The three best online poker rooms for Visa card acceptance are 888 Poker, William Hill Poker, and PokerStars. If your deposit does not go through the on the first attempt, please call the customer. Bovada Poker is a popular spin-off of Bodog Poker, a proven leader in online poker since its inception in 2004. However, options for playing real money poker in the United States have been limited since 2011. If you live in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, or New Jersey, your state has specific laws that preclude you from playing at Bovada Poker. Few easy steps to play real money poker in India: 1. Download the Bunga365 Poker app: Players can easily download & Install this real money poker gaming app for free on your desktop or smartphone device. Users have an option to select any of the easy-to-use deposit options to play and win in real cash poker games online in India. But, first, try to comprehend specific rules and strategies applicable to the particular poker variant to avoid basic bloopers in online poker for real money. Next, try to be as shrewd as possible and also setting the affordable but quite minimal stake value is a way to go.

Chris Ferguson is a popular professional online poker player, which is part of the Full Tilt Team. One of his major achievements was to turn $0 into $10,000 with his “from 0 to Hero online poker challenge” by playing poker at Full Tilt Poker. He claims that most of his success is coming out of his well defined bankroll management system that sets him apart from the other players.

This bankroll management system was tested by one of the best poker players in the world and thanks to the great success that he managed to achieve you can be sure that the moment you start applying the rules, you are going improve your online poker bankroll.

Make sure that you understand exactly what you have to do and also make sure that you are going to follow those rules. If you are going to stick to these bankroll management rules you will be on your way to build a good bankroll and you can also start enjoying playing poker like a pro at the higher stakes.

Here are the 3 golden bankroll management rules that you have to follow. These are taken out of the Chris Jesus Ferguson’s post where he wrote all the details about his challenge:

1. Never ever get into a cash game or SNG tournament where the buy in is more than 5% of the entire bankroll that you have. You can break this rule in case your bankroll is very small and you are going to play a Sit and Go or cash game where the buy in is lower than $2.5

2. Don’t join a MTT (Multi Table Tournament) where the buy in is higher than 2% of your current bankroll. By not risking you will be able to keep a lot of your money intact. This rule applies unless the buy in at the tournament lower than $1.

3. In case you have managed to win at a cash game and your money that you have at the table represents more than 10% of your online poker bankroll, then you should cash out of that table the moment the blinds are going to reach you.

These bankroll management rules created by Chris Ferguson are very strict and they ensure that you are only going to play poker at those tables where you can really afford to do it.

With these rules it’s going to be impossible for you to lose your entire bankroll. Make sure that you have the enough motivation to stick to these rules no matter what happens. And remember that it took Chris Ferguson, which is one of the greatest poker players in the world 1 year in order to reach $10k from $0 by applying these rules.


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  • Recent Tips for Real Money Poker Players:

Poker is amongst the most lucrative games worldwide. It is primarily a skill-based game where you use logical tactics to win a match. Poker initially originated from New Orleans, America. The game was played with only 20 cards involving four members. Today, the poker game has considerably evolved and is now played with 52 cards and can accommodate over seven members.

The rising technology has also conquered the gaming sector, where you can find many real money gaming online poker apps. In fact, in a statistic posted by World Poker Tour (WPT), there are over 100 Million online poker app users worldwide, of which 60 Million are from the USA.

These platforms work identically to real money poker offering the same amount of fun. Real money poker apps can be easily downloaded from both the Android and Apple app store absolutely free. As beginners, you can start by playing the free online poker games, which can be further proceeded to the paid ones. You can also play an online poker real money game with your friends, which is super fun.

Here we will discuss how to play on an online poker app, its rules, and other significant information to help you become a pro poker player.

How to Play Poker Online at Poker App

Learning how to play poker isn’t hard. However, it requires extensive practice to set your hands on this game. Online poker apps aren't much different than physical ones. These platforms are beautifully designed to mimic the algorithm of physical casinos.

Even before the cards are dealt, the players have to bet poker chips on the table to qualify themselves in the game. These chips represent a certain amount of money.

Proceeding further, the players will have to either match, fold or raise. A match is used if a poker player contributes the same amount in the game as they did while betting. Poker players can raise the bet if they add more than their existing bet. A player folds when his hand is weak and not good enough to bet on, and the amount can be divided among other players.

There are all four rounds when playing a poker hand in a poker game- the pre-flop, the flop, the turn and the river. Players who raise or match a call move forward towards showdown, and the one with the highest poker hand wins the game. However, this can take time to master even if you know the rules. If you choose an authentic online poker app, you can play and learn all the game’s tactics. You can download the poker game app on your Android or Apple smartphone, absolutely free.

Rules of Online Real Money Poker App

All online poker apps follow the same rules as the physical ones. Here, you can find some of the basic poker rules that you must know before playing on a real money poker app for real money.

  1. Online poker is a time-bound game, so if a player doesn’t act in the timed duration, he will either be checked or folded, according to the last player’s action.
  2. The blinds/ antes are placed automatically on mobile poker apps.
  3. Thereafter, the first bet moves clockwise from left to right. It starts with the person sitting next to the Big Blind player.
  4. Online real money poker apps too follow the same set of poker hand rankings for all games of poker. Here they are-
    • Royal Flush-royal flush is the highest-poker ranked hand, containing one Ace, King, Queen, Joker, and ten hearts.
    • Straight Flush-straight flush contains five cards of the same kit in numerical order.
    • Four of a kind- Four cards of the same rank but different suit
    • Full House- Three of a kind and a pair
    • Flush- Five cards of the same suit
    • Straight- It is the same as a straight flush; however, there is no boundation on the card suit.
    • Three of a kind- The deck contains three cards of the same rank.
    • Two pairs- It contains two different unique pairs.
    • One Pair- Two cards of the same rank
    • High card- The person who will have the highest ranked card wins.
  5. Depending upon the poker tournament variant you play; the wagers can be either up to the pot limit or has no upper limit like in Texas Hold’em poker where a player can go all in with his/her chips.
  6. You can call out “bet” at any time, even if no one has raised their hands. The other players can call and raise the bet equivalent to the last highest bid if they want to stay in the hand.
  7. Like live poker games, in online real money poker apps too, all players have to showdown their cards after the last wager on the river and the one with the highest-ranking cards wins the game.

Types of Poker You Can Play Online at Poker App

  1. Straight poker

    It is the initial form of poker that is enjoyed on all real money poker apps. Here, each participant is offered five cards, and the betting round continues until all hands are shown. Three-card brag or Five-card brag are some of the varieties you will find in poker apps of the day.

  2. Stud poker

    Online poker apps include stud poker in a seven-card or razz poker game. Here, the players play with face-down and face-up cards with regular betting after every card that is being dealt.

  3. Draw poker

    The cards are preliminarily distributed in this online poker cash game variation, but the players can ask for replacement during the game by discarding cards that aren’t fruitful.

  4. Community Poker

    It is a little different from all the other variants; here, the player will be given four cards. The best real poker apps will then conduct a face-up community card round to ensure that players get the best fifth card possible. Texas Hold’em poker and Omaha poker are among the most famous online poker game variants under this category.

  1. Check the authenticity of the platform

    There are various online poker apps available in the market, but you need to dig down to understand how authentic they are. The best way to do this is to check for online reviews. A best poker siteOR real money poker app will always have genuine people commenting on their experience on different internet portals.

  2. Check for promotions and welcome bonuses

    You must download a poker game app, which offers lucrative poker promotional offers and welcome bonuses This will give you an edge when you play on the poker app to earn real money.

  3. Go with a poker app that manages significant traffic

    High traffic indicates that the best poker app is real and fun to play. You can anytime login into your poker game account to play free card games of poker and cash tournaments.

  4. Secure pay-out channel

    Best poker apps allow users to play for real money and are very transparent when it comes to the withdrawal facility. Before investing money in any online poker app, you need to read its pay-out policy to ensure that the policy is simple without any complicated jargon.

  5. Play at poker game app that allows you to invite your friends

    Where’s fun if we cannot collaborate with our friends to play poker online. You must go for an online poker that will enable you to invite friends and play private games. This way, you will not get bored by playing against the computer and learn more by playing with fellow players on the best poker apps online.

  6. Customer support

    This might initially not be in your checklist while choosing a real poker app, but it is duly important. Applications that involve monetary transactions must have a solid customer support base to help users in case of any issue. This way, your money will be way more secure, and you won’t hesitate to play for bigger guarantees.

Best Poker App FAQs

There are multiple online poker game apps in the market that are efficient to be downloaded on both Android and iPhone, however, the PokerBaazi platform outperforms all. The app is extremely safe, with various poker games ranging from free to cash games across stakes. You can also play at private tables with your friends on PokerBaazi.

You need to first download an online poker game app on your smartphone. After which, you can create your account and login with your credentials. Most applications come up with pre-built guidelines that will help you understand the games’ rules. Your initial priority should only be Practice, Practice, and Practice.

Games are always fun on a bigger screen. If you have to choose between a smartphone or tablet, then surely go for the latter. Online poker apps create a virtual mimic of the physical one, which can look assorted on a mobile device.

Yes! You can play online poker to earn real cash. Authentic platforms provide a safe channel to take monetary initiatives on the application. One of them could be PokerBaazi, where you can set up your profile and start playing for lucrative bids and win decent money.

Some applications allow users to invite their friends on the platform. You can download PokerBaazi, which is one of the best poker apps on the market. The platform offers a safe stage for users to collaborate with their friends and earn money. Invite your friends at PokerBaazi’s private tables and play to earn real cash together.

Poker is amongst the most favorite games that are played by millions of users. You can also learn poker and play for real money by downloading authentic apps with a loyal user base.

If you haven’t played on PokerBaazi, we say you do today; it is incredibly safe and offers various promotions and welcome bonuses. We also have a very simple withdrawal policy backed up by solid customer support. You can also enjoy private games with your friends and family on India’s most trusted online poker app. Download the PokerBaazi app today on your Android smartphone or iPhone and start playing poker online every day!