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Learn how to make money online in the USA today using simple ways. If you are from USA, making money online is very easy! If you are from the United States of America and want to make money from home using your computer, you have a greater chance to succeed in your online business endeavors. Earning money online can help you increase your family income. Many people especially in USA, most Americans know how to make money on the internet. If you want to earn extra cash online easily and want to get rich quick, the ideas written in this page is not for you. You better leave this page if you are looking for fast money.

Want to realize your American dream? More time, more freedom and living in prosperity? I know several people who found their fortune on the internet. We are in a world of technology. Imagine life without internet. Take advantage of internet to make money. It’s up to you if you want to make little money or make serious amount of money. I remember a blogger from USA wrote in his blog that “if you are making $1 online per day, that’s a hobby, if you are making $100 per day, that’s work”. Therefore, again, it’s up to you whether you want to treat your online ventures a serious business or just a hobby.

The ways I will explain to you know will require you some bucks to start. You can also make money online without spending any dime. A reader from Pennsylvania, USA simply asked;

I am David, a loyal reader of InvestmentTotal.com, working as a salesman in Pennsylvania. I want to know how to make money online in the USA. I want to increase my income. I need money for my family. Is there any easy way to start making money using my computer and iPhone? I need to earn more money, asap! Please help!

I make a response to David queries. Thanks David for being a loyal reader of my blog. I told him he has a big advantage in making money online because he is living in USA. Do you know that if you are living in USA, you can make more money compare to other internet marketers who are residing in other countries especially in Asia? I know you are now excited to know the proven ways on how to make money online especially if you’re from USA.

13 Ways to Make Money Online in the USA

  1. Earn Money through YouTube
  2. Make Money Online by Taking Surveys.
  3. Earn Money Online by Affiliate Marketing Programs.
  4. Generate Income through Blogging
  5. Earn Cash by Being a Virtual Assistant
  6. Do Micro Jobs Online to Earn Money
  7. Make Profits Trading Stocks Online
  8. Trade FOREX Currency Online
  9. Make Money Online Selling Stuffs on eBay
  10. Become a Amazon Affiliate
  11. Get Free Money by Signing Up
  12. Join Network Marketing Business
  13. Create Your Own Website

Things Needed when Making Money on the Internet

  • Email Addresses
  • Credit Card (optional)
  • Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or High End Mobile Phones
  • Internet Connection (WiFi will also be fine).

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Step by Step Guide on How to Make Money Online in the USA

1. Earn Money Online through YouTube

I know you are familiar with YouTube.Com. The tagline “Broadcast YourSelf” is popular. Anyone who wants to watch video clips will go to YouTube. The number one and the biggest Tube site in the world. How to make money on YouTube, you asked;

Earn Free Money Online Usa

Procedures to Make Money on YouTube

  1. Create a YouTube account (if you have a Gmail account) You will have automatically get a YouTube account.
  2. Create a YouTube channel.
  3. Get more subscriber to your YouTube channel
  4. Capture your first video using your phone or digital camera.
  5. Upload it to YouTube.
  6. Apply to their advertising program when your videos get more views.
Earn Money Online Usa

Image Credit: Esther Vargas on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr — YouTube

Earn Money Online From Us Website

2. Make Money Online by Taking Surveys

Taking surveys online is enjoyable. But be careful on other websites that offers surveys. There are only few legitimate websites. Investigate and search for the paying websites.

Procedures on How to Make Money Online by Taking Paid Surveys

  1. Search for the legitimate online paid survey companies.
  2. Sign up, create an account.
  3. Start taking surveys (sometimes the surveys will be sent to your email).
  4. Get paid when you finished the survey (get paid via PayPal).

3. Earn Money Online by Affiliate Marketing Programs

This is is the popular money making online program, the affiliate marketing. Many Americans knows about it. Affiliate marketing works better if your target customers or buyers are from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Many people in these countries are willing to spend money using their credit card. How does affiliate marketing work?

You will sign up as an affiliate to whatever products or services you are interested. You will earn money once other people buy the products or services using your affiliate link. Most affiliate websites will pay you via PayPal and check. Some affiliate websites are willing to pay their affiliate members by transferring earnings to the bank accounts.

Step by Step Procedure on How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

  1. Look for a legitimate website. ClickBank (digital products, eBooks) and MoreNiche (health products) are the popular websites if you want to start making money by selling other people products online.
  2. When your application is approved, choose which products you want to promote. Be careful in selecting the products you want to sell. Sell only the high quality products. How can you know if the product is on high quality? Simple, buy it, use it and then recommend the product using your affiliate link.
  3. Use your affiliate links to start selling online, make sure you will only use your affiliate link because when someone buys the product using your link, the commission will be credited to you.
  4. You will get paid via Check or PayPal when you meet the minimum pay out.

4. Generate Income through Blogging

Making money in usa

Earn Money Online Safe

There are many ways to make money online through blogging. But the question is how to create your blog. Before you I will tell you the ways on how to make money online in the USA by being a American blogger, let me teach you how to create a blog. There are many people in USA who are blogging for money. That’s reasonable. It is because they need to cover the expenses of their blog, the web host, the domain names and the time they spent in building it.

Step by Step on How to Create a Blog

  1. Decide whether you want a free hosting or buy your own web hosting. You can start a blog for free using Blogger platform, another great product of Google, Inc. Go to Blogger.com and start creating your blog. If you decide to buy a web hosting, choose the reliable one. read reviews about and compare the different web hosting companies. Learn how to install WordPress in your web hosting. I used WordPress.org to build a blog like this. If you want just one, contact me and I will create a blog for you for a minimal service fee.
  2. Think who is your target audience. Where they came from? What are their interest?
  3. When buying a domain name, think deeply. You can integrate your keywords in your domain name or you can use your name. I choose the first choice. Make your domain name unique, short and easy to remember.
  4. Start writing your first blog post. There’s no harm in trying. I started on scratch. When I was new to blogging, I find writing very difficult. I challenge myself to write even more. As long as other people understand what you write, you’ll be fine. Don’t be afraid for criticism. Criticism will improve your blogging career.
  5. Keep on writing and promote your blog post to your friends, other people or to anyone you meet everyday. Learn how to generate traffic to your blog. Without visitors, your blog is dead.
  6. You can make money blogging through selling your products or through advertising spaces. Sell your advertising spaces to other companies. If your blog niche is about “weight loss”, the find companies who are willing to advertise on your blog.

Image Credit: Sue Richards on Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr — Live Blogging at Woolfcamp

5. Earn Cash by Being a Virtual Assistant

If you are willing to become a virtual assistant, then making money online is easy. As long as you are willing to do tasks given to you by your employer online, you will earn money. Here’s how to do it.

Step by Step on How to Make Money Online in USA by Being a Virtual Assistant

  1. Create an account at ELance. Elance allows its members to find freelance jobs in their spare time.
  2. Search jobs you want to do.
  3. Apply for a job.
  4. Do the job well and get paid.

6. Do Micro Jobs Online to Earn Money

Doing simple micro jobs will help you earn money. You can make little money in doing easy tasks. Micro jobs are very easy to do. Some employers just want you to create a Facebook account for them, some just want you to create a YouTube account for them and other just want you to write a simple 300 words article for them. I know it because I once outsource to Microworks when I want to make other things done like “commenting to other blogs”, “creating a YouTube video” etc.

Step by Step Procedures – How to Make Money Online in USA Doing Micro Jobs

  1. Go to MicroWorks, register an account, it’s free.
  2. Search for a job that you want to do.
  3. Read the description of the “tasks” carefully. Some tasks require proof like “screenshot” proving that the task is already done.
  4. You will earn money and get paid via PayPal.

Tips: You can also make money online with Fiverr. If you have special skills, making money with Fiverr is easy. Skills like article writing, search engine optimization, creating a website logo, T-Shirt printing, etc.

7. Make Profits Trading Stocks Online (Not Recommended)

This is what I am doing right now. Fortunately, I found a good stock brokerage online. I buy stocks at a low price and sell the stocks if its prices increased. This is very complicated. It is not recommended for beginners. If you are preparing your financial future. Learn how to invest in the stock market for long term.

8. Trade FOREX Currency Online (Not Recommended)

You can also make money by trading FOREX online. Trading currency online is also not recommended for beginners. It requires knowledge in technical analysis. Other FOREX trader use eToro to start with. You can practice trading forex using virtual money.

9. Make Money on eBay

If you have old stuffs, making money on eBay is also nice. You can sell brand new or old stuffs on eBay. Create an account at eBay and start selling your own products. Be aware of the service charge if you use eBay in selling your items.

10. Become a Amazon Affiliate

Just like ClickBank and other affiliate websites. You can make money online in USA by selling other people products. This time, it’s not only “digital products”, any products from software to hard wares. When people buy the products using your amazon affiliate link, you will earn commissions.

If you are a blogger of HubPage, you can easily integrate Amazon affiliate programs in there.

11. Get Free Money by Signing Up

I mentioned this technique in my previous article. When I published an article on how to get free money, making money online by signing in different credit card companies that gives free money is somewhat exciting. Some credit card companies will give you free $10, Free $20 and other credit card companies will give you free $100 or more.

Be careful because this method might hurt your credit score.

12. Join Network Marketing Business

I know many people in USA are making serious money online because of networking business. They usually join MLM company and get as many people as their invites. Other network marketers on Facebook are aggressively showing their proof of payments and testimonials on how did they get rich in the MLM company they are promoting.

This money making method is recommended. But be willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in networking business. If someone offers you networking business, don’t miss it. Study the company, investigate and find out if there are already many members are on this company.

13. Create Your Own Website

Earn Money Online Usa

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg became a billionaire. Actually he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. he is the youngest billionaire in USA. he made a fortune by making his own social media site – the Facebook.

In creating a website. You need to think creatively. Think what people wants. How do you entertain and serve as many people as you can, the chance of your success in your online endeavors is high if you have your own website.

Earn Money Online Usa Vs

Tips and Warnings on How to Make Money Online in the USA

  • You can make money online in the comfort of your home. You can start earning cash using your free hours. You don’t have to work online full time, working part-time is fine. Whether you’re a parents, students or even a kid, making money online is possible! Just take action to the above method.
  • Don’t get lure to get rich quick schemes showing proof of payments.
  • Intelligently spot the legitimate. Grab the legitimate and forget the scams and frauds.
  • You need to spend more time if you want to succeed. Once your online business is stable. You can work few hours and spend the rest of your time with your family.
  • For motivation, making money online can give you total freedom. How do you think if you are working from home 8 in the morning and stop working at 10am? And you don’t have to worry about the money because you are generating passive income on the internet.
  • Have proper education and guidance. Learn more, the more you know, the more you can use to your online business endeavors.
  • Continue reading blogs, books and join the forums. Increase your knowledge in different online businesses.
  • You can get rich fast online depending on how you will work. Work smarter and use leveraging.
  • Avoid investment offers online. Most of them are scams.
  • Focus on one thing at a time if you want to see great results in your online business.
  • Believe in yourself. First believe that there are lots of money waiting for you online. Second, if other people can do it. You can, too. As long as you know how to use the computer.
  • Show gratitude to every dollars you earn.
  • Serve your blog visitors and make them feel satisfied.
  • Set goal. Write a written plan. When do you want to make your first $100 online? How can you make $1,000 on the internet? What if your plan in making $10,000 per month?
  • Reward yourself for every pennies you earned online.
  • Do not forget to keep yourself “healthy”. What’s the sense of making money online if your health is at risks because of your online endeavors?

I hope you find this guide useful. These are some of the ways on how to make money online in the USA. I guess you will start working now, Choose one money making program at a time. Happy earning! God bless you good health and prosperity! Don’t quit until you see great results. So, Americans and all people in the world, let’s make money together!