There are many ways to make money online without investment. Its all depends on your skills and your line of interest. If you are someone who loves writing then you can write blog post and articles for people and get paid for it.

  1. Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing
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  4. Earn Good Money Online Without Investment Online

Still, there are proven methods to make money online without any investment. 1.Start a Blog to Make Money Online: Well, it is a long process of making money online. Data entry jobs are considered boring but it requires no investment and help to earn a good amount of money. Among all the good online jobs for students without investment, data entry is one. You just need a laptop, knowledge of Excel and some Microsoft tools and you are good to go. Earn money online without investment no startup capital just you need some knowledge of real estate good working and willing to work hard. If you want to find some legit ways to make money online without investment, the best place to start is with you. There are about 7 billion people around the world, and many people don’t have the knowledge and/or experiences you may have that they need. Capitalize on these and make a lot of money from them.

Are you looking for online typing jobs without investment from home? Here’s a complete guide to earn money by typing pages without registration fee. In this post, you’ll get to know the best typing jobs for daily payment to work from home.

Latest digital technologies and internet has given many opportunities to earn money through online typing data entry jobs in India. In this post, I’ll guide you on how to make money from real typing work without investment. Many people from India are making money from real typing work without registration fee. You can find many typing jobs sites in India who offer MS-word typing work for people with daily payment or weekly and monthly payment options.

End of this post, you will be able to choose the best typing jobs from the wide range of online jobs from home. The best part of this page is, you can join with all these genuine typing jobs without investment and registration fee. You do not need to have typing experience to earn money from typing jobs in India. However, earnings from a typing job are based on your typing speed.

In the world of the typing industry, there is a lot of work from home typing jobs that help you to earn money from home. You can join as a data entry operator to start making money from typing work. People who are really serious about earning money from home can easily start typing jobs without investment and no registration fee.

What Are Online Typing Jobs Without Investment with Daily Payment from Home?

This job title is self-explanatory; however, I’ll make it clear more about online typing jobs without investment from home without registration fee.

Generally, the typing job is a type of clerical work that involves eBook/content/documents/texts on images and you need to type. Your job role in the typing work is, you need to input the given in the pages or document fields. You’ll be wondering as there are so many genuine online typing job-work vacancies available in India without investment or registration fee.

All the jobs explained here are the best online typing without spending money or any security deposit.

It’s true that the people who type fast or the professional typist will have more chances to make more money than the typist beginners. However, anyone really interested in typing work can easily make money based on their typing speed. As typing jobs are online, you can do typing work anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop or desktop with internet connection.

Online typing jobs are suitable for students, housewives, part-time job seekers and full time job seekers. In this article, you’ll learn all in and around of the free online typing jobs with zero investment or zero registration in India.

You’ll find the best typing jobs with daily payment, weekly payment and monthly payment also. Based on your convenience, you can complete your typing work and send it to the typing jobs websites. All you need is to read this guide carefully and never miss any good typing works mentioned here.

How Much People Can Expect Online Earn Money By Typing?

There is no limitation in earn money by typing online. However, there are few factors like your typing speed and the projects you are involved in that will decide how much you can earn from online typing jobs.

Based on the type of typing job will decide your earnings from online typing jobs. Below is an approximate online typing earnings based on the different types of typing job. Below table helps you to decide how much you can earn by online through online typing jobs in India.

Typing Job CategoryAvg. PayoutWork/DayEarnings / Day
Simple Text TypingRs. 10-15 / Page30 PagesRs. 300-450
Audio To TextRs. 150-300 / Hour3-4 HoursRs. 450-1200
Form FillingRs. 50-100 / form1-3 HoursRs. 100-300
Data Entry WorkRs. 50-200 / Hour4-5 HoursRs. 200-1000
Translation TypingRs. 100-200 / Page10 PagesRs. 1000-2000
Content WritingRs. 0.20 / Word2K-5K WordsRs. 400-1000
Ad CopywritingRs. 0.75 / Word1K-2K WordsRs. 750-1500
Proof-ReadingRs. 200-500 / Hour2-3 HoursRs. 400-1500

What are the requirements to start typing jobs form home?

It’s a basic question that comes into everyone’s mind when planning to start an online typing work. So we’ve listed the prerequisite to join online typing work without registration fee or no investment.

Requirements to Start Typing Jobs:

  • A Desktop or Laptop with internet connection
  • Basic Typing Skills (Fast Typing is add on advantage)
  • Need to spend at least 2-3 hrs
  • Bank Account (India)
  • PayPal Account
  • Email Account (Gmail is preferable)
  • MS-Word

You may use any popular grammar and spelling tool like “Grammarly Tool” to avoid and correct spelling and grammatical errors when you type content. It’s a free tool that helps to complete your typing project at the earliest. Grammarly will help you with the major text correction which is good for you to type effectively.

Types of Online Typing Jobs and Data Entry Jobs

There are many types of typing jobs and online data entry jobs available on the internet. You’ll be surprised that there are many typing job openings available on the freelance sites in India. Online data entry jobs are the most preferable typing jobs for most of the people in India. Many people are making regular income from data entry jobs in India.

However, below are the trending typing jobs in India which you can do from your home comfort.

Online Data-Entry Jobs Without Investment by Daily Payment

One of the oldest and most popular types of typing work is online data-entry. Data entry jobs are in the online market from the birth of the internet or online money making strategies or industry.

Starting for the internet days, many people are still making money from online data entry jobs from home. Based on your interests and availability, there are many easy data-entry jobs available using typing skills.

Form Entry Jobs in India

If you’re able to provide quality work then online form entry work is suitable for you. Accuracy is the key in the online form filling jobs and it’s very obvious. Employers will not accept the data with typo error. So if you’re sure to produce accurate data then you can make money from online form filling jobs in India.

Freelancing Typing Job / Works

There are many popular freelancing sites in India that provide freelancing typing works for the people who want to make money from real typing work.

Content Writing Jobs

If you’re able to produce quality content then a content writing job is good for you. There are many Indians who are making money by creating quality content. Your creativity will decide how much you can make from content writing and typing jobs.

People are making Rs. 0.50 – Rs. 2.00 per word. If your English writing is good then do not hesitate to join in content typing jobs online.

MS Word Processing Work from Home

Word procession work is an MS word typing job. You need to fill the given data into the MS Word without spelling mistakes and need to format properly.

eBook Typing Jobs

Here, you will be given a hard-copy of a book or document. Your job in e-book typing job is, you need to make a digital book. An eBook typing job has 3 work phases. Those are,

  • Raw typing of data
  • Document formatting
  • Proofreading and Finishing.

Typing jobs using Mobile Phone

One of the best ways to earn money from mobile typing job is SMS sending jobs. You can easily make money from SMS sending and receiving jobs using your Smartphone.

Ad Writing Jobs (Ad Typing Jobs)

Here, you would need to create content and post on the ad networks. Based on the employer, you need to type the content from another source ro you may need to create quality content in Ad writing jobs.

Earn Money by Typing Pages in MS-Word

If you’ve great typing skills then earn money online by typing pages in MS Word is the best fit for you. The more you can type, the more you can earn from online typing pages in MS-Word.

Most of these tasks will be in the .jpeg or scanned image file. Your task would be, you need to produce the content in the text format. This kind of online typing job is known as “Online MS-Word typing Jobs” in India.

Pros and Cons of Online Typing Jobs from Home

Online typing work has its own advantages and disadvantages below.

Online Typing Jobs Pros

  • Easy to complete
  • Typing jobs don’t need deposit or investment
  • Typing work is free to join
  • No special skills required
  • Work as full-time or part-time
  • Work anywhere in the world
  • Type More and Earn More
  • Weekly and Daily Payments.

Cons of Online Typing Jobs

  • Projects are time limited
  • Less job satisfaction
  • You need own computer

How To Start an Internet Typing Job Without Startup Fee in India?

There are online jobs for typing without any investment. You can grab these genuine home based typing jobs from the internet with no investment. There are many typing jobs for daily payment available on the internet.

Below are simple steps to earn from typing jobs without registration fee and no investment.

1. Find genuine online typing job openings

2. Apply the right typing jobs

3. Start working and earn from typing jobs without registration fee.

Step 1: Find Free Online Typing Jobs without Investment and Registration Fee

In the first move, you would need to find the best typing work available on the internet. As there are many typing jobs available on the internet which tend for scam typing jobs. So you need to be very careful in order to choose the right typing work online.

I would strongly suggest you to go with the legitimate online typing job sites only. Do not show attention on sites which offer attractive money like “Make $10,000 Per Month” through typing jobs and so on. These are 100% scam typing jobs. No doubt at all.

Below are the legitimate typing job sites:

Step 2: Join Online Typing Jobs in India

Alright, you’ve finalized the legitimate typing jobs without registration fee and now you need to join the real online typing jobs from home to start making money.

There is no investment, start-up free or registration fee is needed in order to join the real online typing jobs. You no need to pay startup fee or security deposit to join typing jobs in India.

Step 3: Earn Money by Typing with Daily Payment

Joining many legitimate online typing websites will help you to make more money from typing works.

Spending more time helps you to make more money from typing job.

Real Typing Work

Online typing jobs from home without investment is one of the best ways to earn money. After COVID-19, there are many online opportunities open to help people to earn some extra cash online.

Do you want to earn money by doing typing work 2021 with less computer skills or no technical knowledge?

Online typing is the very popular way in India and all other countries to make money from home without money investment.

Typist job is suitable for all who want to earn from their free time. These jobs are totally free, hence there could be no chance for scam. Although, as we always advise our readers to review well before your signup with any types of typing jobs online.

Online Typing Jobs Without Investment

We have spent more time to find the Genuine typing jobs companies.

Typing jobs are like, whenever you type a word on the keyboard, it will be accounted in your bank account as income.

If your typing speed is at least 35 words per minute is an add on advantage. People who have grammar knowledge will get more opportunities.

All you need is, just type the words you see on the scanned copy or images. Your earnings potential is based on your typing speed.

You do not need to have any special or great skills, having typing skill with moderate speed is good enough to earn from typing jobs.

5 Best Online Typing Jobs from Home Without Any Investment

Below is the list of typing jobs available on the internet with free registration.

#1. Micro Jobs Sites

#2. Freelance Typing Jobs

#3. Survey Typing

#4. Transcription Jobs

#5. Forum Posting

1. Micro Jobs sites

Micro job is meant for it’s like a tiny / small typing work provided by Micro jobs websites. The primary tasks in the Micro job is, typing online or offline to earn.Big MNCs are outsourcing their data entry projects to the micro jobs companies.

With the help of micro job sites, many people get employment for living. Apart from online typing work, we have many tasks listed below.

  • Typing Works
  • Creating Gmail Email accounts
  • Google Search
  • Forum Posting
  • Copy & Paste Work
  • Tweeting

Popular Micro Task websites are,

mTurk – Amazon
Rapid-workers and more.

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2. Freelancing Typing Work 2021

We have seen many advertisements on google that Freelancing companies need typists. We would strongly recommend and are the best sites to make money from typing jobs.

Best Places for Genuine online typing jobs with free registration

1. Upwork

2. Freelancer

3. Fiverr

These are the popular websites provide typing works. Once you get registered, you need to update your profile page with a bank account or PayPal account.

Once your account is approved by the employer, you may search for your suitable typing jobs. When you’ve found your favorite typing jobs, then update your quote in order to complete the typing jobs project.

You are good to go with the project when your request is agreed with the payment you requested.

3. Survey Typing Jobs

Survey program is the best way to know a consumer’s opinion about any product or service. Many product companies get help from the survey panels to know the people’s opinion about their product.

Product companies will always rely on the Market researching companies or survey companies to know the exact value of their products. So online survey jobs are the best way to know people’s view about the products. Survey panels need experienced typists to prepare their survey questionnaires.

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4. Transcription Typing Jobs

Nowadays, Online general transcription typing jobs are the most wanted typing job for those who have great typing skills.

If you have great listening skills with good English vocabulary and punctuation then you will have a great opportunity to earn from online transcription typing jobs from home.

Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing

What are the requirements to earn with online transcription typing jobs?

MoneyEarn Good Money Online Without Investment
  • Desktop with Internet connection
  • Headset with Mic
  • Foot Pedal
  • Writing (Typing) Online Jobs

Writing is a “Boon“, if you have that skill then you can earn from online typing works. You can use your writing and typing skills to make money online from home through below business.

5. Forum Posting Typing Jobs

I do agree that you can not become rich by doing forum typing jobs online, though you can earn some pocket money. Yes, forum posting jobs help you to earn from your typing skills.

Online Earning Money At Home

The Internet has many forum posting websites. Forum posting typing jobs do not need any special skills to join. Forum posting typing jobs are free to join. All you need is, write informative stuff to earn y from each forum post. People who can type English without spelling mistakes will make more money easily.

Advantages in Online Typing Work?

  • Registration is Free
  • No investment to join typing jobs
  • Work at home
  • Good income from home
  • No technical skills needed
  • No special knowledge required
  • Earn as much you work
  • You can work from anywhere


  • Desktop computer with Internet
  • Very basic knowledge of MS word and MS excel
  • PayPal / Bank account

How much can we earn from an Online Typist Job?

This is a very common and basic question from everyone: that how much do you earn from online typing jobs from home?

Make Money No Investment

If you work hard then you may earn at least $400 per month. Depends on how you work hard.


I hope you might have understood how to start online typing jobs without investment in India. Remember; do not pay start-up fee or registration fee for typing jobs.

I would suggest to you people that if you are skilled with typing then you may apply for at least 4-5 online typing jobs to earn some decent money.

Earn Good Money Online Without Investment Online

Thanks for reading and please share.