Vegas Technology Casino Software: Upon losing all the money, a message pops up stating that your account has been credited with more chips, and you get an additional $3,000 to play with. Okay – so that’s probably the best option of all then. If you keep saying “ I lost all my money at the casino ”, maybe you are not using the right budget. Start by lowering it because increasing will only cause more problems. If you are playing with 100 EUR/USD, try playing with 50 EUR/USD for a while and see if the situation improves. You can have fun at a casino and still lose less money. There’s this misinterpreted narrative that most people depict casinos as a place to accumulate debt, but it doesn’t have to be the way. The current thresholds are $1,200 for bingo or slots; $1,500 for keno, $5,000 for a poker tournament and $600 for other games if the payout is more than 300 times your wager. For keno and poker winnings, casinos deduct your wager or buy-in. If you net more than $5,000, the casino has to report the win and withhold 25 percent for taxes. Aug 08, 2012 Casino Lost-and-Found Policies. Posted on August 8, 2012 by queen of comps. We all have lost money in a machine or at the tables in a casino – that is a usual event! But when we have some stolen from us through a purposeful criminal action in a casino, or we have lost some because of a forgetful action on our own part, then that is not so usual.

Show me a slots player and I’ll show you a gambler who loses money. I know you might make a few bucks playing slots from time to time, but the odds are that you’re a losing slots player.

The only way for most slots gamblers to stop losing money to the machines is to stop playing on them. Beyond simple playing slots, there are a few other things that are increasing your losses.

Here are six reasons why you lose when you play slots for real money. With these six things you can learn how to change your results at least a little bit.

The Impossible Gambling Odds

When you’re gambling you should know as much about the odds as you can. This is true whether you’re playing slots or any other gambling game. The problem is that the odds aren’t always easy to decipher, find, and understand.

To help you I’m going to show you a few different ways to look at the odds and probabilities for gambling games.

Most people think of odds as something like 3 to 2 or 4 out of 52. 4 out of 52 is how many aces there are in a deck of cards compared to the total number of cards. 3 to 2 is what you get on your bet when you get a blackjack.

When you’re gambling it’s easier to look at odds when they’ve been converted to either a return to player percentage of a house edge.

The games with high return percentages or low house edges offer better odds. The return for slots is usually somewhere between 85% and 95%. These aren’t very good odds.

The fact is that the odds, no matter how you look at them, for slots are bad. You can get better odds playing a wide number of other gambling games. Your best bet is to stop playing slots and play a game with better odds.

You’re Betting Too Much Money

With the odds stacked against you when you play slots, the more money that you put in the machine the more you’re going to lose.

Slot machines work with a simple concept that guarantees that over time they make a profit for the casino. This simple concept is a built-in edge that the slot machine is programmed to create for the casino.

Each slot machine has a casino house edge, or percentage, that the program keeps from the bets that are placed on the machine. For example, if the machine is programmed to keep 8% of the money, this is exactly what the machine does.
Losing All Your Money At The Casino

In this case, it means that when you play $200 worth of spins the machine is going to keep $16. And if you bet more the machine is going to keep more.

You can bet too much when you play slots 2 ways. You’re going to learn more about the second way you bet too much in section 4 below.

In this section, you need to understand that you should risk the smallest amount possible when you play a slots game. The main way to do this is to play on slot machines that have a low cost to play. A machine that you can play for a quarter is better than a machine that costs $1 to play.

You Don’t Get Slots Casino Bonuses

Everyone who plays slots games has a budget. Some gamblers have a bigger budget and others have a smaller budget, but everyone has a limit to how much they can lose playing slots.

If you know what your slots budget is and how much the slot machine that you’re playing is programmed to keep you can get an idea of how long you can play before exhausting your budget.

For example, if you have a $200 budget to play slots and the machine is programmed to take $25 every hour you play you can play for around 8 hours. But what if you have $400 instead of $200? You can play for twice as long.

This is how mobile slots bonuses and online casino bonuses work. They give you a bigger bankroll so you can play slots longer.

Notice that I didn’t say that bonuses help you win. In most cases, slots bonuses don’t help you win. They just let you play longer.

The reason why a slots bonus doesn’t help you win is because the bonus has rules about how you clear the bonus. You have to do what the rules say, and the rules are designed to make you play for long enough that you lose the bonus before you clear the bonus.

You Play Slots Too Fast

I mentioned that there are two things that you do that make you risk more money than you need to when you play slots in section 2. In that section, you learned that playing on slot machines with bigger bets costs you money.

The second thing that you’re doing that costs you too much money when you play slots games is taking too many spins when you play. Every spin you take adds to the amount of money that you’re risking.

If you’re playing a slots game at $1 per spin and play 500 spins in an hour you’re risking $500. But if you play on a machine that has a .25 bet and you play 400 spins in an hour you’re only risking $100.

Looking at the example you saw earlier of a machine with a program to keep 8%, you lose $40 every hour when you risk $500, but only lose $8 an hour risking $100.


This shows you how you’re risking too much money, and shows you how to make two simple changes to start losing less money when you play slots games. Bet a lower amount on every spin and take fewer spins.

Losing All Your Money At The Casino

You’re Playing on the Wrong Slot Machines

You’ve read a couple of examples for a slot machine that’s programmed to take 8% of the money the machine takes in bets. This tells you that a machine that’s programmed to keep a higher percentage is going to take more of your money and a machine programmed with a lower percentage is going to take less of your money.

Here’s the amounts of money three machines with different programs are going to take. In each example, you’re risking $200 every hour.

A machine programmed to take 4% is taking $8 every hour.

A machine programmed to take 8% is taking $16 every hour.

A machine programmed to take 12% is taking $24 every hour.

This shows why you need to play slots games that are programmed to take a lower percentage of your bets. The problem is that this isn’t easy information to come by.

Do a quick search online to find the slots games that you play to see if you can find the programmed percentages. Then look for information about slots games that are programmed with a high return to player.

You’re Playing Slots Period

In the first five sections of this article, you’ve learned several different reasons why you’re losing when you play slots games. The basic fact is that playing slot machines lead to losing money. You’re not going to find slots games that are programmed to give you back more money than you risk.

The best hope you have is to get lucky when you play slots games and hit a big jackpot. In the long run each slot machine is going to keep the percentage of money that it’s supposed to keep. But in the short run the percentage the machine keep varies.

If you get lucky and play slots games during one of the times when the machine is returning more over a short period of time you can win. The problem is that it’s impossible to predict when these times are. This leaves you with hope that you get lucky.

If you want to lose less money gambling, you need to play casino games that have a better return or odds than slots games. I recommend learning more about video poker games and blackjack if you want games with a higher return.

Gamble Smart When Playing Slots

The main problem that creates more losses when you play slots is that you’re playing slots. The odds are against you and if you don’t get lucky you’re going to continue losing.

If you can identify the slots games that offer the best odds it helps you lose less, but you’re probably still going to lose. And you make your losses worse when you bet more than you should either by making wagers that are too big and/or taking too many spins.

Look into slots bonuses that are offered by mobile and online casinos to help offset some of your slots losses.

One of the best things anyone can learn as a gambler is how to manage their money. This is because, without proper money management, you stand the risk of losing a lot of money you had no intentions of losing. Additionally, it’s not easy to relax into a game and make rational decisions when you do not feel comfortable and at ease with your money.

This article will briefly highlight seven ways to manage your money like a boss when gambling.

1. Have a separate bankroll

Your bankroll is how much money you are willing to play with. There are several easy ways to come to that final number. You can deduct your total personal expenses from your income and designate the remaining cash as your gambling bankroll. Alternatively, you can decide that a certain percentage of your income goes to gambling. How you arrive at the final amount does not matter. The point is that you know how much of your money is intended for gambling.

Another thing you can do is to divide your bankroll further into days or weeks, so you know how much you have to gamble on a particular day or week. Some people divide the money further into sessions. This is especially important if you want to play several times a day. You want to always have a set amount of money to play with during each session and walk away when that money is gone.

2. Do you have a fixed stake?


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Having a fixed stake refers to having a set amount of money that you play in every game. For example, you can decide that you don’t stake more than $5 per game. This means that when you go to the FairGo casino login and have a bankroll of $50 for the day, you know that you can only play ten games that day and no more. Some people go the extra mile by deciding on different stakes for games of chance and games that need logic. Whatever you pick is entirely up to you and your goals and priorities.

3. Do you have a stop limit?

A stop limit is a rule that tells you when to walk away from the casino. Sometimes, your stop limit is your bankroll, and you walk away when your money has run out. This is a type of session stop limit. A different session stop limit is a time limit where you determine how long you stay in a casino before walking away.

Another counterintuitive type of stop limit is a win stop limit. Des this scene seem familiar? Someone goes into a casino, and it looks like it is their lucky day. They win many games they play but eventually lose it all by making risky bets thinking their luck cannot run out. A win stop-limit helps curb this. It guides you on when to stop so you can lock in your winnings for the day and go home.

Put another way, follow Kenny Rogers when he said that you have to know when to hold them, fold them, and walk away.

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4. What is more important, quality or quantity?

In most scenarios, quality is often more important than quantity. This holds even in the case of gambling. This is what we mean. Would you rather stake your money on five good games that have a high chance of winning or 20 games with low chances of winning? The former is a better bet. If you wager on fewer more quality bets, you can stake more money on the games and increase your chances of winning a lot of money.

5. Don’t withdraw all your winnings

If you are thinking of becoming a pro gambler or playing for a long time, a good rule of thumb is never to withdraw all your winnings. Sure, you can withdraw part of your winnings, but you can increase your bankroll for your next sessions by keeping part of your winnings in your casino wallet. This rule is only important if you intend to be gambling for a long time.

6. Keep detailed records

How will you know if you are winning or losing if you do not keep any records? You cant. By tracking how you are progressing through the sessions, you can gain valuable insight that can help you become a better gambler. For example, you may realize that you lose a lot of money in the slots but make money in blackjack. Armed with this knowledge, you can direct your money to the games you are winning more consistently and away from those you are constantly losing.

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7. Stick to the plan

You could say that this is the most important time management rule, and you would not be wrong. You can have the best-laid plan, but if you are not following it, then it is useless. Sticking to the plan means you stick to your allotted budget (bankroll) even when you feel like ‘the next one’ is the one you will win. It means walking away after you have hit your stop limit. It means keeping detailed records of every game you play, even if it seems tedious and pointless.


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Money management is one of the most important aspects of gambling and is critical to any gambler’s success. Before you start gambling, or if you are thinking of improving your gambling hobby, take some time to create a money management plan and stick to it. Your future self will thank you for it.