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Hello friends, have you ever heard about copy paste jobs without investment that you can do from your home? Well you can earn money by online coping pasting job-work in India. Nowadays there are so many data duplication and data processing work opportunities available on the Internet.
Today we will discuss the copy and paste work with daily payment and free registration fees. Here we are going to explain how to make money by copy and paste work from home.

We have also mentioned some genuine job sites for this work for your ease. The online copy and pasting work from home looks easy and simple. Some job providers claim that they give daily payment with the free registration fee for added advantage.
In fact, there are many companies who are providing online copy paste jobs without investment and registration fees. Means you don’t have pay any rupees in beginning. As an online job seeker, you may also have seen like that.

You can start as part-time job. After some time when you taste success, then you can also do it as full-time work. There are several lucrative advantages in this industry. Now let’s explore more details of this work. Let’s start with the basics first.

Online Copy Paste Jobs From Home – (Comprehensive Guide)

So you maybe wondering that basic working concept behind these industries in India. The basic concept of these jobs is quite simple and easy to understand. In this copy paste field, a user has to copy some material and then paste it into given place. It is like cloning a given set of data or information. But you need to change its format. Means it should me maintained in proper format.
Although a software or program can do this automatically. But the software has its own limitations. Since the nature of work and need are dynamic, so we can’t rely on any software. Most of the time a human can give much better results.

In the online copy paste job, an employee is given a set of tasks. These tasks are mainly involved in coping and then pasting with some minor changes. The online industry is huge and so the need of workers is also increasing. These duplication jobs are available from a long time. And in future, the demand is not going to decrease. It can be considered as one of the easiest ways to earn money online in India. Since it can be started without investment, you can give it a try. It costs nothing.

People who are working in this field are getting daily payment at home. Sometimes you need to do cut paste rather than copy paste depending on the situation. So now the question comes about the potential of these jobs in India.

How Much You Can Earn From Copy Paste Jobs?

Earning from copying and pasting jobs can vary from person to person and country to country. In fact, there is many factors which can influence the income from the online copy paste jobs. You can start this job without investment and registration fees.

So only the time and efforts are required. You can also get daily payment at home. There are many genuine websites who provides these data duplication home jobs free of cost. Let’s assume that you will get 10 tasks for Rs.50 each daily. So the daily income will be 500 INR. Multiply it with 30 days you will get monthly figure. Its just an assumption, the real figures can vary. Look at the below given table for more better estimate.

Copy Paste WorkApprox. Earnings
Simple Copy PastingRs. 10-25
Data Backup WorkRs. 200-300 Daily
Data MigrationRs. 200-800
Data ProcessingVaries
Data Format ConversionRs. 300-1000
Edit & Paste TasksDepends on Task
Data-Sheets ReplicationRs. 100-500
Minimum Deposit FeeNo Investment
RegistrationFree To Register

What Are The Benefits of This Work?


Like all other jobs this also carries its own merits and demerits. Although the benefits are much larger than anything you compare. There are some common benefits of this copy and pasting work like similar online work. Now let’s explore the major advantages and benefits.

In short You can have these benefits:

  • Simple and Easy Work
  • Work From Home
  • Flexible Timings
  • No Investment or Registration Fees
  • Monthly/Weekly/Daily Payment Option
  • Do in Part-Time or Full Time
  • No Special Skills Needed
  • and Much More

As a beginner we want to start without spending anything. So that we can proceed further for this work.

Start Online Copy Paste Jobs Without Investment

The most exciting part in this job is it does not require any type of funds to start. You can start without investment or deposit. Although some companies may ask for joining amount in India. We recommend you to staying away from them. After all you are coming for the purpose of earning by copy-paste work.

Why to invest any amount when you can start these home jobs free of cost. You just required to find the right opportunities and genuine platforms. So in the world of online copy paste jobs without investment always be prepared for such things. And we are with you in this journey. Keep on reading and you will also know some legitimate job sites also.

Join Copy Paste Jobs Without Registration Fees

Like the first point, these opportunities are also free from any registration fees. If anyone or any company is asking registration amount then just skip it. There are many opportunities available online. You will easily find many free to join copy and paste work in India.

Since there are so many options available all the time , you can choose any simple copy paste jobs without registration fees. Sometimes you may need to pay little percentage after completing the work. Well, that looks okay to me. It doesn’t harm to share a tiny percentage after you earned something. However the enrollment is absolutely free always.

Start This Work From Home in India

The nature of this field is quite similar to online jobs from home. So if you wish, you can work from your home. Similar to many online works the copy paste jobs can also be performed from home. In-fact you can work from any location of your choice. The whole process is done by the help of Internet. So this becomes another great advantage of these duplication jobs in India.

What Are The Types of Cut, Copy and Paste Work?

First of all, the data management tasks are divided into several types. The type of online copying and pasting work in India is depended on the employer’s need. It can be data migration or duplication, depending on the project requirements. Basically, the major types of projects which you can get in this field are listed below.

  • Project Transfers
  • Branding in Multiple Locations
  • Data Migration
  • Digital Backup Processes
  • Duplicating Instruction Physically
  • Copy – Edit – Paste – Update
  • Replication of Data Sheets
  • Tracking Digital Systems Logs

How To Earn Money From Copy Paste Jobs?

To earn money by copy paste jobs (without investment), you will require basic training initially. After joining, the training will be provided. Although, you should already have some basic knowledge of computer operating. Nowadays there are several such vacancies are available on the Internet.

You can also become a virtual assistant to many firms. Before applying to and sending your resume for this online vacancy, It’s better to go through the things you should consider. Now let’s focus on some crucial thins before you start earning money from this work.

What Are The Things You Should Be Aware of?

There are some key points that you should be taking care before you start. When you want to join any online job make sure the basic things first. Check the background of the employment firm. Look for the terms and condition that applies for the home based job. It may sound pretty simple article copy paste job without investment. But the truth may be different. Check what’s written in the fine lines.

Moreover, always explore your options. Means if you can do this copy-paste then you may also able to do some other work online. So use your mind and intelligence before starting this work. If you are able to do much better, then it can be more beneficial (like typing). The daily payouts will depends the complexity of the work you can do.

We have seen many people complaining about the online part time jobs. Some employment websites presents themselves as government registered. The authenticity of such websites/companies are more trust-able. Still we will recommend to you go with below mentioned websites to start this work.

What The Best and Genuine Copy Paste Job Sites?

The internet is enormous, so finding the right copy/cut paste project can be tedious. We have tried many times and we have found lots of results. We have checked most of the freelancing platforms and listed the top one here. These are freelancing platforms that provide a wide range of vacancies. These freelancing sites provide micro jobs in almost all industries.

Daily hundreds of people asks us that where they can get such work. They want to register and join copy and paste jobs. And we always suggest the best and genuine options. You can start finding your first break from these jobs sites:

Just start exploring these platforms for online jobs. There are thousands of opportunities available on these websites for you. Explore all the copying and pasting vacancies there. So go and register there. And create a professional profile with good portfolio there. Give it a try, just sign-up there it cost nothing.


To sum up everything, the work is similar to other online industries in India. There are a number of opportunities available. Also, the earning potential of copy paste jobs without investment is quite good. Although, it look like an easy and simple copy and pasting work but it may get complex sometimes. There is a much better option also available than this.

You should explore all the possible option to earn online. Most of these are micro-task kind of work in nature. Where you will get hired for a specific tasks, not for monthly/daily basis. These jobs are free from any registration fees and can be done from home in India. Some companies provide daily payment also.

More Online Earning Options

Earning By Android Phone:

If you want more earnings, then you can look for other options as well. Today earning from a mobile phone is trending the most (as compared to online copy paste jobs without investment and registration fees). You can earn from installing some apps and referring you friends.

It is another way to earn money using your mobile phone. It is quite popular in early time as the SMS Jobs in India. Now you can go for application work for generating some quick bucks. All you need is just an android mobile phone with internet connection. You join without Registration Fee and receive daily payment.

Earning By Typing:

The another good option is earn is by typing. If you can type in the English language with decent speed. Then there are some more options available to make money.

There are lots of data entry and form filling typing works that you can do. The better the typing skills you have the better you will earn. Consider doing this also if you feel you can do it. More information can be found here:

At last, if you like our little efforts about these copy paste jobs then please tell us. Also provide your feedback. We take our user’s satisfaction seriously. Thanks so much.

Have any Query or Suggestion? Leave A Comment Below.

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7Panel Station Rewards
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#1. What is The Panel Station?

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#2. The Panel Station Registration or Sign Up Process?

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#4. How to login to My Station Account?

  • Your username is the same as your registered email ID.
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#5. How to Start earning with The Panel Station Paid Surveys?

To get started with paid surveys, register on It’s simple you only need to provide some basic info like name, phone number, D.O.B, etc. Once done, get ready to receive paid surveys and start earning.

Take surveys via mobile or desktop. Yes, The Panel Station app is available for download on all popular mobile brands. There is no entry fee, you don’t need to pay anything to start receiving paid panel station surveys. You will be notified of new surveys through the mail.

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#6. Types of surveys in Panel Station?

This is no difficult task, the surveys only ask your opinion on a topic. The questions are simple and you need to make some selections like “yes” or “no”.

It will take only a few minutes to complete a survey. The surveys that you receive will be on the basis of your profile. That is why it is recommended to complete your profile on the day you sign up on the website. The surveys are only to share your opinions on various consumers goods products.

Panel Station Rewards

#7. How many reward points will I get for a Survey?

You will get 50 to 1000 reward points for every successful survey depending on length & complexity. The reward points you earn will be credited to your TPS account very shortly. 100 Points = 10 Rs. So when you reach 3000 points redeem them for Rs. 300 Gift voucher.

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#8. How to get Upto 1200 reward points on signup?

Get started with 300 points for completing your profile information. The reward points would be credited to your Panel Station account instantly. The questions will be simple ones only to complete your profile.

Remember, completing the short profile survey is your first step towards earning free gift vouchers. There are 4 profile details you need to fill, and for every profile completion, you will get 300 points which means 1200 instantly after registration.

Step by step guide to get 1200 reward points:

  • You will receive the first survey.
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#9. How to check my reward points in Panel Station Account?

You can check TPS reward points in the Dashboard. The section will be divided into various parts like balance points, total points earned so far, total points redeemed so far, & points to expire this month. You can also view the history of your detailed point from this section.

How long will it take to get points credited to My account?

Your reward points will be credited to your My Station account within 6-8 weeks of completing a survey. In case the points are not credited within the period you can write at [email protected] You can log in to your My Station account to see the available surveys, balance points, points history, and redemption history.

#10. Panel Station Mobile App for Android & iOS Users

You can take The Panel Station surveys on your mobile devices. The Panel Station app is available to download for all mobile brands. You can download the app from Google Play Store & App Store. Once you download & install the app, you’re ready to take surveys on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

  • You will receive your First Survey within a few hours.
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#11. How to take part in surveys & start to earn in Thepanelstation?

The surveys are very simple & interesting covering varied topics like consumer goods, technology, healthcare, finance, and travel. Depending on your profile, a number of surveys will be given and for each survey that you complete successfully, reward points will be credited to your Panel Station account. Here is how to take part in surveys & start to earn.

  • After you Log In, the dashboard displays the number of available surveys.
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How much time will it take to complete a survey?

Complete the allotted surveys, it takes only a few minutes to complete one and you will be awarded depending on the length of the survey. The average time to complete a survey is between 10 – 15 minutes.

It can take even lesser time depending on the topic. You need 3000 points in My Station Account to redeem for Amazon, Paytm, Flipkart vouchers worth Rs. 300.

The surveys are conducted to know the views and opinions of consumers. These are basically for market research purposes. These opinions are used by organizations worldwide to improve products and services.

#12. How to Redeem The Panel Station Reward points?

It is very simple to redeem your reward points for vouchers. It can be done anytime in a matter of a few clicks. You can do so by logging into your account. Click on the redeem button to see the available options.

The reward points can be redeemed in the form of gift cards from various sites like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. The gift card will be sent to your registered email ID. It can take 4-6 weeks for reward redemption.

You also get the chance to redeem your points to enter the lucky draw.

Steps to redeem your points for gift vouchers

  • You need to have 3000 points.
  • Log in to your Panel station account to redeem your earnings.
  • Click on the redeem button at the top.
  • You will need to verify your mobile number.
  • Redeem your earnings in the form of various gift cards Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  • Gift voucher will be sent to your registered Email ID.

#13.The Panel Station Lucky Draw Contest


There is one more big chance to win with TPS, the monthly lucky draw. The entry to draw is based on tickets, the more tickets you have higher is the chance of winning. You can enter the draw by purchasing a ticket for 500 points.

The winners of the draw are chosen on a monthly basis. The lucky winners will be announced via Facebook, email, and the TPS website. The winners for the quarterly prize draw are announced every three months.

How to enter The Panel Station Lucky Draw contest?

Free Online Money Earning

The lucky draw is held once every month. To enter the contest you need to buy tickets. The tickets are available in the points redemption section. You can buy more tickets to increase your chances of winning. The entry tickets to the draw are available on The Panel Station website as well as the mobile app. One entry ticket is available for 500 TPS reward points.

#14. The Panel Station Refer & Earn offer

You can invite your friends to join the Panel station community, and help them earn amazing rewards. Send invite links to your friends by WhatsApp, email, Facebook, or SMS. However, you will get no extra reward points for inviting your friends.

Ultimate Pleasure of Getting Things for Free …………

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Free cash is something that is useful for everyone, you can spend it as per your choice without any limitation. If we can compare anything with real cash, it is surely the online shopping gift cards. Available as vouchers you can use these vouchers on purchase of anything you want.

This exact opportunity is provided to you by online survey sites, and one of the best surveys sites is The Panel Station. You start earning from the very first day after joining the community. You receive surveys depending on your interest which helps you earn reward points that can be later redeemed for vouchers.

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