Apex Fantasy Football Money Leagues has some of the highest payouts online. As fantasy owners ourselves, we know how grueling a fantasy season can be and therefore, take pride in rewarding owners who earned the top prize.

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Apex often enhances leagues shortly before the draft if we need extra players. Enhancing means we are giving extra money to the first-place finisher at no cost to the players. To be notified of enhancements, sign up for our email list on the right-hand side of this page.

Key Fantasy Football Facts. Fantasy football money leagues are very popular. You can play in paid leagues on a daily, weekly or season long basis. There are three or four leading platforms on offer. Some of these will pay out more than $1 billion in 2019.

Apex also charges a regulatory fee as required by legislation for your state or location. They not included in the calculations below. Visit this page to learn how the regulations came to be and what it means for us.

We Pay Out an Industry-Leading Percentage of League Buy-Ins**

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Amateur League Contest Cash Prizes

$72.95 Amateur League Entry*


Rookie League Contest Cash Prizes

$122.95 Rookie League Entry*


Veteran League Contest Cash Prizes

$172.95 Veteran League Entry*


Superstar League Contest Cash Prizes

$247.95 Superstar League Entry*


MVP Contest Cash Leagues

$497.95 MVP League Entry*


Hall of Fame Contest Cash Leagues

$1002.95 Hall of Fame League Entry*


*Live Draft leagues include an additional fee of $5 for live draft supervision. Regulatory fees as required for your state or location may change the price of your entry.


Our commissioner’s fee is $9.95 and is included in the league entry listed above. This covers the cost of league supervision by a professional, impartial party during the course of the season. Commissioners are a necessary part of fantasy football and we take our duties very seriously.

Commissioners will provide a number of services, including but not limited to: contacting absent parties before the draft, supervising the first two rounds of the draft, preventing collusion by serving as a judge for questionable trades, managing lineups for abandoned teams, and answering all questions and emails in a timely fashion.

If you disagree with a trade, be sure to contact your league commissioner or email us. Once the commissioner has been notified by at least two teams, the trade will enter the review process.

Fantasy Football Real Money

Yahoo Fantasy Football Real Money

**This calculation does not include the commissioner or regulatory fees but also does not include enhancements. It includes the league entry fee percentage paid out, averaged amongst our six different price points.

Buy-ins are collected and payouts are made by contest provider DataForce.

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Fantasy Football Real Money

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