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Online video poker is a winnable game, thanks in part to its recent rise in popularity. Despite the fact that it is just beginning to gain popularity, finding the best sites and casinos to play video poker is becoming difficult, since there are already several hundred of them. Therefore, players need to focus on the best online video poker with the most comfortable conditions for playing.

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Video poker online best sites to play

While it is often said that video poker machines are similar to slot machines, this is only partially true. Obviously, video poker involves a little more skill and less luck, since the player is not hoping for the symbols on the reels to match, but are trying to keep the strongest 5 cards in hands. The better the cards a player has, the more chances he has to win, and while in video poker the deal of cards depends on luck, more experienced players can make money as this game requires experience and luck alone is not enough. The best video poker machines are:

  1. Las Atlantis video poker online with up to $ 14,000 deposit bonus;
  2. Super Slots with up to $ 6,000 deposit bonus;
  3. Red Dog Casino with up to $ 12,249 deposit bonus;
  4. Vegas Casino Online with up to $ 10.998 deposit bonus;
  5. JackpotCity with up to $ 1,600 deposit bonus.

Learning to play video poker is easier than traditional table card games because the player is playing against a casino in video poker games without having to think about other players. When playing video poker, it is easier to track payouts and rank the hands as they are always clearly indicated in the game. This is handy because the player doesn’t know right away which hands are more valuable and which cards to expect in hand (less valuable).

How to play video poker online

Another convenience of playing video poker is that the hand rating is determined in the same way as in regular poker. If the player already knows how to play poker, he can reduce the number of losses in the learning process. However, if the player doesn’t play poker very well, then he do not have to worry, as the basics of the game are quite easy to understand and the video poker machine was created with the player’s convenience in mind. If the player is unsure of where to start, he can always try luck playing free games to gain experience.

Grand Villa Casino Bc

The benefits of video poker online vs real money game


Before the player starts playing for money bets, it is better to practice with virtual glasses. This was impossible in real casinos. But in Internet establishments, he can play for free online without SMS and without registration (registration is needed only in case of a risky game) in any slot machines, including poker. The benefits of the game are:

  • There is a limit only for the number of attempts in video poker online, but there are so many of them that even if the player is playing for the first time, before the end of virtual points, he will definitely figure out what’s what;
  • Video poker can be downloaded so that the slot is at hand, because he needs Internet access to access slot machines;
  • The downloadable versions are created on the basis of multiplatformity, so that he can play both on portable gadgets with any operating system, and on desktop devices.

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The number of combinations is limited by the size of the game, but this does not diminish its other advantages, including the high speed of falling out layouts, smooth operation and high recoil, albeit virtual.