Matt Wong explains to us how he created a successful online video course using Wideo

In Wideo we love real-life stories of freelancers and entrepreneurs that use our tool to improve their services: increase sales, get more contacts, create quality video ads, or in this particular case, create his own video course.

Matt Wong is the perfect example of how an entrepreneur can make money with Wideo. He is a successful online instructor teaching more than 13,000 students across platforms like Udemy, Stack Skills, Teachable and others. One of his video courses – ‘Create Animated Promo Videos’ explains how to create your first animated promo video in a few hours with no experience, all using Wideo!

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When we saw it we immediately offered our support with a special discount for his students.

We contacted Matt to ask why he choose Wideo instead of other animation platforms.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did and it highlights the thousands of opportunities the freelance world has on offer.

In your description from Udemy, you said you are a “lawyer/pilot/musician/manufacturer/medical entrepreneur.” That’s incredible! But… did you study or work as all those things?

Yes! I studied law twice (post graduate migration law) and even tried to practice but I hated it so much it didn’t last longer than 12 months.

That was after a 15 year career building businesses in medicine, graphic design, music education and food manufacturing. A bit over half of them failed or were lackluster, but the 2 that succeeded more than compensated for the rest!

I tried retiring in 2016 after having kids but that was so boring I went straight back to work working in sustainability (Tesla), drones, automation and A.I.

As part of that career redux, I started creating video content to help people in their professional lives.

From studying/reading faster, to audio engineering, to animation for business, I’m really interested in making businesses succeed.

Successful business has brought great meaning to my life, and I can see how it provides jobs, wealth, value and raised living standards for basically the entire world.

Did you have any experience as a professor before? And as a video editor?

I’ve always educated as a passion, from small local charities to proper consulting/coaching work around the world.

It’s really just an overflow of my natural inclination to soak up knowledge (my 2 favourite websites of all time and where I go everyday for hours are Wikipedia and Quora).

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In terms of video editing, I jumped on the bandwagon back in 2004 (the graphic design agency I mentioned earlier) by offering video production.


Back then it was Adobe Premiere and other more basic non-linear-editors (NLEs).

I’ve also been heavily exposed to media production over the years working at massive media-heavy conferences in Sydney, Australia (like 30,000 people at Hillsong Conference).

Why Wideo and not any other video editing software?

I did try other online software first! Being able to create videos easily with online platforms like Wideo is a game changer – even for seasoned users of NLEs like Avid and Premiere.

Jumping into a browser to smash out a promo is so much faster (and often better) than firing up an NLE.

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But when I discovered Wideo in 2019 it was a game changer again. This is easily the best online animator available.

What’s your favorite feature or advantage you see in our tool?

Given my media production experience, I think professionally – and so does Wideo. Every part of the UI is so well thought out and that is the greatest advantage I think Wideo offers. It just works.

Every time I think about something tricky I want to animate, there it is right in front of me: a feature or menu or tool that will help me do it fast.

I really feel like Wideo reads my mind whereas in other platforms I’d have to go hunting for a setting, or check help files/watch youtube videos to figure it out.

On top of that, Wideo is demonstrably more advanced than the other animation platforms. It literally allows you to do Adobe Premiere-like tasks such as keyframe timing, which means I can have the objects move exactly as I want.

You can see this easily by checking out any of the provided templates. The animation is as advanced as Premiere but way easier to use.

What’s your recommendation for people who are starting as video editors?

Video editing as a career means learning a NLE, but most of us aren’t that. We are business owners or managers that need to use videos to drive sales, or employee engagement, or educate.

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So my advice is to always remember why you are creating a video. Don’t get caught up in learning the fanciest technical ability, or taking a giant course to learn a platform inside out, back to front.

We don’t have the time for that.

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The platform you choose, the video topic you choose, the animations, transitions and effects you choose…they should all be telling the same story and focused on the same goal.

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That’s why I created my animated promo video course – it’s 100% focused on creating a video for your business. No fluff or wasted time.

I wish more courses would be ‘solutions focused’ like that instead of technical wizardry.

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