Best Apps that Pay You to Exercise and Get a Sweat On 1. HealthyWage is a platform hosting weight loss challenges with cash prizes. Compete in a corporate wellness program, make a personal weight loss bet or get your friends together for a team challenge. Nov 12, 2019 In this way, the app will monetize your data and returns a small amount back to you. That’s the deal 🙂 ( You may like: 40+ Best Money Making Apps For iOS/Android in 2019 ) Best Get Paid To Walk Apps in 2019. Here is the list of best iOS/Android apps that pay you to walk in 2019. PK Coin – Get Paid To Move. StepBet is similar to Healthywage in that you can make money by betting on yourself. WayBetter is actually the parent company of StepBet, and host other similar fitness apps such as DietBet, RunBet, and SweatBet. All of their apps have a similar premise. Dick’s Sporting Goods ScoreCard. Best Apps to Get Paid to Workout. If you spend any amount of time at the gym or exercising at home, you can be rewarded for your hard work–financially, physically, and mentally.

A user account is especially important if you decide to create a fitness app that will help you make money. Workout apps provide users with insight into their progress, achievement, allow setting up personal goals, and much more. Thus, if you look at how to create a workout app, such functionality should be on your feature list.

How many miles do you walk every week to keep yourself fit and healthy?

Thanks to the iOS & Android apps, most of us have become so lazy that we don’t even walk inside our house to switch off the AC or lights. Because a mobile app can do that small job for us.

Instead of using the mobile apps to make us lazy, why don’t we use them to keep ourselves active and healthy?

Mobile Apps That Earn Money

That’s exactly the objective of the get paid to walk apps which are available for both iOS and Android Platforms.

Get Paid To Walk Apps – What does it mean?

Will you believe that are some apps that pay you to walk? Yes. It is true and I’m not kidding. Of course, you cannot buy an expensive watch with that money. However, you can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

A Get Paid To Walk App is an iOS / Android app that keeps track of your steps whenever you walk and rewards you with points. For example, you may get 100 points for every 1000 steps you walk. Once you reach the minimum number of points, you can convert them to cash via PayPal, redeem for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart etc or you can use the points to make purchases within the app itself.

Now, you can ask: Why should the app pay you to walk?

Good question. This kind of apps will gather your personal interests and may sell them to appropriate buyers. For example, a shoe company will be more interested to buy this data so that they can promote their products to the target audience.

In this way, the app will monetize your data and returns a small amount back to you.

That’s the deal 🙂

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Best Get Paid To Walk Apps in 2019

Here is the list of best iOS/Android apps that pay you to walk in 2019.

1. PK Coin – Get Paid To Move

It doesn’t really whether you are walking inside your house or on a walking trail near your location. PK Coin rewards the users with coins for doing any kind of workout or physical activity. Even it considers the static workouts like Yoga as a workout.

For those who already own a device like Apple Watch or Fitbit, the app allows importing the workout to earn coins. The users can exchange their coins for gift cards from various retailers or use them to buy training plans. If they don’t like to redeem the coins, then they can also donate them for a social cause.

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2. Achievement – Earn money from your steps

Can you convert your walking steps to cash? Yes, of course.

Achievement rewards you with points not only for walking but also for running, doing yoga/other exercises, logging your food habits and more. You can connect all your health and fitness related apps to Achievement and start accumulating points.

Once you reach 10,000 points, you can redeem that to cash ($10) via PayPal. More than 1 million members are using the Achievement app to keep track of their health. (Based on the information on its official website).

It is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

3. Sweatcoin – Convert your Sweat to Coins

Would you like to get free cryptocurrency? Then, you should check out the Sweatcoin app because it converts your steps to the cryptocurrency named Sweatcoin.

Best Apps For Earn Money


For every 2000 steps you walk, you will be credited with Sweatcoins. And, you can use the coins to buy a variety of products/services like iPhone, Apple watches, walking shoes, yoga classes and more.

The app is available on both Google Play Store and AppStore.

4. Bitwalking – Earn Walking Dollars


Like Sweatcoin, Bitwalking converts your movement to the digital currency called Walking Dollars (W$). The movement can be anything like walking, running, jogging, dancing or just waving your hands.

You cannot redeem the walking dollars to cash. However, you can send them to other users, make payments or convert them to fiat currency using exchanges.

5. Bounts – Participate in Walking Challenges

Are you using any fitness devices like Fitbit already? Then, you can easily connect that to the Bounts app to get paid to walk. For every activity (walking/running), you will earn 20 points and the maximum number of points that can be earned in a day is limited to 180.

Walking 7,000 steps in a day or 20-minute walk/run ( speed should be at least 4km/hour) are typical examples of the activities that will offer the reward points.

You cannot redeem the points to cash or gift cards. However, you can use the points to make purchases from various retailers through the Bounts app to get discounts/deal. Alternatively, you can also use the points to participate in the walking challenges and win prizes.

Best apps that earn money for fitness classes

6. Work as a Travel / Tourist Guide

Not all the tourist spots can be visited by car, bus or other kinds of transportation. Some of the tourist destinations may be interior which needs the help of a tourist guide for sightseeing.

Also, you can become a travel guide for large parks with trails. You can check out the local tourist attractions in your neighborhood for more information. I guess you need to apply and get some kind of permit from your local authorities to work as a tourist guide.

7. Take a ride with the dog

In countries like the US/UK, Dogs are given so much importance that they become a part of the family. Unfortunately, some people don’t have time to take their dogs for a walk due to their busy work schedule.

Dog walkers come to their rescue as they take care of the dogs and will get paid for the walk with the pets. You can check out the websites like Rover, Tailster etc which are created especially to help the pet owners. Alternatively, you can also check Craigslist for some openings related to dog walkers.

8. Distribute magazines/flyers

You can get paid to walk by distributing flyers, leaflets, newspapers, magazines and more. Many companies hire people to do this job because dumping the leaflets or flyers on the letterboxes will not help them to reach the target audience.

Best Apps That Earn Money For Fitness Classes

The only drawback to this kind of job is the need to walk during bad weather. You can try to avoid that by planning well in advance. Gumtree and Craigslist are the good places to look for the distributor jobs.

9. Home Delivery of Food

Delivering food doesn’t always require a vehicle. If the distance is less than a mile, you can easily walk and deliver the food. Food delivery service is the easiest option to get paid to walk. You can also carry groceries for the senior community and get paid for your service.

Just check the fast food restaurants or other food outlets in your neighborhood that offer home delivery services. Alternatively, you can check the classified website like Craigslist and browse the ads to see if something fits for you.

10. Become a Walking Billboard

Have you ever seen someone wearing posters, billboards or t-shirts with an advertisement? It is called a Human / Walking Billboard. Even you can see the advertisements in the form of tattoos as well.

All those people are paid by the companies to promote their brands. For instance, Nomad Technologies, a company based in Washington pays up to $20 per hour to promote the products/services. They just need to walk in the middle of a crowd to advertise the brands.

You can search for human billboard jobs on Craigslist, Indeed, and other job sites to get a side income.

11. Product Tester for Fitbit

You can easily become a Fitbit tester and get paid to test its products by joining their testing community. You need to create a tester profile in their community. If you are selected, you will be sent the product to test.

And, you can connect the device to apps like Achievement, Bount etc to test the data sent from the Fitbit device. Just make sure that you don’t get caught in scam Fitbit test websites which don’t pay at all.

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Best Apps That Earn Money For Fitness Videos

Final Thoughts

Earn Money App For Pc

All the get paid to walk apps will make use of the GPS, accelerometer or other kinds of motion sensors to track your steps. Hence, the battery of your mobile phone will drain quickly. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your battery level.

The best option is to use a secondary or spare phone for this kind of purposes so that your primary phone don’t get disturbed.