To get the best from an online poker site, it really needs to be a real money site. Playing poker can be fun but without that edge of having money on the line and something tangible to play for, it will fail to capture the imagination and any monetary value is done away with.

This site focuses on online poker in the United States. Below you will find our top five list of the best USA accepted online poker rooms where you can play for real money or free. We also provide you with comparison reviews so you can see which sites are the best for Macs, the most popular or even which United States poker sites have the most fish. If you're still unsure about a certain room, use the links to read our reviews which cover all aspects of real money poker.

The USA poker sites that are mentioned on this site are real money poker sites and quite often offer bonuses incentives for players to sign up with them. The welcome bonus offer is a very common trait in online poker rooms and most good poker players understand the importance of searching for the best deals possible.

The best places to play poker online for real money are Ignition, Bovada, and Intertops. #1 Ignition Ignition attracts a lot of players because you can win 1,000 times your buy-in in a short period of time in a tournament. States We Anticipate Will Offer Real Money Online Poker in the Future. The moral of the story with the legality of online poker in the US in 2021 is that users of online poker sites need not worry over any ramifications from partaking in this activity. The psychology of playing poker for real money is very much different from playing for free or fun, which means that some players will miss out if there is not money at stake. All of the recommended sites above provide real money poker options and there are a number of incentives for choosing a particular site.

Play Online Poker Real Money. Online Poker is the most played card game in the world. The classic card game is played with five cards. Online poker real money games are easy-to-play, fast-paced, and require a little strategy. For starters, you won’t need a poker face play but we do recommend giving our poker guide a look through. Thousands of US citizens play online poker for real money every day. There are literally dozens or even hundreds of online poker rooms worlwide but just a few are opened for USA players. Here you can find the honest reviews of the poker websites open to players from the USA.

If you're new to playing poker online, we suggest you read some of the articles on this site first including how to deposit to a poker room. Not all poker sites are equal when it comes to payment methods, which is why you will see some accept a certain methods while others do not. We have dedicated pages for each deposit option that is viable to US players.

Best Real Money Poker Sites for US Players in 2021


Online Poker For Real Money For Us Players


Understanding The UIGEA And How it Impacts Real Money United States Players

To understand the difficulties that many US based poker player’s face in finding an online poker site, it is important to understand the role of the UIGEA. The UIGEA was introduced after the Port Security Act and its main role centred around a shut-down it imposed on US banks. It was made illegal for United States banks to process a payment that was being made to a gambling site, which obviously affected USA poker sites.

This is where the confusion lies. Technically, the UIGEA has never made it illegal to play online poker while being in the US or being a US citizen but it certainly hasn’t made it easy to do so. A great number of poker rooms and sites believed that there was no opportunity to remain credible and legal while operating in the US market, so they moved out.


Thankfully this attitude was not taken by everyone and there are a number of poker sites for US players. The payment options are limited, especially compared to the era that came before the UIGEA changes but if poker players are keen to play online poker, there are opportunities to do so on USA poker sites.


Are There Any Legal Poker Sites in United States?

Of course, it is not just enough that there are American poker sites to choose from, players want to find the best sites accepting USA players. There is a thrill and excitement associated with playing online poker and if the sites weren’t able to provide a good experience, players would stop playing from them.

The best legal poker site is a matter of debate and personal opinion but the following sites are all ones that are worth checking out:

  • BetOnline
  • Carbon Poker
  • Ignition

All of these sites have their own merits and reasons to check them out and if you are looking for legal US poker games, you won’t go wrong with these choices.

Again, the important thing to remember is that it is NOT ILLEGAL to play poker in the USA, so as long as you check your state laws and regulations, you will be good to go on any of the above sites.
How To Deposit – What options do you have as US poker player?

Of course, to get a proper bonus or to make the most of your time on an online casino, you really need to be able to deposit funds into an USA friendly poker site. This is where many players have experienced problems but there are options where United States online poker players can fund their account and enjoy the thrill of playing poker for real cash.

Before the UIGEA crackdown, there were plenty of options to deposit funds into an online gaming account but nowadays, the options are definitely limited. That isn’t to say that there are no options though and the following options are all valid for US poker players.

Visa Card: The Visa Card payment has become the top choice for poker players in the US. There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that Visa is the option that has the greatest level of acceptance, so if you want to find the option with the least likelihood of being rejected, the Visa option is likely to be your best bet.

MasterCard: As you would expect, there is a strong use of MasterCard when making payments for online poker sites too but in comparison to the likes of Visa, players have found it increasingly difficult to deposit finds with MasterCard. In all likelihood, you will be fine if you choose to use a MasterCard to play in US friendly poker rooms, but there may be exceptions to this rule.

Western Union: Many players prefer to have a greater degree of variety when they make online poker payments and this is something that Western Union provides. The site offers players the chance to make payments online or you can even use a Western Union store if there is one near you. The major drawback that comes from using Western Union comes with the fee that they charge to use their service. This will often vary depending on your deposit amount.

Moneygram: This option is similar to the Western Union option and again, it allows players to pay online or in store. As opposed to a percentage fee charged by Western Union, Moneygram charges a flat-fee of $9.99 to use its services. It is up to each individual to think about which option is best suited.

When thinking about online poker sites for American players and the deposit methods, it is also helpful to think about how you plan to withdraw your cash. Many people find that depositing funds into an account is not a problem but there are delays when it comes to withdrawing your winnings.

The above sites and above methods are going to provide the best combination with respect to cashing out but United States poker players definitely need to have patience when it comes to picking up their winnings.

Online poker for real money for us players for sale

All in all, while things are not perfect for the US online poker community, they are nowhere near as bad as some people are making out. If you are a US based poker player and you are keen to find some real money US poker sites, don’t worry, you can legally find the best options available by browsing our site.

Opening a new account

If you are new to online poker you might become a bit lost when it comes to finding an online poker room and setting up an account. Here is a walk through for new players:

Online Poker For Real Money For Us Players -

The first thing you need to do is decide which online poker room is right for you. You’ll need to find a poker room that has a long standing reputation, such as Bovada, and also offers a quality game and software. Make sure you spend some time reading the reviews on this site of the different poker rooms in order to find a room that works for you. If a bonus is important then you’ll also need to make sure that the room you choose offers a good bonus program.

Once you’ve chosen the online room that you want to play in you’ll need to download the software which is always free and a quick. After downloading the poker room software onto your computer you’ll be able to visit the poker room lobby which is where you can set up your account.

Online Poker For Real Money For Us Players Online

After creating your account you can either start playing for free with play money or register for a real money account by making your first deposit. There are always dozens of options for depositing money into your account. There are different options for different countries and I’m sure they’ll have a method that you can use. The easiest methods are credit cards or Bitcoin.

Depending which method you used to deposit money into your account you will be able to play almost instantly. Most rooms have filters which you can use to narrow down the list of tournaments or regular table games. Once you’re sitting down at the table everything is self-explanatory with regards to Call, Raise or Fold. It doesn’t take long at all for a new poker player to get set-up online and start playing. The entire process can be completed within minutes which is one of the reasons online poker is so popular.

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