Genuine ptc sites in India: Did you know that earning income from home can be generated during free time or while traveling? There are various ways to earn money online as you may already know, but PTC is the easiest way to make money. In this article, we have provided you details about some of the genuine ptc sites in India. Keep reading to get to know more about them.


Millions of Indians make a lot of money by simply clicking and reading different advertisements. You can also register and earn a very large income on any Pay-to-Click site.

Are you interested in genuine ptc sites in India?

You can then sign up for at least one of those Indian PTC (Best Paid To Click) sites and start earning money for a hobby.

Feb 04, 2021 Introduction. Earning money has never been easier. As people are getting access to the Internet, it has therefore enabled them to earn money by online means.The creation of the best freelance websites, and other websites like this, has enabled people to work online. This is another site which predominantly supports college students to earn their pocket money through their writing skills. In this website payment is low, but to kick start your writing skills this one of the best Indian websites to earn money. You can also write articles in Hindi if you wish. The only most trusted genuine site is telly pulse which pays you for taking a survey but you should have lot of patience because hardly you can earn 700 to 900 rs per month.You will get only upto 6 surveys per month and i recommend to join this to earn a petty cash.This is the only site from which i have redeemed the gift voucher.Even the view point panel can be a trusted one.

Things To Bear In Mind Before You Start Working On The PTC Websites

Before registering for a PTC site , please be sure to carefully read its terms and conditions.

  • Some PTC pages don’t cover ads you select on a laptop or smartphone.
  • You are warned explicitly that these clicks are not eligible for payment-you must use the keyboard and mouse to click and view those ads from a computer.
  • Some applications proposed that can be downloaded to mobile phones and used for accessing PTC ads.
  • Reading the terms and conditions also means you won’t get rid of time and energy for money.

Get Referrals From The PTC Sites To Multiply Revenue

Promoting your reference link through Facebook and Google Plus is the secret to getting referrals in genuine ptc sites in India.

Here are the approaches:

  • Build an account on Facebook. When you don’t have a. You are entitled to use more than one account (if you have one).
  • Join groups on Facebook to earn some money.
  • Find out a blog.
  • Write down on your site about program specifics and keep a consistent market registration option.

How Do You Get The Payment?

If you have reached the payment amount in genuine ptc sites in India, your payments will be processed via online payment systems such as PayPal, Payza etc.

The amount of payment varies from site to site, from $2 to $10. To transfer money to your bank accounts, add your bank with those payment processors.

List Of Genuine PTC Sites In India

Here are some of the some of the top PTC sites in India. Let us learn about them in detail.


If you want to boost your revenue through PTC ads and other resources, the relatively unknown Superpay is worth a try!

The website welcomes Indian users too. Superpay also pays you for short online surveys and other easy tasks, in addition to pay-per – click ads.


In India you can apply for payment through PayPal.


This is another genuine PTC sites in India and has been a paid user website since April 2008.

You get paid $0.002 per click, so the total payment is $2 and you can withdraw the payment immediately and pay it via PayPal Payza. However, the amount of clicks is very limited, so you can gain more money by referring to other members.


GrabPoints represents a newcomer to the PTC site scene. The company also operates via a mobile app. Top brands are running ads you could see, click, and pay for the effort.

If you write a review on your ad or ask your sales staff to contact you, others will pay more.

ScarletClicks: Genuine PTC Sites In India

ScarletClicks is a highly respected PTC website in India, which also gives you an hourly bonus for clicking advertisements.

This means that you can count the time you spent displaying PTC ads during checkout.

ScarletClicks will demand money as long as the account hits two or more USD. Payments are made to Indian customers very quickly and easily through PayPal.


Since 2007, Squishycash has helped individuals raise extra money during off hours. It deserves the distinction of being one of the world’s most popular PTC advertising pages.

The site is gaining rapid popularity with Indian users. If you are eligible for the minimum payment cap, Squishycash pays you in cash the next day.

The enterprise pays through PayPal. It also offers coupons and benchmarks for the gifts.

Clixsense: Genuine PTC Sites In India

Finding thousands of referral services on the Internet is simple but only a handful are genuine and simple to use.

Genuine Website To Earn Money Online In India Online

Here we recommend the world’s highest paid company andSense (Alexa World Rank-Feb 1,218, 2015), which offers other interesting programs such as referral program, sample payment schedule, online advertising etc.


PrizeRebel is one of the favorite polls and blogs of PTC’s coming up. It is now India’s website for silver fabrication research. In case you spend some time on a daily basis you can earn extra decent revenue.


Prizerebel offers essentially three kinds of free income opportunities. They complete surveys, small jobs and earnings referrals.

Earn Money online, free Paypal


PaidVerts lives up to its title: engaging with advertisers pays off. Watching PTC ads on PaidVerts can earn a lot of money. Besides, submitting advertisements in those commercials might also make money.

This genuine ptc sitepays upto $10 per day. You can earn up to Rs.20,000 at the current exchange rate through PTC and other sources from this enterprise.

Green Panthera

Green Panthera and is a multinational analysis agency. They are active in India, and offer opportunities for free income.

GreenPanthera can be done by completing small survey tasks, mini tasks, shopping and referring to other people.


Earn Money Online By Watching Videos

Swagbucks is just another genuine PTC sites in India, website offering Indians free additional revenue opportunities. They have survey employment and a referral income for someone else to suggest. Plus, you earn extra Swagbucks for your purchases from Amazon.


InboxDollars is an American company as implied by its name. These are the best salaried PTC websites. InboxDollars does have a good presence in India, however.

You can gain up to $100 a month by watching pay-per – click ads on InboxDollars by investing some of your time everyday.

Some of these advertisements are worldwide, and so you have a chance to increase your profits.

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