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Last month, Google’s Play Store policies changed to permit gambling and betting Android apps that use real money in 15 more countries than before, including the U.S. Previously, gambling apps were only allowed in the Google Play Store in four countries: Brazil, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Each country or state has its own limitations on what kind of online gambling is legal, with some permitting online casinos, sports betting, lotteries, and daily fantasy sports. Regardless, the change drastically opens up the market for mobile gambling — on Android, anyway. The Apple App Store has allowed gambling apps for quite some time and runs a monopoly on user access.

It’s important to note that the Google Play Store policy changes don’t permit real-money gaming apps. Third-party apps that would permit a team in CS:GO, for example, or any other video game to compete in a skills-based competitive tournament aren’t yet allowed, and this is a tremendous oversight on Google’s part.

Examples of games that enable skill-based tournaments in the App Store today that are not available in the Google Play Store include Bingo Boost from Ryu Games, 21 Blitz from Skillz and Solitaire Cash from Papaya Gaming, which are all largely casual games. In the future, this could potentially expand to more core games like Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship, Clash Royale, and Fortnite, if more studios adopted in-app skill-based tournaments.

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Sideloading apps is possible on both iOS and Android devices, albeit it’s not straightforward for the average user and full of security risks. Out of the box, Android phones don’t typically allow sideloading, but you can get around this by installing them manually or, from some other Android app store, you have to turn on the feature.


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