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Money in the Bank. In pre-2008 Monopoly games, the bank starts with $15,140 in cash. In games made after September 2008, the bank has $20,580, accounting for inflation, of course. A few of the bills are a different color: $10s are blue, $20s get a brighter green hue, and $50s are purple. Also, there are 30 of each denomination rather than.

Fun with numbers! Fun with numbers! Fun with numbers!

We tend to use the term “Monopoly Money” to imply something is worthless, but is it really? Does Monopoly money have any real value? Well, no, obviously. It’s paper money from a board game, but it’s still a thing people buy, so it has to be worth something, right? Let’s figure out the exchange rate of dollars to Monopoly money. For reasons.

For the sake of clarity, let’s pretend that MM is the accepted symbol for Monopoly Money so I won’t have to type “Monopoly Money” a hundred times, and so that we don’t get confused between MM and $’s.

I know that there are almost countless variations of Monopoly, but looking around the Internet this morning it seems that the bank in a standard Monopoly set comes equipped with 15,140MM. I’ve checked the websites for Toys ‘R Us and FAO Schwarz to price a Monopoly set, and each has them listed for $12.99 for a standard edition, so let’s assume that’s the going rate.

That means one US dollar converts to 1,165.51MM. That might sound incredibly low, but there are actual countries that have real currency with worse exchange rates. According to Bloomberg.com right now one dollar can get you 1,934.60 Colombian Pesos.

StatisticBrain.com says the average home price in the US in February of 2013 was $152,000. If you were to pay that in MM the price tag would be a staggering 177,157,520MM which you would have to buy 11,702 Monopoly sets to accumulate.

So there you have it, the “real” value of Monopoly Money. We’ve all learned something today. Whether that thing is actually useful to know in any way is still debatable, but now we’ve learned it and there’s no going back.

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How To Play Monopoly For Real Money

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Jackpot! Monopoly is selling sets stuffed with real notes as part of an anniversary edition. Picture: Patrick Hertzog / AFPSource:AFP

IT’S a dream for every Monopoly fan.

Now, lucky players will be able to really get rich as the makers have announced they will stock 80 sets with real money for the 80th anniversary of the game.

The bad news? The real money variety is only available in France and just one set will land the major jackpot where every note is replaced by real money for a total windfall of 20,580 euros ($A30,050).

In addition, 10 sets will contain five real 20-euro notes, two 50-euro notes and one 100-euro note. A lesser prize can be scooped in 69 sets, which will have five 10-euro notes and five 20-euro notes.

The real money being counted by employees in France. Picture: AFP PHOTO / PATRICK HERTZOG.Source:AFP

“We wanted to do something unique,” said Florence Gaillard, brand manager at Hasbro France, which rolled out the prize sets from Monday.


“When we asked our French customers, they told us they wanted to find real money in their Monopoly boxes,” she added.

It’s the second popular stunt for the beloved brand in recent years which previously made headlines after polling fans to decide on which token they wanted to replace. The operation to switch the notes was carried out in secret, in the small eastern town of Creutzwald, where the games are packed up before being shipped throughout France.

Monopoly game has real money meme

“First of all, it wasn’t easy to get the notes. They had to be escorted discretely,” explained Gaillard.

Monopoly Game Has Real Money Today

The cat was brought in as the newest token after a savvy poll by the brand. Picture: AP Photo/Steven Senne.Source:AP

Students play Monopoly to raise funds for a trip to Cambodia in 1979.Source:News Corp Australia

Appropriately for a game where players try to cruelly bankrupt their opponents, Monopoly even roped in a bailiff to count and re-count the real notes.

“When they asked me, I was giddy as a child,” said the bailiff in question, Patrice Wimmer, an aficionado of the game.

Monopoly Game Has Real Money Online

The board game of Monopoly was created after the Great Depression in the United States and has been tearing families and friends apart ever since.