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For weapons, armor, healing and crafting materials, you need credits in SWTOR, which you can both buy and collect in-game for free. We present you with both options.

In this video, I'll be going over ways to earn credits for players who have reached max level and are subscribed, including heroics, pvp, conquest, gathering.

Get credits in SWTOR legally

You don't just get credits for SWTOR in-game. However, you can quickly increase your own credits by trading with other players. The advantage: you don't have to spend real money.

  • In the galactic market, new players in particular sell the items they collect at a preset price. So you can often find bargains that you can then sell more expensive. The purchase and sale of construction plans in particular can be extremely lucrative.
  • A look at the missions offered can also be worthwhile. Above all, missions of the type 'archeology', 'treasure hunt' and 'hacking' are lucrative. You can buy them for a few credits and then sell them more expensive or carry them out yourself with little effort and then sell the collected items.
  • From level 55, farming on the planet Makeb can also pay off. Here you can collect several hundred thousand credits in half an hour. The chests guarded there often contain valuable items and blue items. If you sell them in the market, you will receive a lot of credits.
How Buy Credits In Swtor Real Money

Buy credits for SWTOR online

How Buy Credits In Swtor Real Money Game

If the way described above takes too long, you can also buy credits for SWTOR on the Internet.

How Buy Credits In Swtor Real Money Online

  • There are several websites that offer credits for Star Wars: The Old Republic. A reputable provider is 'MMOGA'.
  • First select your server here to receive a list of offers. You currently receive 6, 000 SWTOR credits from around 2 euros.
  • To purchase, enter your player name in SWTOR and choose a payment method. Among other things, you can pay via PayPal or Amazon. The credits will be credited to you within a few minutes.

How Buy Credits In Swtor Real Money Youtube

In the next practical tip we will show you which professions there are in SWTOR.