About a month ago now, I decided to log into my Quora account which I hadn’t used for a short while. Amongst the usual notifications regarding question and answers, one notification had a slightly different wording, ‘You’ve been invited to the Quora Partner Program’.

No information was given about what it was, just a simple option to accept the invitation or decline. Out of curiosity I chose to accept. Nothing else changed apart from a new tab on the menu dropdown that reads ‘partner program’.

This article will give you an in depth in sight into the Quora Partner Program and a verdict on whether this is worthwhile source of passive income.

So What is the Quora partner program?

If you’re familiar with the platform Quora, you will know that it’s a simple concept where users ask questions and other users respond with informative answers. Quora was founded by former Facebook employee Adam D’Angelo in 2009 and the platform has grown massively since.

Want to work from home or your comfort zone? You can be part of the moving train today, just a message away! (Earn Money Online ). Quora User, lives in. Feb 10, 2020 Methods to Earn Money From Quora. Become a Quora Partner. The quora partner basically pays you to ask questions. So, all the weird questions going around in your head, go ahead and ask them out and also get paid for getting answers to your questions. The program rewards people for asking questions as it is via these questions that a lot of.

Quora is similar to many other websites in the sense that it’s monetized by showing ads on each its pages, so basically the more questions asked the more pages Quora have to display ads on.

This is where the partners program comes into play. Users can ask new questions on the platform with the incentive that they will earn a percentage of the ad revenue that each question receives.

Once in the program, its a simple interface that displays your earnings, questions you’ve asked and quick access to the ‘question value insights’. This is where Quora display questions that have earned the most ad revenue over a period of time.

I’ve seen questions shown in the insights that have generated over $1000 in ad revenue, this is however a very rare occurrence that i’ll explain more about later.

As well as the revenue, the value insights also shows when the question was asked, the amount of views the question has and the ad impressions. Also a percentage of internal and external traffic which has some significance to how the question performs.

It’s thought that a question that gains mostly internal traffic will see it’s ad potential in the first few days, whilst mostly external traffic will earn it’s revenue over a longer period. Quora allow you to earn on all of your questions for a full year.

The graph above shows the earnings of two separate quora questions over time. The blue line shows a question with 97% internal traffic which generated $160 in the first few days then suddenly stopped earning.

The Orange line shows a question with $100 external traffic (perhaps from google search) that took 30 days to generate ad revenue. The difference is this question steadily made money over the year eventually generating $664!

Quora released an article to it’s partners explaining how the partner program works, you can read that by Clicking Here.

Next we’ll take a look at how you get invited onto the Quora Partner Program..

How Do You Get Invited?

Not every one who has an account on Quora has access to join the program, it’s strictly invite only at the moment. Whats confusing is that Quora don’t seem to have any specific reason for who they invite to the program and who they don’t.

The debate has been rumbling on about the invitation process, ironically on a this Quora thread – How does one get invited to the Quora Partner Program

The most common conclusion is that Quora invite users that contribute to the platform. This doesn’t mean that you need to be the most active user, however frequently writing valuable answers will put you in a good position to receive an invite.

At the time I was invited to the Partners Program, I had answered around 70 questions on Quora in various different topics.

My Experience Of The Partner Program So Far

As I mentioned at the start of the article, I have been using the Quora partners program for one month at the time of writing this. To give you the best perspective of my experience so far, ill show you my earnings and how many questions i’ve asked to date.

So the grand reveal.. In my first 30 days of trying out the Quora Partner Program i’ve made $51.30 (Quora knows i’m in the U.K hence my figures are in British Pounds).

In terms of the number of question i’ve asked, it’s exactly 300, roughly 10 questions per day. Whilst this is’t a lot of money for a monthly income, the amount of time i’ve spend per day asking question is less than 10 minutes.

I did intent on writing more, at least 1000 questions, in order to get a better appreciation of how much can be made from using this program extensively. However the task of thinking and writing new questions quickly become monotonous which is why I stuck at 300.

Now lets analyse my most profitable question, which has made about 25% of my total earnings. As you can see, the question has a significant amount of views and over 25,000 ad impressions, to profit around $12.

Whilst this is great for a question that took me a few seconds to write, making this much profit is few and far between and it’s not something i’ve managed to replicate on the other 299 questions. My next most profitable question has made $8 to date.

Also the internal traffic suggest that this question will soon stop generating ad revenue and has reached it’s potential. I was hoping to have one of my questions make hundreds of dollars, which may happen over time but looks unlikely at the moment.

There is one glaring issue that quickly becomes apparent as you begin to start asking questions. If Quora believes that your question is too similar to another pre existing question, they will be ‘merged’ together which exempts you from earning on that question.

This becomes very annoying when you think you might have a winning question yet Quora moderation takes it away from you.

Of course, my earnings from the Quora Partners Program will be different to yours. You could get lucky and have several jackpot questions which give you a solid income..

The screenshot above is taken from my insights page which shows the top 5 earners from the program and how much they have made over the past week and month. As you can see, the top user has made $4,730 in the past week. Whilst this is highly motivating, it’s almost impossible to understand how this was achieved.

I’ve spoke personally to a few users who are on the program and they have all made more money than I have. They’ve also asked more questions than me (over 1000).

Watch this video from Jacob Lee who has made over $1000 from the Quora Partner Program.

Is This A Worthwhile Way To Make Money Online?

This is a tricky question to answer, it’s very much yes and no…

If you’ve never made money online before, you will with the Quora Partners Program. To be honest, even my Grandmother could, thats the way it works. If you ask questions on the platform you will earn money.

Of course the main talking point is how lucrative this program can be. In my opinion, if you’re not willing to write out thousands of questions, you’re not going to make much more than pocket money.

I’ve made $50 from asking 300 questions, so in theory If I ask 3000 question i’ll make around $500 which is a more respectable earning. Plus i’ll profit on each question for an entire year so it’s semi-passive.

However, for more experience online marketers, I think the Quora Partner Program is more of a ‘why not try it’ way of making money online. You most likely wont surpass your income from other make money online ventures, but it is a great way of gaining some extra pocket money.

One last thing.. In terms of payment you simply enter your Paypal details and Quora will automatically pay your earnings at the start of each month.

That concludes this article on the Quora Partner Program. If you have any questions leave them below i’ll get back to you!

How Does Quora Make Money

Looking to get blog traffic from Quora? Check out my article on getting free website traffic from Quora

If you’re looking at ways to make passive income online then this is the website for you!

Samuel Thomas
Quora Partner Program

In the post-COVID19 lockdown era, one question many people ask is, How can I earn Money Online? In this article, I will tell you how you can Earn Money Online from Quora Partner Program (QPP).

Quora runs a Quora Partnership Program (QPP) which allows you to make money. Many online, freelancers are already making thousands of pounds a week by simply asking engaging questions on the website!

But for you to break into the top earners and make lots of money asking questions on Quora, you will need to be extremely patient and dedicated. If you’re joining Quora to make some quick money, I would right away advise you look elsewhere.

Being an online worker myself, I can tell you that most truly paying online gigs are long term. They will need a bit of time to start organically generating any meaningful revenue. If you want quick money, you will most likely give up before your work actually starts bringing the much money you desired.

So What is Quora?

More like Kweshan, Quora is an online knowledgebase platform intended to share knowledge. Users of the Quora website can ask questions and connect with people who freely contribute answers on the platform.

Quora is an American company formed in June 2009. The Quora website is visited by over 300 million unique visitors every month. It’s currently (2020) translated into 24 international languages.

The company makes money through monetization of its traffic through a Pay Per Click (PPC) network.

How does one make money on Quora?

Quora Users can make money through the Quora Partner Program (QPP). The QPP is currently an invite-only program where Quora invites Users who spend more time and ask engaging questions on the Quora website.

I Want To Earn Money Online Quora

In the QPP, writers and other users who ask traffic bringing questions, are invited and get paid for their questions based on the number of people answered and the traffic and ad-impressions on each question.

Why IS Quora Partnership Program Limited to Invite-only?

Certainly not the official statement from Quora but my guess is that the QPP is closed to open sign up because of the huge numbers involved.

As earlier stated, Quora has over 300,000,000 active users in a single month. Even if just 10% of those were to signup for the QPP, the verification process would become a living day hell of a job for the firm.

Secondly, the platform tries to make it more about the content than a reward-driven platform. People should post with the aim of addressing a user’s problem not simply motivated by the need to make some money online.

The QPP is Quora’s way of saying thank you for generating content that is useful to its users. Random, insincere questioned aimed at simply getting you some money drive away traffic which Quora wants to keep. It’s for these reasons probably that the Platform handpicks users who have demonstrated over time that they are asking and responding to well-thought questions that address the user’s needs without being financially induced.

Tips for getting into the Quora partner program (QPP)

Although the QPP is based on invites only, The following tips will help you increase your chances of getting invited to participate in the QPP.

Tip 1. Ask questions regularly.

You need to stand out by regularly asking for quality and useful questions. There millions of users looking for solutions. If you drop in once in a while to ask a question then you are not helping the cause of Quora.

Quora wants partners that help them continuously generate content so that its user’s needs are taken care of. By having more and more content generated, Quora also improves its google rank score and improves its organic traffic flow from the search engine.

Tip 2. Provide good answers

You need to prove that you have invested quality time in Quora’s website by providing meaningful and helpful answers. Your general worth to Quora must improve before you are selected into their QPP.

Joining the QPP is more like being offered a job as a content developer. You must express quality in your contributions before you are given the Job.

By Joining the QPP you will be helping Quora increase its content. No one wants to pay you for some copy and paste text. Take time and invest in your contributions if you want to be selected for the QPP.

Tip 3. Make a legitimate Profile.

Your profile picture, the profile bio and name are critical to the Quora platform. Think of it as a newspaper editor with a weird name, funny profile picture and a bio of a thief! Who would value that writer’s content?

To improve on the trust in your content, you need to stay professional

Tip 4. Observe the Terms Of Use.

One common mistake of new users on Quora is to try and build up statistics that are not backed up by any quality.

Quite often users will come up with bots that try to automate the posting on Quora. Others will simply go asking random or generic useless questions all in the name of having asked many questions.

Asking irrelevant questions or offering generic useless responses can only count badly on your eligibility score to be invited for the QPP. It’s very important that you read, understand and abide by the quora terms of use to improve your chances of being added to their Quora Partner Program.
Be patient.

The above tips will help you improve your Quora worth and make you more eligible to be selected for inclusion in the Quora Partner Program. Once you are accepted as a Quora Partner Program contributor, you will need the following tricks to earn more money from the QPP.

Tricks to Make More Money From Quora Partner Program.

1. Increase your time on Quora. Read more, Answer more and definitely ask more questions. The QPP rewards you for asking Genuine questions that relate with user’s needs. You have to read more so that you know what readers might most likely be interested in. The trick is to stay ahead of the game and ask the question before the other users actually ask!

2. Be patient and stay dedicated. It’s important that you ask very engaging Questions whose answers will most likely attend to what users are looking for. Even then it will take a bit of time before you generate enough organic traffic to earn meaningful mone. Stay dedicated and don’t give up asking more and more engaging questions simply because you are not yet earning enough. The top earners also started like you. Don’t give up!

Sites To Earn Online Money

3. If you are not a native English speaker or you are not fluent, get a language you are comfortable with and contribute in that language. Using broken language or some online translation tool will not endear users to your content. At its worst, you will get flagged.

4. Ask open-ended questions that can attract divergent views. Questions that ask Why, How, and generally tutorial in nature tend to attract quality responses that will generate high organic traffic from search engine users.

Ways To Make Money Online Quora

5. Avoid repeat questions. When you ask a question more than once or ask a similar question as another user, the two will get merged. Invest time to research on your question before you ask so that you are asking from an angle that hasn’t been asked before and will not get merged with another.

I Want To Earn Money Online Quora

6. Keep observing the TOS. Some QPP users will abide by the Terms of Use until they are approved then they will go off and get banned.

Let us know if you liked the post. That’s the only way we can improve.