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Do you want to make money by playing games on your phone?

That sounds like it would be too good to be true, but there are actually a lot of apps out there that let you do it! In this post, we will be showing you the best apps that pay you to play games.

What’s the Catch?

The site offers surveys, videos, and of course, games as ways to earn a few cents to a few bucks per hour. Available as a site and Android app (the iOS app is for surveys only), InboxDollars makes up for below-average payout amounts with a sheer variety of games to play. Swagbucks is another great money app to earn some easy cash for just playing games in your free time. Unlike Boodle, this company has been around for 12 years and has paid out more than $150 million to its members. You can also earn money (via Paypal) for everyday activities like shopping, watching videos and searching the web.

Before you download any of these apps, you might be wondering a company would ever do anything like this or what the catch might be. I mean, why would any company pay you to play free games on your phone?

There are three common reasons that you would get paid to play games.

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  1. First, companies pay money for people to use their apps to boost their player base and appear more popular on an app store. Because there are millions of apps out there, they need help from people like you to get higher rankings.
  2. The second reason is that free apps often want people to play so they can get “hooked” on a game and buy in-app currency. They’re hoping that the few cents you earn from downloading the app will go directly back into their pocket. Obviously, the best way to avoid this happening is to ignore any purchase opportunities!
  3. The final reason — and in my opinion, the sketchiest reason — is gambling. Some gambling apps will give you free tickets to play to win money. Then they’ll give you some “great deal” where you pay money on more tickets to gamble. The best approach to these apps is to accept the free tickets but never pay for anything they offer you.

Now, with that out of the way, here are the apps!

Earn Money by Playing Games on Android

Let’s start with apps that pay you to play game son Android.

1. Verydice

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

The premise is simple enough: you roll the virtual dice, win tickets based on what you roll, then redeem your tickets for prizes! You have a limited number of rolls per day, and they make their money by selling additional dice rolls.

2. InboxDollars

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

In addition to being a paid survey site, Inboxdollars has a whole section of games that you can play and get paid for! Basically, companies pay InboxDollars to find people to play their games, and the site passes a little of that money on to you.

Read our detailed review of InboxDollars for details and other ways to earn, plus a few tips on how to make the most money with InboxDollars.

3. Coin Pop

  • Available on: Google Play

Coin Pop is a free app that rewards you in coins for every second you play games from their list. You can exchange the coins for gift cards or cash prizes.

4. CashPirate

  • Available on: Google Play

This app offers a variety of ways to make money by downloading new apps, completing surveys watching videos and, yes, playing games.

5. Fitplay

  • Available on: Google Play

Offering an experience with no deposits or in-app purchases, Fitplay is just here to reward you for trying new games. Just choose one off their list and start earning rewards.

6. AppStation

  • Available on: Google Play

AppStation offers a variety of genres to choose from and get paid to play, like casual, action, strategy, puzzle or arcade. The games are all free to play, and your rewards are given by the amount of time you spend playing.

7. Lucky Miner

  • Available on: Google Play

Featuring a cute user interface and a wide range of rewards, up to and beyond a $50 PayPal cash payout, Lucky Miner pays you by the minute to try new games.

8. Cash Alarm

  • Available on: Google Play

Cash Alarm offers to give you your first gift card a few hours after you start playing one of their games, which is a big plus. You and your friends can also get bonuses for referring them to the app.

9. Golden Farmery

  • Available on: Google Play

With new apps on offer every day, Golden Farmery will pay by the minute for you to play a variety of mobile games across all genres. Win rewards and cash out the next day.

10. Mistplay

  • Available on: Google Play

Bored with your current game library? Mistplay offers mobile users recommendations for new games and even rewards you for playing them! The app also has a chat function to stay in touch with other players!

11. Cashout Rewards

  • Available on: Google Play

This app lets you earn points by:

  • Installing free apps
  • Playing games
  • Completing surveys
  • Watching videos

You also get a guaranteed 10 points every day you log on. Once you have enough points, you can redeem them for PayPal cash and gift cards.

12. Bananatic

  • Available on: Google Play

This app is specially made for people who are already into online games. Offering rewards like gaming mice and video games, this one’s perfect if you’re a gamer yourself or are looking to get a gift for one in your life.

Apps that Pay You to Play Games on iPhone

While there are many game apps that pay you real money for both Android and iOS devices, there are a few that are exclusive to iOS devices.

Some of the best include:

13. HQ Trivia

  • Available on: iOS

Play a new quiz with word games and trivia every day with HQ Trivia! It’s actually a very popular app to play trivia and win cash. This app has had guest celebrities like The Rock, Robert De Niro, and more drop in, so keep your eyes peeled.

14. Toy Town Cash Money

  • Available on: iOS

This app takes an interesting approach to earning cash by playing games. There are no in-app purchases or pay to win scenarios. All you have to do is play their games and earn tickets. The tickets let you enter into one of their many cash prize draws. If you win, you get the money paid to your PayPal. Pretty simple, right?

Best Apps that Pay You to Play Games


Here are applications that pay you for playing games.

15. Toluna

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Toluna is a survey site with a hip modern twist, aiming itself at young would-be “influencers.” In addition to surveys, it offers a series of its own games which users can play and get rewarded for.

16. Swagbucks Live

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

From the popular online rewards site Swagbucks comes a trivia game that can earn you cash prizes! Answer all the questions quickly and correctly to qualify for a grand prize of up to $500!

17. Play and Win

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Offering a grand prize of $50,000, Play and Win is a trivia game that offers cash prizes for its most knowledgeable players. A new game starts every hour, with players competing against each other.

18. Lucky Day

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Love casino games but don’t like the crowds? Then Lucky Day is the app for you. Featuring scratch-offs, blackjack, and more coming soon, you can play to win real money!

19. Big Time

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

From WINR Games, Big Time offers real money to play their games. The money is handed out through a raffle, so the more tickets you earn playing games, the better your chances of winning big!

20. Lucktastic

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Featuring a new contest to pay for your grocery trips, Lucktastic also offers Lucky Trivia Live, a trivia show that you the audience can participate in and win from!

21. Long Game

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Long Game is a banking app that features a gamified rewards system. Every day, you can use points you’ve earned for using their card to play games and compete for up to a million dollars!

22. Wealth Words

Apps To Play Games And Earn Money

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Like puzzles? Wealth Words has crosswords, poem and story puzzles you can play to win 30, 200, even 700 dollars! The app offers secure instant withdrawal through PayPal for your winnings.

23. Brain Battle

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Brain Battle offers players a chance to earn tickets by playing games. One ticket is all it takes to be entered to win cash prizes. Plus, the more people play, the bigger the rewards will be.

24. Appnana

  • Available on: iOS and Google Play

Appnana says that it has paid over $10 million to its members over the years it’s been open. You play games they offer you, then you redeem your rewards for gift cards for places such as:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Google Play
  • Xbox

Final Thoughts

There are lots of apps that pay you to play games out there, you just need to install them and get playing! Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of paying for in-app purchases while you’re having fun.

Have you used any of these apps before? Do you know of any other app that pays you to play games? Let us know if you liked any of them!



There are a lot of people who spend hours a day playing games on their smartphones. Now during the lockdown, the popularity of games has risen exponentially. So, why not use your mobile gaming interest to earn money. Yes, there are several mobile apps where you earn by playing different games. In this article, I am listing a few mobile apps where you can play and earn. All these gaming platforms are trusted. So, You don’t need to worry.

Note: It is worth noting that all the gaming apps listed here are legal under Indian law, the Public Gambling Act of 1867. All these apps offer “Games of Skill” to compete where you need knowledge, training, attention, experience, and adroitness to win.

Apps to Play Games And Earn Money

These are the Best Apps To Play Games And Earn Money. You can download any of them as per your interest.

1. WinZO

WinZO is a popular platform where you can play different games and earn. There are more than 30 games to play including Bubble shooter, carrom, free fire, PUBG Mobile, basketball, Ludo, chess, cricket, and more. Yes, PUBG Mobile is also there. If you play this game daily, why not earn from it. You get Rs. 10 as a signup bonus, then you can use this money to join the game for playing. If you win, you earn. You can also add money to WinZO’s wallet if you want to make bigger bets. Your earnings will be added to your WinZO wallet that you can withdraw anytime you want. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your bank account by entering UPI Id or get it in your Paytm wallet. The app shows no ads, so you can keep playing games without any interruption.

WinZO app is not available on the Play store. So, you need to download and install APK. Use the link given below.

2. Dhani by Indiabulls

Dhani is an app developed by Indiabulls. It is a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs. This app has some exciting ways to spend your time by playing games and earn some money. It gives a chance to earn money daily by Login daily and play games like Spin the Wheel, Hit the Bulls-eye (Darts), Stock Market Game, and Dhani Quiz. You can win worth up to ₹ 100 Dhani daily.

You can get Instant Personal Loans, Credit Line and Wallet to manage all your payments on this app. In Dhani App, Personal loans are available from ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 15 Lakhs, tenure ranging from 3 months to 36 months.

With the help of money earned by the Dhani app, you can do Mobile Recharge, Bill Payments (including gas, electricity etc.), Ticket Bookings (Bus, Flights & Trains) & option to purchase Gift Vouchers on the Dhani App itself.

This is the easiest way to earn money by playing games. So, what are you waiting for?? Download the Dhani app and Play Games to Earn Money.

3. Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a venture by PayTN where you can play different games and earn. This is also similar to the Winzo Platform where you can play different games with real people in real-time. There are more than 300 games to play and win. Paytm claims that they are more than 4.5 crore gamers earning by playing different games. Including Ludo, Candy Match, Bubble Shooter, Cricket, Cricket, Tetris, Carrom, Fantasy Cricket, and more. All the games on the app are free to play. Just play with points and win rewards in the form of Paytm cash. You can also win Paytm Movie Discount Vouchers, Mobile Discount Coupons, and many more rewards.

4. Dream11

If you love cricket, Dream11 doesn’t need an introduction. Dream11 began as a cricket fantasy platform that has now become a fantasy sports platform with Cricket, Football, Basketball, and Hockey. During any live match, you need to make your dream team by selecting the layers from both the teams. Based on performances of players selected n your dream team, you earn points and get a rank. If your rank is qualified for a winning amount, you earn. You can multiple teams and participate to increase your possibility of winning.

Dream11 app is not available on the play store. So, you need to use the link below to visit the official website and download the official app. There are several fake apps using the same name. So, be careful while downloading the Dream11 app on your phone.

Apps to play games and earn money paypal

5. MPL

MPL is also a gaming platform where you can play several games and earn money. The top games on MPL are PUBG Mobile, Pool, Ludo, Chess, Fantasy Cricket, Fruit Chop, and more. In total, there are more than 40 games to play. You can play any game of your interest and earn. Unlike Winzo, MPL doesn’t allow you to use the whole bonus amount in joint a gaming competition. This bonus cannot be withdrawn. You can withdraw earnings directly to your bank account by entering UPI Id. Other payment options are Paytm wallet and Amazon pay.

Earn Real Money Game Apps

6. Rummy Circle

If you play rummy, Rummy Circle is a trusted website where you can play rummy and earn. Rummy is legal because it falls “Game of skills.” The company is also a member of “The Rummy Federation” that ensures the trust factor. You can play several kinds of rummy games on the app and earn. This company being this rummy platform offers responsible gaming, top-notch Anti-Fraud Detection, Knockout Tournaments, and more. It also makes sure no one is spending more than his/her capability. So, you will have a pleasing and safe rummy experience. If you know how to play RUmmy, you can earn big.

Apps To Play Games And Earn Money Now

Wrap Up

If you explore Play Store, you will see several apps that claim to pay cash reward by filling a survey, downloading content they say, and more similar tasks. But I was focusing on apps where you can earn by playing games. If you usually play mobile games on your phone, you can now earn your interest. PUBG Mobile is a popular game played by thousands of people daily. Now they can earn by playing the game they play daily.