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Making money online in Pakistan is not as hard as one would think. All it really takes is dedication and focus. We are not saying that it’s easy either. Here we are giving 23 simple and best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

Before we begin, need to clarity some things about the online business model. Building the mind-set is key. You certainly want to make extra money online and build revenue streams. That is the dream and ambition of millions of people. As you begin, let us give you the most important elements to know prior to beginning the exciting journey of making and earning money online. There will always be availability of government jobs in Pakistan.

  • Certain skills are required to make money online. If you don’t know those skills learn today. We will be sharing the skills in each method.
  • Making money online requires a certain level of Internet and computer knowledge. Upgrade yourself to certain level of compatibility competence.
  • Like many other businesses making money online will require time and effort. Continuous time and effort.
  • English is the primary language of the Internet. Having strong verbal and written communication in English is essential and a prerequisite.
  • Social animal. The Internet world is all about connectivity. You need to be a social animal to be connected to the massive audience.
  • Rejection drives effort. In the beginning the sales will not convert. It depends upon your industry and what segment you are trying to target. It takes time and continuous know-how. There is no right or wrong method. You’d have to learn your own set of rules to engage with the audience and sell your product or service.
  • Making money online does not have age limits. You have passion you will win.

Now you know what to expect. Now let us continue on the list of methods and means to make decent money online in Pakistan.

Content Writing

Search for “online content writing jobs” or “content writers required” and google shows you massive results. Organizations in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan are always looking to hire quality content writers. Content is always going to be a leading industry. Instead of having their own content writers in-house, many organizations prefer to simply outsource this service.

Depending upon the nature of the business might be working full-time or part-time. Writing articles require good English and a sense of research. You do not need to be an expert to write on that subject. That is okay. The organizations require you to research keywords and then write the content.

Let me give an example. Suppose you want to be a content writer and your employer wants you to write an article on alligator soup. Do not fret. You might even be scared of alligators. Just do the searches. Listen to the videos. Within a few hours you will get the jest of the matter and can easily write the article. Become an expert content writer requires you to be a focused and research driven individual.

Content writing jobs are in high demand. If you write good quality content, it immediately shows. In the beginning you might not get many article research and public occasion writing assignments. If your employer likes your content it does not keep end. The list piles on.

In our testing, organizations feel very comfortable with content writers who have a proven legacy of writing good quality content and meeting the needs and the requirements of the organization.

If you have printed writing articles then show it to the organizations you are applying for as a content writer. Many avid and qualified content writers tend to open up their own content writing agency and build their portfolio from scratch.

Skill Set Required – Excellent Written English.

Blogging drives decent monthly income

I want to earn money online for free in pakistan youtube

If you are good at writing content, we also recommend that you move forward with your own blog. The only limitation is that blogging will require you to set up a website. You need to learn another skill-set. So knowing WordPress and content writing are the two essential ingredients.

Now the question is how do you really make money blogging? There are really two ways.

First certain blogs drive traffic and with a decent amount of daily and weekly traffic you can apply for google AdSense and other monetization applications. Basically, these online money-making applications bring advertisements to your pages. Since you have traffic, these advertisement tools get to place advertisement on your pages and for that you get money.

Depending upon the traffic and the niche market, you can make decent money.

Second step is that you work on a blogging site that is particular to a niche. Certain companies will want to advertise specifically on your site.

Manual Entries

Millions of data entries still need to be added onto portals and applications sites. Labor is very cheap in Pakistan. You can apply to these sites and they will give you extensive sheets of data to enter into portals.

Skill set required – You need to have fast typing speed and computer knowledge.

Complete Product Surveys


Internet is full of products and companies are looking for people to complete product surveys. In many cases the product has to be purchased and with the survey the company refunds the amount made and extra for the product survey. Pakistani females can do this easily. Completing product surveys is another best ways to earn money online in Pakistan. Many are doing great.

You will need to be savvy in writing quality product surveys. This is a particular niche market.

Design a Mobile app

I Want To Earn Money Online For Free In Pakistan

With the high influx of android and Apple phones out in the market more and more mobile apps are coming into the limelight. They are certain mobile apps that are dedicated to specific niches in the market.

Even if you don’t know how to develop a mobile app that is fine. If you have a great idea that can be converted into mobile app then you need to still get excited and move on. You’d always be able to find some hard-core developer who can help you out in the product phase cycle.

The mobile application will be driving traffic as more and more people start downloading it.

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Web Development

Web development is different from designing a mobile app. You can however have a particular service that uses both mediums. Web development is creating tools and applications that need online to connect to users and customers. Web development is not web pages.

Find out tools and applications that are needed of the market. An example several of our customers saw a need for lawyers. He created an online registration portal of cases. Other lawyers required that portal and started making money.

Skill Set Required – web development.

Designing a website

Again designing a website is different from web development. Web development is more like building features online. An example of this is like a customer relationship management module. Or billing system. However Site design and website is drastically different. You would simply need to know basic web development to create a page or sites. You will find many organizations online trying to hire people who can actually provide them with the required code and get their company services online.

Skill Set Required – HTML or any other website development language.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of my favorite methods. Basically certain products do not want to know the online business market. They are good to distribute the profit margins. Let others drive the online conversions.

Let us give an example. There is a toy company who has amazing toys. They do not want to spend money to drive traffic. So now they have joined market places and giving 15% to online sites helping them sell the product. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

For this you will need to have a website or use social media platforms to sell the product. For each sell you get the profits.

Skill Set Required – Social Media understanding or website development. Search Engine Optimization skills.

Video Creation

Is there something that you really love? You cannot write content? While you still have hope. Video content management is another strong platform for making money in Pakistan. All you really need to do is keep on creating quality videos and having people follow your YouTube channel. Once you reach a certain level of followers you can get into YouTube paid advertising. YouTube pays if you have decent followers and high traffic.

Skill Set Required – Video creation.

Tax Services Offering

If you are a Masters in economics or accounting then you can easily help organizations and individuals fill in the taxes. Unlike many organizations and other countries professional tax services are not readily available in every locality. Hence there is a huge gap in terms of expectations and availability in the market. People in Pakistan need quality and affordable tax services. You can easily post your service offering online in the newspapers and you start getting people to call you. Submitting income tax payment online for customers is an easy way to make money.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Audits

If you have a decent understanding of websites than performing search engine optimization audits is the way to go. You can easily win business. Surf the sites and see why certain companies are not doing well online. Provide them with services and assist them in building revenue streams. Act like a consultant and build value through your SEO skill set. Lean on page and off page techniques. Educate yourself on top on page SEO factors that benefit companies.

Academic write-ups

There are millions of students all across the world that need to submit assignments and research work. They are always in need of assistance. You’d actually have to connect to different websites or connect with students directly that are requiring academic write-up services. For a certain amount of fee you will be assisting them in their academic write-ups. This is difficult. But one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

Academic write ups is one of the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

Work from home writing jobs

Very similar to content writing you can join different magazines and publications. Local magazine and publications are always looking for talented writers. Or act like a freelance writer. Get a particular niche and start writing. Magazines and publications have certain niches that they want writers to write on. This is also one of the best ways to make money online in Pakistan.

Make Money Online In Pakistan

Remote Customer Service Support

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Many of international companies out there in the market today are looking for exceptional sales people. You do not have to be working at the offices to provide quality support. Any company online has to offer online support. For that there are jobs available and you can perform these duties from your home. Call center is a good career choice. Sound advise for newbies starting call center careers is to learn customer management skills.

In this role you will be connected for certain amount of hours supporting a specific product or service. You’d be employed by the company and will be providing support to their end customers. You would be the person that the customers will talk to when they call or chat online. Majority of the times the customer would want you to work with them for a couple of months to get associated with your skill set and ensure you can support their product remotely.

Facebook Product Selling

Over the last 10 years Facebook has been very good in terms of Pakistan selling market. A variety of different products and services are sold specifically on Facebook. You really do not need a website or an application to do this. All you really need to do is have a specific product or service and you keep on updating the Facebook page to grow your customer base and enjoy the sales associated with a large customer base.

You could easily be in the stone business or service market business. As long as you have a strong Facebook portfolio you would be able to drive revenue streams. This is one the best ways to earn money online in Pakistan.

Instagram Following triggers online cash flows

If you have a pretty face or a pretty project than Instagram is the way forward. Instagram has made very rich people out of young talent models and aspiring actresses. When you have a very sound Fan club, many of the apparel market start giving you items to place on your Instagram account. And you get paid for that.

Let me give you example of Sara. Sara is an aspiring model. She has over 50,000 people following her on Instagram. For that many followers, local and international market players give her items to display on Instagram. For that she gets a certain amount of money. And that is where she’s making the money.

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Photography – Great way for Online Revenue Generation

Photography is a great way of making money online. All you need is to make good photographs and then create an insignia and place it as a water mark. Upload your photos on multiple sites where people go to check quality photographs and you can win business.

Disclaimer – We are not going to provide specific list of places or sites to make money online. They keep changing. The objective is to update the audience on the target markets. You can do search online and get latest sites where you can get these online jobs.

17 Easy, Free and Best Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan