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Nov 04, 2018 The website allows users to make money online by answering student’s questions, whether it be homework or assignment related. Tutors simply have to browse through different categories of topics to choose from and answer the questions related to them. To become a tutor you have to sign up from your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account.

There will be 15 questions with multiple choice answers in every game. You get 20-60 seconds to answer depending on the difficulty level. You can get Reward Points for every correct answer that you give.

Earn Money Online Through Quiz Sites

You have two Lifelines that you can use during the game. The Fifty-Fifty lifeline eliminates 2 options and leaves you with only 2 choices. You will get only half the points if you guess the correct answer after using this lifeline.

Earn Money Online Quiz Contest

You can also use the Eliminate One lifeline, which will remove one of the options. Points to be won for the question will get deducted by 25% if you use this lifeline. Use them wisely and only for difficult questions!