If you already have a TD Bank checking account, you may qualify for a $200 bonus for opening a TD Bank Beyond Savings or Simple Savings account by depositing $20,000 or more in new funds within 20. Apply online today. Earn bonus interest with a deposit of at least $25 a month with no withdrawals. Bonus interest in addition to regular interest when you make deposits totaling at least $25 each month and no withdrawals that month. Waived $5 monthly service fee if you meet the monthly minimum balance of $500 or when you make a deposit. Regions Bank — Up to $100 bonus with $10 monthly minimum deposit for 10 months.


You get 2 categories of interest on your account every month.

1. Base interest:

This interest is accrued daily based on your account's day-end balance and you will receive this at the end of the month.

CIT Bank’s Savings Builder High Yield Savings currently offers a 0.45% APY if you have either an account balance of $25K+ or for balances under $25K you can qualify, by making at least one deposit each month of $100 or more. If you miss the monthly deposit, you’ll drop down to 0.29% APY for the following month.

2. Bonus interest:

Bonus For Savings Deposit 2020

You earn 2 types of bonus interest on your account’s average daily balance and you will receive this on the 1st business day of the following month.

Bonus For Savings Deposit 2019

  • Earn a Monthly No Withdrawal bonus interest of 0.10% a year for months when you do not make any withdrawals.
  • Earn a Monthly No Withdrawal & Save bonus interest of 0.25% a year for months when you do not make any withdrawals and deposit at least S$500.