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Big Six Money Wheel Table Layout

How to play Big Six Money Wheel

'Round and round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows!'

We all remember hearing that from old carnival times, maybe even from today�s midway events. The 'she' the quote refers to is what the casinos now call the Big Six Wheel or Wheel of Fortune.

The Big Six got its name because there are six different bets a player can make. That�s it! It�s an easy game to play with very little strategy involved. This is truly a game where 'luck,' if you have it (and if you believe in it), plays an important role.

In almost every larger casino, usually as soon as you walk in, you will see a large vertical wheel spinning, and players standing or seated at a table in front of it. This is usually the only Big Six game in the house.
Number of Symbols
$1.001 To 1
$2.002 To 1
$5.005 To 1
$10.0010 To 1
$20.0020 To 1
Joker40 To 1
Flag40 To 1

The wheel consists of 54 equal sections, with a metal or wooden peg separating each one. A rubber flapper sits on top at the 12 o'clock position and is stationary. Each section of the wheel is marked with the United States currency of the denominations $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, $20.00. Two of the sections are marked by a Joker and/or the casino logo, with the number 40 accompanying them.


Players place their bets directly on the table on top of the number or currency symbol that corresponds to the numbers on the wheel as the wheel is spinning. You can continue to wager until the dealer announces 'No more bets.' Winning bets are determined by whichever number or symbol section the flapper stops in. The dealer then takes off all losing bets and pays all winning ones and the game begins anew.

The amount of the payoff for this game varies depending on the currency or symbol the flapper stops at. Below is a list of the payoffs.

Players may make as many bets as they want per spin. Just remember that only one of the symbols is going to hit, and since there are 23 $1.00 sections out of a total of 54 sections, your chance of hitting that number is far greater than hitting one of the two 40- to-1 sections.

Big Six Wheel, or Big Six, is a popular casino game that has become familiar to a number of homes in the United States, thanks to the popular Wheel of Fortune game show.

As the name suggests, Big Six Wheel is game that is built around a spinning wheel that is marked by a set of numbers or symbols. The wheel is divided into equal segments and spokes separate each segment. Located at the top of the vertical wheel is a flexible piece of rubber or leather, which provides the friction on the spokes of the wheel to slow the wheel to a halt. The number or symbol of the segment that the wheel is stopped on determines the winner.

How To Play Money Wheel In Casino

It may seem simple but the game is much more complex than simply selecting the number you think the wheel will stop on. The vertical wheel has a total of 54 Segments; 52 are marked by numbers or symbols, while the remaining two are jokers or another logo of some kind. Players must place bets on which segment of the wheel they expect the stopper to stop on.

The ‘big six’ comes form the six different payoffs available on the wheel. Some segments share the same number or symbol, giving them a higher probability of being the winner. There are a number of Big Six Wheel variations that are played around the world that are all played a little bit differently. Big Six Wheel also goes by a number of other names, such as Wheel of Fortune, Money Wheel, Big Wheel, and Lucky Wheel.

Available Bets

As mentioned previously there are six different ways for players to bet on Big Six Wheel. The wheel will offer 6 different segments for players to bet on. Each segment is labeled with a monetary value or symbol, depending on the variation of Big Six Wheel being played. Each of the 6 segments appears at a different frequency giving players different odds that they can use to determine the most logical bet.

Casino Wheel Game

The dealer will turn the wheel once and wherever the wheel stops determines the winning wager. In other words, a Big Six Wheel can be broken up into monetary segments with a $1 segment appearing most frequently, giving it better odds but a lower payout.

How To Win At The Big Wheel (With The Vegas Fanboy!) - Stan's ...

It is important to take into account the house edge when sizing up the available bets for Big Six Wheel. House edge is the way that casinos make money. On each bet you place the casino has a built-in profit system that allows them to take a very small percentage of your winnings. If you bet $1 on a coin toss and win $1 for your wager, then you are getting what’s called an even number bet, or true odds.

At casinos, you aren’t always getting the true odds. The house edge is the difference between the true odds and the odds that the casino pays you when you win. The house edge can vary for Big Six Wheel so you will want to find out the house edge for the casino you are playing at and the variation of Big Six Wheel that you are playing.

Money Wheel

Money wheel is a game variant that is most common in United States’ casinos and the wheels segments are represented with monetary values. The available wheel segments are as follows: 23 – $1 spots, 15 – $2 spots, 8 – $5 spots, 4 – $10 spots, 2 – $20 spots, and 2 joker or casino spots. Placing a $1 bet on the $1 Spot and you will get paid even money; bet $1 on the $2 spot and the payout is 2 to 1; $1 on the $5 spot and get paid 5 to 1; and so forth. The joker or casino spots have the highest payout of 40 to 1.

The house edge for Big Six Wheel is the highest of almost all casino games. In the United States the house edge can vary anywhere from 11.1 percent on the $1 bet to more than 24 percent on the joker or casino logo. Money wheel is also popular in Australia, where the house edge is 7.69 percent on all bets with payouts of 47:1, 23:1, 11:1, 5:1, 3:1, and 1:1.

Dice Wheel

Dice wheel offers a very different representation of wheel segments. In dice wheel the wheel is labeled with symbols that represent some of the 216 possible combinations of three dice. Like money wheel, the same symbol will appear on more than one segment. Players will place their wagers on the numbers 1 through 6. The object of the game is to choose a number that will appear most frequently on the symbol the wheel lands on.

For example, if a player chose the number 1 and the wheel stopped on a segment with one of the dice showing a 1, then that player would be paid 1 to 1. If the number wagered appears on two dice, then the dealer will pay 2 to 1, and so forth.

Dice wheel is very rarely played in casinos and is more popular as a carnival or party game. The symbolism of the game is supposed to loosely represent a number of dice based games but with a greater house advantage.

Other Variants

The United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand all have a legal licensed casino game that is very similar to the Big Six Wheel variants discussed previously. This game is based around a wheel that is 1.5 meters in diameter and divided into 52 segments.

Like dice wheel, this variant uses symbols to label the segments. The symbols are usually the letters A through G. Other than that the game is almost exactly the same as traditional money wheel, with the odds and house edge varying slightly from country to country.

There are a few additional variants that are played rarely in the United States. They usually incorporate a different symbols or odds to represent the segments of the wheel. One of the variants, Mississippi Derby, uses horses as symbols for the wheel segments. Players will bet on the horse that they think will “win” or what horse symbol the wheel will land on. The payoffs will vary based on the number of times a horse appears on the wheel. The purpose of this variant is to represent a horse race for players to wager on.

Big Six Wheel Basic Strategy

In terms of strategy for Big Six Wheel there is very little you can do to gain the upper hand, due to the fact that the game is not skill based. The odds really tell you all there is to know when betting on Big Six Wheel. If you are interested in making money then the logical bets to make would be on the segments with the highest odds. Obviously a bet on a $1 slot has a high probability of hitting, therefore it’s the safest bet for you to make. Additionally, the house edge is the lowest for $1 spots, meaning you get the highest percentage of your winnings possible.

Many people playing Big Six Wheel will try to develop an idea of how many rotations the wheel will complete before coming to a stop. The theory is that by doing so they can guess with relative certainty where the wheel will stop with each turn. Typically the dealer will change the way he or she spins the wheel to give players a variety of results, and to also avoid being predictable. He or she may alternate speeds with each turn or even which hand they use to spin the wheel, as to ensure that no two spins are identical. There is no strategy that will give you an advantage in this regard, making Big Six Wheel essentially a game of chance.

Playing Big Six Wheel

In terms of casino games, Big Six Wheel offers some of the lowest odds for players, making it difficult to have a lot of success. There are a number of bets that players can place with a high payout, but expecting to make a lot of money in a short amount of time is simply unrealistic. If you’re looking to have success at this game, then betting on the $1 segments, or the segments with the best odds is the way to go. That being said, there’s no guarantee for success and this is a bet that is never going to win you a lot of money in a reasonable amount of time.

Not only does it offer the lowest odds of any casino game, it often offers the highest house edge. Even if you hit big on the Big Six Wheel, the house is going to be taking a big chunk of your earnings. The general consensus is that Big Six Wheel makes for a great carnival game or television show, but not a big winner at the casino.

How To Win Casino Wheel

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How To Play Money Wheel In Casino Royale

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