Can drinking alcohol make you spend more money? In my experience it can, but that doesn’t mean that it’s that way for everybody. Is it? Drinking alcohol can cause you to take more risks and lower your inhibitions. I know that I have done some CRAZY stuff in my time, most of which I would never consider doing while sober. 😉

  1. How To Save Money On Drinks At Casinos In Las
  2. How To Save Money On Drinks At Casino
  3. How To Save Money On Drinks At Casinos In Las Vegas

TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 877.379.6777. Casino Credit at The Venetian and The Palazzo grants you the opportunity to establish a line of credit prior to your arrival and access to funds that can be used for Slot Play or Table Games. Please always practice responsible gaming. The first and the most important tip is to be precise in your choice when you are betting at the casinos. Never ask for random drinks or tell them to bring a drink of their choice. This will get you some cheap drink which can ruin your gambling mode. Improve your choices and ask for some premium drinks and you shall see the difference.

Thinking back, I can come up with a few examples of how I’ve spent more money while I was drinking. It’s a good thing I don’t drink very often, usually only once every few months. It’s amazing how much easier it is to whip out your credit card when you’re drinking…too easy really.

Spending More on Tipping

When I’m still in my right mind, I usually tip a buck or two for each drink the bartender gives me. That’s not bad, it appears to be the average in my area. In my area, drinks seem to average between $4 and $8 for mixed drinks, which is what I get—I love hurricanes (with 3 maraschino cherries on the sword).

Now, after a few drinks when I’m getting a bit drunk, my tipping dramatically changes. If the bartender is really nice or friendly, I’ve been known to tip up to $5 for a single drink. For me at least, drinking alcohol makes me spend more money when tipping.

Spending on Pizza

I don’t know what it is about drinking that makes me want to eat pizza, it just seems to magically coincide. I’m not even sure if I was actually hungry or not, maybe it just sounded good. I remember one Margarita Night (which is where my honey and I drink at home) when my husband came looking for me; he found me checking out for an online pizza order. He was really surprised that I was ordering pizza and accurately inputting my credit card information into the little box. Would I have ordered pizza if I wasn’t drinking? Maybe, but it’s always more likely when I’m drinking alcohol.


Spending Money Online

This is just a bad idea overall. When I’m drinking, my common sense usually flies out the window. It’s hard enough to keep from impulse spending while sober, imagine the difficulty one would face when presented with the plethora of items available online. I haven’t done this at all in at least 2 or 3 years, but I won’t lie…it has happened a few times before.

Spending More Money at Casinos

Obviously, if you’re in a casino at all, you’ve probably decided to spend something. Not that it’s a great idea, since I’m currently hating gambling, but it happens. If you’re drinking at this casino, your chances of spending more money can greatly increase. Casinos just make it so easy for you to keep spending your money there. There are usually about 7.5 billion ATMs scattered all over the place, check cashing counters and probably loan sharks lurking in the shadows. You might not be thinking clearly about your budget and just want to continue having a great time.

Have you ever spent more money while drinking?
Do you think I just have crappy willpower? It’s okay, I won’t get mad.

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Knowing how much drinks cost inside Las Vegas clubs is pretty useful before you head out. Typically drinks at nightclubs and dayclubs are a bit higher than what most people are used to, especially when compared to one's hometown. It is simply best to be prepared so you don't end up with any surprises if you order a huge round of shots. Depending on what you order drinks can range from $7 - $30.
Beer will be the lowest priced items to order inside the club. Domestic starts between $7-$8 and imported is typically a little bit more around $9-$10.
You will find a wider range of prices for mixed drinks depending on what type of alcohol you choose. Well drinks will be priced lower than top shelf items. You can expect mixed drinks to cost between $12 -$15. More potent drinks like Long Island iced teas will have a higher price point between $20-$30.
Ordering shots inside the club will have price points similar to mixed drinks. They depend on which alcohol you select. $15 per shot is a good estimate.
In Las Vegas walking up to the bar and asking for a water won't get you a free cup of tap water. Instead the clubs only offer elite brands of bottled water. You can expect waters to cost $6-$9, and energy drinks like Red Bulls will be $12.
One easy solution for saving money on Las Vegas club drinks is to make sure and have a solid pregame. Have a few drinks before heading out, and/or bring on drink for the road. It is legal to walk around the casinos and The Strip with alcohol so make sure to take advantage of that. We also suggest using our free guest lists to save money on the club entrance or entry tickets. It won't cost you a thing.

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Marquee Nightclub
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Mid Expensive

On The Record
Hakkasan Nightclub
Tao Nightclub
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How To Save Money On Drinks At Casinos In Las

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How To Save Money On Drinks At Casino

VooDoo Nightclub
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How To Save Money On Drinks At Casinos In Las Vegas

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