game from Betsoft provider, so if you wish to play for real money, you have to go with that one.

How does House of Fun slots pay you real money?

They don’t pay you real money. Everything is about virtual coins that you receive upon registration, and you’ll have to collect those to keep playing. That is a great thing for the people who don’t want to lose any money since you won’t deposit any.

Is House of Fun real?

As an online casino, it is real. You can download the app or play on Facebook — whatever you prefer. But when it comes to money, real money is not involved in their games. You can’t deposit or withdraw anything since you are playing with free virtual coins.

How do I uninstall House of Fun?

If you installed it on your phone, it’s simple — go to the app, long press on the icon, and swipe it to the trash bin. Your app will be uninstalled. But if you installed it on your Facebook account, you can’t just uninstall it — you need to go to the settings and delete it.

Can you cash out at House of Fun?

No — no matter how much you win, you cannot cash out anything. It’s a social casino — you play for fun, and you do not invest any money. Everything is free, and therefore, you don’t win actual money. You can earn some bonuses and free spins that will allow you to keep playing.

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