In more detail, Las Vegas includes six cardboard casino mats, one for each side of a normal six-sided die. For each mat, players draw money cards until at least $50k is showing, but the amount may end up being a lot more, making that casino more desirable. Each player has eight dice of a different color, which they take turns rolling. Las Vegas-based SciPlay, a social game developer that is a subsidiary of Scientific Games Corp., would be bought out by the parent company in plan pitched Thursday. Allegiant Stadium room tax. Distribute a set of six matching dice to each player and set the six casinos on the playing surface. Shuffle the banknotes and deal the bills at random for a total of at least $50,000 at each casino. Players take turns rolling all six of their dice and placing those with dice matching the numbers printed on each casino on top of those.

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Las Vegas
Las Vegas being played in a pub in Kerava, Finland.
Designed byRüdiger Dorn
Illustrated byHarald Lieske
Markus Schmuck
Mia Steingräber
Published byRavensburger
Setup time<1 minute
Playing time15-30 minutes
Random chanceHigh
Skills requiredProbability theory

Las Vegas (US Release Title: Vegas Dice Game) is a board game designed by Rüdiger Dorn and published by Ravensburger in 2012. (The US Release came out in 2017.) It is named after the city of Las Vegas in Nevada, United States and has a gambling theme. The game was nominated for the Spiel des Jahres prize in 2012 and won the Årets Spel prize in the Best Adult Game category in 2013.[1][2]


Las Vegas is a game for two to five players. It consists of six small boards representing different casinos (originally depicting real Vegas casinos; later the same casinos with faux renamings; in the US release, simply numbered boards with similar decorative backgrounds), a deck of 54 'bills' (cards) in various denominations of the United States dollar (from $10,000 to $90,000 in $10,000 increments), an additional 'First Player' card (denoting who starts each round of play) and five sets of eight dice, each set colored differently (orange, green, blue, black and white). The US release also included a dice pouch for storing the game dice.

The game is played for four rounds. At the start of each round, each casino is randomly dealt a bill from the deck. Each casino must hold at least $50,000. If the bill's worth is less than that, the casino is dealt additional bills, until the casino holds at least $50,000.

Players take turns throwing their dice. At the start of a round, each player is holding all of their eight dice. After the dice are thrown, the player must choose which casino they are betting on. This is done by choosing a number and placing all the dice showing that number on the respective casino. Betting is mandatory; there is no option to voluntarily pass a turn. A player can only pass a turn when he/she has no dice left for the round.

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Once all players have bet all their dice, the winnings are dealt out. For each casino, the winnings go to the player who bet the most dice on that casino. The majority has to be strict - on a draw, the winnings go to the player with the next most dice, or if all players are equal, the winnings go back to the deck. In case a casino holds multiple bills, the top player receives the largest bill, and the smaller ones in order of decreasing value are awarded to the runner-up players, with unawarded bills being returned to the deck.


After each round is scored, the players get their dice back, the casinos are dealt a new set of money and the 'First Player' card is given to the next player in play order. After four rounds, the player who has won the most money wins the game.

  • NOTE: The rules include a variant using the white dice as a 'phantom' player who can prevent the other 'real' players from scoring. The white dice are evenly (as possible) distributed between the players, who roll and place them alongside their own dice.


An expansion set, titled Las Vegas Boulevard, was released in 2014. The expansion (which went under the pre-release titles of Las Vegas Lights and Las Vegas Plus) included additional dice in yellow, grey and purple (allowing for up to 8 players in regular play) plus additional white dice for expanded play, 'large' over-sized dice that count as 2 dice, a seventh 'slot machine' casino board, additional $100,000 'bills', and various other cards to be used for variant play included with the expanded rules (such as 'rainbow' cards, action cards, bonus cards, etc.). Such variants included rules for a solitaire version of the game, as well as the variants using the additional cards and dice.

  • NOTE: This expansion has yet to see official release in the US. The company has sold out of their supplies of the game, making the expansion of priority interest to collectors on the secondary market.


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