Albion Online features a market where the two game currencies, Gold and Silver, can be traded for each other. Because of the ongoing potential for fraud, there are transaction limits on Gold Market activity. These are automatically updated at several points during the early game experience.

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Why are there Gold Market limits in place?

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Gold sellers use stolen credit cards to purchase Gold and use it in-game before their payments are flagged as fraudulent. This causes severe damage both to the in-game economy and to us as a developer in the form of chargeback costs and overhead. While we understand these restrictions are inconvenient, they are in place to protect your gameplay experience and hard work.

As a result, we place the following daily limits on Gold sales (i.e. converting Gold into Silver) by players:

  • During Tutorial: No access to Gold Market; Gold cannot be bought or sold
  • After finishing Tutorial: 100 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After reaching Tier 3 (i.e. unlocking the Journeyman Adventurer node): 500 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After any real-currency purchase: 2,000 Gold per day can be traded for Silver
  • After total purchases of $30 or more: 4,000Gold per day can be traded for Silver (requires a 10-day verification period after reaching the $30 threshold)

After a verified purchase of any amount, a verification request can be submitted to customer service. Once this process is complete, you will have no daily limit on Gold-for-Silver trades.

With these rules, we have tried to create a set of limitations that strikes a balance between protecting Albion’s economy while impeding a normal player’s gameplay experience as little as possible. If you have any questions or concerns about the Gold Market, or have evidence of fraudulent Gold selling activity, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance. Please note that trading Gold or Silver for real money is strictly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions.

Hey, I've been seeing a lot of people starting out wondering how they should go about making Albion Online silver. In this guide I will aim to give them a base to help them start out.







Real Estate


Gathering is one of the most basic money making techniques in Albion but it also one of the most effective. Gathering t7+ resources can net you some large sums of Albion Online silver. Gathering fiber's I can make around 200k per day at least. The key to gathering is to not be greedy and be effective. However if you're too scared to leave yellow's this is not for you. Gathering is only profitable in red/black zones.


Crafting is a method which if done correctly can net you millions in as little as a week. The secret to successful crafting is buying or getting resources at low prices and flipping them for profit. Use the profit to buy even more resources and keep on leveling you're crafting. Please note that crafting any .2 or .3's for serious profit will require a guild since you will need a massive amount of runes and souls for enchanting.


Refining is one of the less talked about skills in Albion with few people doing it solely for profit. The main idea behind refining is buying low like crafting and selling slightly higher. For example, I buy 400 6.4 fiber from the ah for 200k I then refine them and sell 430 (Crafting focus) 6.4 fiber for 300k. The only bottleneck for this is the markets. If you do this seriously you will most probably buy out everything within 2 days. (Or at least thats what happened to me).


Investing, this is where you'll make and lose big money. The most simple method of investing is buying Albion Online gold when it's low and selling when it's high. For example 3 days ago the Albion Online gold prices were below 87 and then went up to 97 later. If you had bought 100k AO gold that would have been 1 mil pure profit. Disclaimer: This is risk and don't risk what you can't lose.


PVP, it's the core of the game and it's insanely fun, if you're good at it you can make millions a day, if you're bad you can lose millions. I would only recommend pvp as a money making technique for those who have a strong economic base or another main profession to sustain they're losses.

Real Estate

I don't know much about this but I decided to add it here because of what I've heard. According to one of my guildmates, properly placed building can make up to 200k per day from tax's. However be warned the bids to buy property are well over 500k for most places.

I will be expanding this guide as the game develops.


Albion Guild Currency Rework Suggestion

If you were a part of an Albion guild that divulged into barbarism leave a comment explaining how your guild fell apart and what you think the driving factor was.


Albion Online beta will last most likely through all of 2017

A guild is just so much more fun in this game and always has been. Gathering is definitely possible solo though and many do so including myself.

Ablion Online Trading Silver For Real Money

Albion Online will go into cruise control and suck as much money out of the cash shop before it dies

Albion Online Gold sellers will spam all over the chat advertising their websites to buy Albion Online gold, Albion Online silver, items, and accounts

Albion online trading silver for real money free

Albion Online Gold Exchange and Market Dynamics

It seems weird that you can buy premium with both Albion Online Gold and Albion Online Silver at a ratio of 17:1, kinda defeats having an exchange as surely the option to buy premium with either would keep the exchange rate at exactly 17 to 1?


Fast Travel for the New World opinions

I would like to personally see boats and ships in game, but crafted by players. These should take some time to build and need lots of materials


Albion Online Feedback and Thoughts


I get the feeling Albion Online is not the game I was sold it to be. It may once have been, or at least the idea to be a GvG/PvP game, but along the way two realizations must have hit

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Ablion Online Trading Silver For Real Money

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