1. Spin And Win Iphone
Spin the wheel for free iphone

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Spin And Win Iphone

Spin the Wheel is the new activity version with the unique wheel of fortune. Just like in the classic game, you have to draw and explain various terms and demonstrate them using pantomime.
You can adjust your game to your individual needs: Number of rounds, time per round and also how often you can skip. All this is entirely in your hands.
In Spin the Wheel you can expect funny, crazy and really tricky terms from different categories and difficulty levels.
With the funny Activity Wheel of Fortune variant you can turn a boring evening into a happy and humorous parlour game in seconds. Play and laugh together with your friends and challenge each other in painting, explaining and pantomime. Spin the Wheel guarantees you a fun experience anytime and anywhere, completely uncomplicated.
The set of rules:
**Before the game starts**
Adjust your game as you like according to your preferences. You can make the following settings:
- How many rounds should the game go in total?
- How much time should a player have per round?
- How many times can a word be skipped per round?
Now you can add as many teams as you want to play in this round.
Next, you decide which card sets you want to play in your round.
**There we go**
Turn the wheel and let yourself be surprised which category 'catches' you. You must either paint (green), explain (purple) or mime (red) the terms.
Now try to guess as many terms as possible in the given time.
When the time is up, you will see a summary of how many points you have scored in this round.
Then it's the next team's turn and the whole procedure starts again.
**Game End**
The game is over when you:
a) you reach the number of rounds you have set by default.
b) all terms from the selected sets are used up.
Have fun playing :)
Spin the Wheel is the cool activity game with the colorful wheel of fortune. As in the classic game, different terms are converted to points by drawing, explaining and mime.