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The cheerful mood House of Fun Free Coins Archive Spins of their officers after the inspection infected the soldiers. The company marched on gaily. The soldiers’ voices could be heard on every side. And they said Unli Spins was blind of one eye? And so he is! Quite blind! No, friend, he is sharper-eyed than you are. Boots and leg bands… he noticed everything… When he looked House of Fun Free Coins Archive Spins at my feet, friend… well, thinks I… And that other one with him, the Austrian, looked as if he were smeared with chalk as white as flour! I suppose they polish him up as House of Fun Free Coins Archive Spinsthey do the guns.

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I say, Fédeshon!… Did he say when the battles are to begin? You were near him. Everybody said that Buonaparte himself was at Braunau. Buonaparte himself!… Just listen to the fool, what he doesn’t House of Fun Free Coins Archive Spinsknow! The Prussians are up in arms now. The Austrians, you see, are putting them down. When they’ve been put down, the war with Buonaparte will begin. And he says Buonaparte is in Braunau! Shows you’re a fool. You’d better listen more carefully!

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What devils these quartermasters are! See, the fifth company is turning into the village House of Fun Free Coins Archive Spinsalready… they will have their buckwheat cooked before we reach our quarters. Give me a biscuit, you devil! And did you give me tobacco yesterday? That’s just it, friend! Ah, well, never mind, here you are. They might call a halt here or we’ll have to do another four miles without eating. Wasn’t it fine when those Germans gave us lifts! You just sit still and are drawn along.