1. Free Spin Hub Conversion Kit Dodgers
  2. Dynatrac Hubs For Dodge
Free Spin Hub Conversion Kit Dodge

Dynatrac free-spin heavy-duty front hub conversion kit works on 2003-2008 dodge 2500 & 3500 trucks, single wheel only. These will not work on duallys.


Free Spin Hub Conversion Kit Dodgers

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SpynTec Industries, LLC is a leading engineering and manufacturing company that has acquired the assets, designs, and trademarks from Solid Axle Industries. Solid Axle Industries® is well known for their extreme duty axles, custom axle assemblies, and heavy duty axle components.

SpynTec Industries is owned by Matt Martin, a former Solid Axle engineer, who is expanding upon the previous Solid Axle Industries product line. SpynTec is doing this by streamlining the engineering and manufacturing processes and by listening to the needs of customers.

Dynatrac Hubs For Dodge

Our goal is to provide superior products that benefit the consumer in terms of durability and functionality. All of our products are stronger and more cost effective than OEM parts. We are very excited about our fuel saving free spinning SpynTec™ hub conversion kits which address all of the problems associated with wheel bearings on many Ford, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles.